Once in a while, a band comes along that will absolutely blow you away. Well, here is one of those. Watch Kayn try to keep from having an orgasm while he reviews them.

Editor's Note: Gawkman has allowed the true privelidge of a Kayn-based band review.

From: jett@fromzero.com
To: ME!HARHAR@pluhextreme.com

Hey, what up? I just saw the pluhbands and we would love to be on this...very cool. Thanks for all the cool comments. We are flattered to be one of the pluhbands...

That's killer...I will check out the site and take a graphic or something and link you to our site. Tell Gawkman i said whats up, and thanks for everything I think the site is great, just keep doin what you do...props.


Our Apologies. The rest of this review was lost in a server crash. :(


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production One of the best indie mixes I've ever heard. 5
Presentation Hey, cover art is good! 4
Originality From Zero sounds like no other. 5
Songwriting Catchy melodies and cool riffs will have you smiling with happy! 5
Deathy/Heavyness ROAWWRR! This album jams with heavy-nizz-ness! 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.7


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Ricky Dansby (Guest) declares:

Smilie! From zero kicks much ass, but they dont seem to have the right management team behind them, getting there name out there. These guys have a very good sound, and with the right people backing them they cxould be superstars!!