Wow. This band is simply amazing. Original sound, signature vocals, outstanding song-writing, and sheer intensity. Sheer intensity. Where did the word 'sheer' come from? Why do they use it in that fashion? Whenever I here the word 'sheer', I think of panty hose...

I'd heard the name mentioned a couple of times before, and somehow I always pictured them as one of those really lame ass gothic metal bands or something. That all changed one night while listening to the late night two-hour metal show on our local cheese alternative radio station called 95x. The show is called "The Edge", and it's the only time I will listen to the radio because they play anything and everything for two hours... I've heard everything from Korn to Cannibal Corpse.

Well, to make a short story long, I turned it on about an hour into the show and it was in the middle of a badass song with a really intense groove and heavy sound. The song was one of those, "Now you must go out and buy the cd before it's too late!" songs. Now I bet you REALLY curious about who it is, aren't you? You're just DYING to know! You don't even have the slightest possible clue of who it could possibly be! So I'm gonna make you GUESS! What do you mean, Nothingface?! How did you know?

Anyway, the next day I went out and found a copy of one of their albums and bought it, even though I probably should have spent my money on more important things (I figured that I could listen to the cd in my CAR when they cut my electicity off, I think about the consequences of things before I do them). Well, my good friend Blondeaux was with me when I picked up "An Audio Guide to Everyday Attrocity", which is the band's second album. I loved it. It jammed. Next week when I got a new cd and listened to a few songs, I took it out and put Nothingface back in. I listened to it all the time. I nutured it. I gave it affection. I punished it when it was bad, and gave it small rewards when it was good. I gave it treats only if it ate it's vitamin-saturated food, so that it would maintain a healthy and proper diet it. I trained it to roll over and...wait a second, this a CD! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CAT?!

Anyway, I ordered their first album at Hastings not too much later. It was just as badass as the second.

The Reason (to purchase)

Do you ever have that feeling when you go to the store and want to buy a cd, but don't know what to get, or can't find that cd that simply rocks balls? Well then, here's one. The sound is absolutely aggressive, intense, and often emotional. As our drummer Bozzy would say, "They got beats."

The feel rocks; you'll be bobbing your head, tapping on the wheel, and playing checkers with a an Antarctic giraffe. You will want to turn it up louder, despite the fear of blowing your powerful 3" woofers (reference to Kayn's "car system", hehe). The band has great dynamics; they will be spilling out some bassy chug-chugs one minute, then quiet down a few hundred decibels while still holding the same intensity. I have to give the singer, Matt Holt, a big old thumbs-up. This guy can growl like Max Cavelera, then bring it down and sing clean in harmonization like Lajon of Sevendust (and it really does sound good!)

The band also sports good musicianship, sporting the occasional odd-times, "Maj 7" chords, and secondary dominants (for all you music majors out there).

The albums are also good to wake up to, it gets the day started off on the right kneecap. When you hear these guys, you'll wonder why you've never heard of them before. You'll also be glad you did. So the bottom line is, go out and buy/order a Nothingface cd right now...BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! By the way, I owe Kayn a verbal bashing so here it is:

Kayn, you are the [smartest] little [female] [seducer] to ever walk this [happy] planet! I wish you would just eat [cupcakes] and [smile]. So there! What do you gotta say to that, [person]?


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Nice production. Unique guitar tone. 4.5
Presentation Nothing special. 3.5
Originality Heavy riffs, melodic vocals. 4
Songwriting Damn. 5
Deathy/Heavyness *moshes with self* 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.3


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pstick93 plutoniums:

Smilie!NOTHINGFACE OWNS! I liked violence the best.

Ricky Dansby (Guest) communicates:

Smilie! Nothingface is a non stop heavy motherfuckin rollercoaster that just keeps producing bad ass shit. Although there 1st cd kicks much ass, the second LP (SKELETONS) IS KILLER CHECK IT OUT!