"Once They Were Almost Human! Beneath the living... Beyond the dead... From the depths of Hell's Ocean! The Deep End of Horror!"

Who could possibly pass up a Nazi Zombie movie? Looking through the wide selection of B movies at your local movie store it's hard to. And even if you can, would you be able to pass up what Cult Horror Films calls "The best of the Nazi zombie movies?" I think not. In fact, I would never pass up anything suggested by Cult Horror Films, especially if I knew what Cult Horror Films was. LOL, italics.

I pulled up a chair and opened a bag of what Cult Horror Films calls "The best of the cheddar sour cream potato chips" and was ready to 'enjoy' the best Nazi zombie movie I would ever see. Needless to say I was skeptical, even though I've never seen a Nazi zombie movie. The DVD selection screen started out with some Elton John zombies emerging from a lake, and some terrible music accompanying. I think there were some special features, such as audio commentary and some theatrical trailers, but I was too excited to see some zombies that felt strongly one way or another about Jewish people.

The movie opens up at the end! This is a striking concept that made me almost throw a fit of rage and stop the movie immediately. I mean, movies start at the beginning! Not the end! What kind of story telling goes on in this world gone mad?!? But then I remembered something, I thought back to what Cult Horror Films told me about this particular Nazi zombie movie. This calmed my nerves and I gave the movie a second chance. Something that I won't always do, but for Cult Horror Films, well, I was willing to. Finally, the beginning of the movie began. A group of people on a boat were trying to get somewhere, witch is one of the biggest no no's of B movies. I mean, just look at Friday the Thirteenth Part Eight! Or Uninvited! Boats are ALWAYS a bad idea.

But worry not; this entire movie is NOT on a boat. In fact, at some points they are on a small island that has a house on it. The movie goes on do to some generic zombie fighting, although I don't think the zombies have to eat or anything. They just like killing, its fun. I bet that when they were early teenage zombies they played a lot of Grand Theft Auto 3 because that game is the cause of all violence in the world. Including World War II! I think that Germany should sue Rockstar games because if it wasn't for GTA 3 then Germany wouldn't have as dark of a past. But then what would Cult Horror Films call "The best of the Nazi zombie movies?" I don't know, but I'm not sure I want to live in a world with so much indecisiveness.

Anyway, the movie really wasn't the B movie caliber I was looking for. It took itself a little too seriously to be about Nazi zombies. I mean, they don't even do zombie things when killing; they just kind of strangle people and get into fist fights. I mean, just a regular Nazi who's been in the bathtub a long time can do THAT. I'd have to say that even though Shock Waves is a bad movie, it's not a bad movie that would be as entertaining as say Dead Alive or Evil Dead. But if you're strapped for Nazi zombie movies, then maybe you should give Shock Waves a try. And don't always trust Cult Horror Films. Although these chips are pretty good...


Category Comment Rating
Originality Nazi zombies? Alright! -3
Acting Bad, not good. -3.5
Soundtrack Generic horror movish. -2.5
Effects/Presentation Zombies looked ok, but they didn't do much. -4
Storyline Zombies kill... -2
Final Verdict: -3


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michael (Guest) excretes:

Smilie!how do i get the action figure?????????????i gotta have one!!!!
"The best of the Nazi zombie movies!"
They have an action figure! Why?