Hatebreed! Their 3rd album hits us like a bloody rawr of deathy heavy kill! Does it stand up to their standards, or are they starting to write pop music? READ ON!

I love it when bands get heavier.


It shows integrity and drive. It shows non-conformity. It also shows the urge to punch the floor, which was coined by Alex. That's right - Hatebreed: The Rise of Brutality is floor-punching heavy.

Killing you with Crunch.

You can always expect one thing to expect from a band like Hatebreed.


However, it's not the type of hate you would think. Even though the 'breed likes to release their anger and frustration towards stuff through their riffs and lyrics, they always maintain their positive outlook on life and the struggle towards contentment. This is something that people may misconvceive once hearing about this particular band, but nothing could be further from the truth. Woa, I actually just quoted a lyric from them. Nice!

From the get-go of their new CD, Hatebreed hits you with the LAST song on their previous CD entitled, "Perserverance." Of course, the version on that CD is about 40 seconds long. The new version is a full song, now called, "Tear it down."

And it makes you want to tear something down, including the walls of your own comfort zone.

So heavy it makes elephants cry.

When we look at the production of this CD, we can't help but notice a vast improvement over their prior record, "Perserverance."

First and foremost, they got rid of the annoying harsh crash cymbal sound that was ever-so-annoying in Perserverance. There was a couple frequencies that they forgot to cut in the mastering job on that old CD. Now, it sounds as it should - crispy, crunchy, but not harsh.

As for the rest of the mix, it's not that different from Perserverance. They seem to have used the same guitar tones, but with a little more controlled sound. Everything is a bit more precise with the snare and kick, though I don't quite favor that broad snare sound. SLAARRH!

Betrayed by life!

So whatcha gonna do? I think you should get this CD. If you're feeling down and upset, put this album in and crank it.

I feel bad for your floor though... it will need punching!

Curious about this album? Have a listen!


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Way better than the previous. Snare needs work. 4
Presentation Nothing groundbreaking, but cool! 4
Originality Good ol' hardcore! 4
Songwriting Same Hatebreed style - Positively angry! 4
Deathy/Heavyness It's so heavy, it has it's own gravitational pull. 4.5
Floor Punching I punched the floor lots! 5
Final Verdict: 4.25


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Farlow (Guest) bakes:

Smilie!come on man, brand new is no where near the caliber band that Hatebreed is JESUS CHRIST

Tuba D00d (Guest) un-shut-ups:

Smilie!I'm a pioneer! When I first got this Album, I listened to it straight through at least 5000000000 times, it's just that FLOOR PUNCHINGLY BADASSILY HEAVAY!
They're BAYUD!
They're "fist-in-hand" bayud!
They're "Stand there and look intimidating" bayud!
They're "Vertical Picture of Death and stuff" bayud!