Kayn reviews the new Lifer CD, which makes him goody-freaky-happy. Stupid lack of adjectives! Or was it adverbs?

How many CDs can I think of that causes that 'listen to once a day' addiction? Well, let's see...Sevendust, From Zero Green CD (indie release), Staind/Dysfunction, Glassjaw, and probably a couple others.

Nowadays, it's rare to come across a CD like this. It's even more rare-er to hear a song on the radio that's actually not crap anymore (ie Puddle of Mudd, that Saliva song, Beautiful Creatures, Trik Turner, Lifehouse, and any Limp Bizkit song). So where can someone with a need for diverse music that isn't crap go? WHERE?!

For one, you can pick up hte Lifer album. This CD contains some of the most passionate, real music to date. While not quite up to par with Glassjaw's rage factor (I don't think anyone can touch that), it certainly contains the brutality that points to an ex (or whatever) and says, "SUCK THIS DOWN BITCH!"

Example, perhaps? In my favorite song on the CD, Swallow (#4), there are some lyrics that just say, "Damn. That's pretty mean. ...Cool."

...so take my hand
will you show me what you like?
i will show you what i like
will you touch me there?
while i'm touching you
if i told you i loved you and without you i would die
i lied to you
i lied to you

f*ck me!

spit it out
pull it out
i come when i'm amused by you

After reading/listening to something like that, what can you imagine really happened? Did he really lie to some chick so he could get some? When a song's lyric make you think, they're well written. Lifer put a lot a time and effort into the meanings in their songs. So if you're looking to put together a custom CD of 'Rage Towards an Ex," Lifer is a prime canidate.

For all the recording geeks like Gawkman, Lifer's production is extremely well done. Guitars are thick and meaty, bass tones are pure, drum sounds are consistent, and vocals are warm and prominent. The last album I head with this crazy production quality was Taproot's 'Gift' CD. Excellent job!

I'm gonna hopefully catch them live at Phoenix's 'That Damn Show' next week. Surely we will have a review on this event, and Lifer is definately one I'm gonna see. ROAAWWRR!


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Excellent super happy sounds, I liked 'em! 5
Presentation Nothing caught my eye, so... 4
Originality Very distinct sound, and that's super good. 4.5
Songwriting Aside from 1 or 2 songs, everything is well written and stuff. 4.5
Deathy/Heavyness Not super deathy, but has good heavy! 4
Final Verdict: 4.4


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bones pizzas:

Smilie!? news to me, that sucks I got their cd about a year ago, those bastards...oh well. I share your sentiment...lifer is definatley the shit.

KaTiE jabbers:

Smilie!Lifer is like nothing else, there musical talent alone couldve changed whats popular right now. too bad they split up.