Review of a newer band's major label debut. It makes you wanna bunjee jump from construction sites!

Ok, I know what your thinking. "What the hell kind of name is Flybanger for a laundry detergent?" Well, jokes on you, IT'S A BAND!! BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!!!@ IDIOT!! And unlike the name would suggest, there are no songs about sexual relations with insects, or any type of bug for that matter. So putting your sick fetishes aside, let us take a deeper look into this group of four people that play instruments and make music. No! They are better than just a group of four people that play instruments and make music, they are a BAND!

The first Flybanger song I heard was Blind World off of the Dracula 2000 Soundtrack, and after hearing it, I was curious as to what the rest of Flybanger would sound like. About a month later I noticed the release of Head Trip to No Where and bought it on the spot. Upon first listen I decided that it really jammed. Sevendust like vocals and layout with a much more varied riff pattern, close to that of old hard rock or slower thrash tunes.

The vocals were a good mix of melodic singing and in your face growls and chants. The album kicks off with the fast and heavy song, Calvary, that really starts to show what your in store for. Tracks like Radical, Pull, and Evelyn provide a good mix of singing and yelling, while the harder tracks like When Are You? (Gonna Die) and Company were a lot more brutal and closer to the art of Pantera.

One track I didn't care for was Crackballs. While having more hip hop elements and less of the regular quick, continuous riffs, this song sounds like it was thrown together and jammed into the album, seeming misplaced. But one down song doesn't much damage to one of the better new bands that have been surfacing. If it's one thing Flybanger isn't out to just make another trendy rap/rock band. And unlike the stinky trends, Flybanger will hopefully be sticking around for a while.


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Good energy, riffs, and vocals 4
Originality Nothing too new and exciting. 2
Songwriting Not bad, nothing much to connect with though. Unless you want your horse back from the army. 2.5
Deathy/Heavyness Not too deathy, but can get quite heavy at times. 3
Final Verdict: 2.88


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Ricky Dansby (Guest) dispenses:

Smilie! I thought the Flybanger disc wasn't very good. The production on it sucked ass, and they only had one or two good songs. I give it a 2.