The first of many B-Movies to be brought here to Pluh! A grand one it is, a heart warming story of a evil, mutant, poisoned, cat that hides inside a real cat and then when you piss it off it comes out of the real cat and attacks you with it's SUPER EVIL CAT POWERZ!

Before going right into this review I think I should explain a few things. B-Movies in themselfs are an art. BAD acting, BAD effects, BAD screenplay, all these things add up to a GREAT B-Movie. The fact that these movies have idiots getting killed, really dumb monsters/villans, parts that make no sense, and more holes in the plot than a *insert clever pun involving holes here*, actually makes the movie better in my eyes, and adds to hundreds of dumb classics.

Our story begins in an animal testing lab that a cat had just escaped from it's kennel and must be destroyed before it gets to the public. The guards, apparantly thinking that the cat will die just from looking at their machine guns, corner it and stare at it. The cat makes quick work of the guards (I guess that when the evil cat comes out they all just EXPLODE?) and then gets out of the locked down lab through a vent. "But Murph, how did the cat open the vents?" Shut up.

So the cat wanders and kills random people who piss it off or beat up guys who give it milk, until it's found by Bob Vila and a few of his friends getting on a rich guy's boat. The rich guy is very greedy and kills people if he thinks he'll loose money (as do all rich people) and agrees to take the kids along his "cruise" because he needs a crew to get him to some deadline where he'll get a bazillion dollars!

Anyway, the ship stops going and the cat kills one of the guys. The cat also carries a weird "virus" that kills the people by making big bubbly things come out of them... it also poisons food. So, the cat kills them one by one because it's hungry, and the rich guy just throws them off the boat cause he doesn't want to miss the deadline. They try many attemts to kill the cat, but all of them end up killing them. Somehow, people die on inpact when falling off a boat into water, and a bullet hole in a side of a boat can get about a foot wide in a matter of minutes.

As expected, the acting is horrible. People see the cat and yell and stuff, and hot teenage girls always go hit on random guys to get them to go on a crusie with them... JUST LIKE REAL LIFE! The best (worst?) line in the movie is when one of the women open up a case containing a million dollars and exclaims, "There must be a million dollars in here." In an unexcited, "I like geese" kind of voice.

All in all this is a great movie to watch with a group of funny friends because the joke lineups come about every 3 minutes. If you are into B-Movies, then you'll gladly "invite" Uninvited to your video collection.

I'm so clever. Invite Uninvited, BAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!@


Category Comment Rating
Originality Stupid monster, horrible acting, and SEVERAL scenes that make no sense!es -4
Acting Laughable, actually I did laugh... a lot! -4.5
Soundtrack Man with Casio keyboard "rocks out" to some of the demo beats. -4.5
Effects/Presentation Effects? -4.5
Storyline Dumb, and great because of it. -5
Final Verdict: -4.5


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Well THIS certainly wasn't invited!
Bob Vila and that chick from the raison box find TEH EVIL KAT!
Breath-taking "effects"