One would think that B-movies are strictly made to suck with the intention of being awesome. This movie proves otherwise and will make you TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP TIP.

Murph never fails us. EVER! He came to Phoenix and told us of this movie. We promptly rented it and... wait, did we rent it or did he bring it with him? Such a dillema.

"Do you like Scenery?"

This movie is awesome. Where on earth would you find a movie that intentionally made it suck? Well, here you go. Understand that if you expect Will Smith to fight aliens bareknuckled, your face needs to be punched with some sort of... shitspike. Hell I dunno. I've got nothing. Whatever.

This movie was produced a few years ago with the intention of making it look like a horrible black & white classic film. Bad costumes, bad acting, horrible plot, boring script; pretty much like any classic movie ever made. They did a phenomenal job in accomplshing this with a very low budget and support from indie film fans. It's one of those things that is so unique and NOT DONE, that you have to see it to really "get it."

Plot soup!

So Dr. Paul Armstrong and his hot, stereotypical housewife Betty head on out a cabin for some rest and relaxation. You might recognize Betty as we have uhh, featured her here before.


Anyway, turns out that the doc is also "doing science" out there and found some awesome Atmospherium to research upon. It also just happens that Aliens have landed and need the mysterious element to power their ship, and some other evil scientist needs it to revive the Lost Skeleton.

Any more than that and I'd completely spoil the movie. So go rent it and/or buy it.

"Sensual Animala!"

The dialogue and lackluster production create a sense of needing to watch while drunk and/or drugs. Everything in this movie is pointlessly funny, from overly evil Dr. Roger Fleming to the "rude" talking Skeleton. Highly recommended for a party of those who enjoy funny. Drink beer, enjoy Jalepeno Poppers, and prepare your bowels for laughter!


Category Comment Rating
Originality How many modern movies go out of their way to make it look like an old crappy movie?! 5
Acting The bad acting is done very well. 4.5
Soundtrack Authentic! I think... 4
Effects/Presentation Purposely horrible, which means it's great. 4
Storyline "Do you know what this means for the field of science?" 4.5
One-liners! So many one-liners. SO MANY! You'll be quoting this movie for a very long time. 5
Final Verdict: 4.5


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Mephistefales jabbers:

Smilie!I give the music a 5!

What a great flick.

"Tip, tip, tip, tip, tip..."

brandon_xii unleashes:

Smilie!I agree, one of the dumbest (and consequentialy best) movies of our time!
I saw a poster for it once on and bought it based on that, and regret it I do not!
You guys also ought to check out a movie called "J-Men Forever!"

"Hmm... I wonder..."

"Hmmm... I ALSO wonder..."

Scarecrow forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!*sigh* I love B-Movies!

Scarecrow communicates:

Smilie!*sigh* I love B-Movies!
Heh heh.
"I can finally do some science!"
Evil man!
... from OUTER SPACE!
Aliens in disguise.
There it is... the FOUND Skeleton of Cadavre!
Hiding in the bush!
Blurry monstar!
Heh heh, so awesome.
Titals with lies!
The lovely Fay Masterson and her text face!