Gawkman reviews Dim's (Arizona Local Band) second demo release, which is in the area of,

You know, I got asked to the review this cd and I asked myself, "Hey MORON! How come we never review cds?"

I pondered that one for a while because I was unable to answer myself. Stupid self. In the end, I decided that it was time to start reviewing cds. And what better band to start with than my most favoritist local band, Dim. A little background on this band- They kickass. They kick total ass. They have excellent song writing, which is very intense, and their singer Eric is incredible. I don't think I've heard that guy get off pitch yet. And yes, he can sing; quite well. This is a totally music band. No gimmicks, just four guys and a serious release session. If they were fast food, they would be In and Out Burger. Nothing unnecessary on the menu, nothing but good burgers and fries. I mean, music.

Dim done justice on cd.

Dim's first 3 song demo is good. But it just really doesn't do them justice. If you only heard the first cd and never saw them live, you haven't heard Dim. This new demo which I am about to review, captures their sound much better than the last one. I can't stop listening to it. Seriously, I'm even listening to it right now as I type this. Track 2, 1:48 seconds.

The songs.

"Taking To Liking, Taking Advatage" is the first track. I didn't think I would hear a song I like more than "Can't Behave" off their first one. This songs just f***ing rules. This best I can describe this song is, "Go-beat-some-assable". The chorus (which hits at about 35 seconds) is an awesome combination of a coolass guitar riff and Eric screaming his guts out in rhythm that is just completely sick. I would recommend not listening to this part while driving, because you may feel the urge to run over the nearest innocent pedestrian and/or small, defenseless animal. Twice. The end of this song is goes into a cool synchopated palm-muted polyrhythms (if you don't know what that means, in a nutshell it means that it's cool) that repeat pretty much for the remainder of the song.

"Stump" is kindof a teaser song, using different time signatures that throw you off, making it hard to find the beat at parts, so you'll probably have to stop trying and just mosh.

"Kibo" is the third and last song. I would have to say that it is the most overall musical of the three. Eric really shines through on this song. At 1:15 is probably the coolest vocal harmony I have heard in a long time. The end of the song has a good jam section groove.

I totally commend the guys on this cd. Total ruleage. I can only hope that they'll do a full length album in the near future. Oh, and get yer ass over to their website, download their tunes, and show 'em sum luv. They deserve it.


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Pretty solid production. Drums could have been more tight/present. 4
Originality Very distinguishable vocals. 3.5
Songwriting Repetitious on occasion, but other than that, great. 4
Deathy/Heavyness Very dark, intense music. 4.5
Final Verdict: 4


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