SEVENDUST! DVD! The two join forces to forage an item with that of witch have never been seen! A Sevendust DVD!

If any of you were a sevendust fan from some years past you may remember the release of the "Live and Loud" video of an entire chicago concert recorded for your listening/viewing pleasure. The video was good, and it was Sevendust, and that is good. You know what else is good? I'm not telling. You cannot tempt me with mere fortune cookies! Foul beast of the neitherlands, behold my mighty steed!! Go ahead, start beholding!

HAR HAR: "He makes me play raquet ball."

Anyway, the entire "Live and Loud" video was put on this DVD, "Retrospect," along with the following good features;

  • Retrospect; A fairly long documentary on Sevendust
  • Music videos for;
    • Denial
    • Waffle
    • Licking Cream
    • Angel's Son
  • TV Appearances;
    • Angel's Son (Jay Leno)
    • Waffle (Conan O'Brian)
  • Concert Performances;
    • Almost entire first album (Chicago Metro)
    • Angel's Son (Worcester Centrum '00)
    • Black (The Palladium '98)
    • Rumblefish (Woodstock '99)
  • The Electronic Press Kit ('97)
  • CREDITS!!!
So much Sevendust, more Sevendust that you can shake a jarred kitten at! Not only that but when you buy it you get a CASE to PUT it in!! A CASE!! You can use it for millions of things, including holding the DVD it came with!!

Almost all of the performances are very good quality and really give you the feel for what Sevendust is live. If you are a Sevendust fan this is the DVD for you! If you don't have a DVD player than it probably isn't, but at least the VHS of "Live and Loud" is! If you dont have a VCR then it probably isn't, but at least the Sevendust CDs are! If you don't have a CD player than it probably isn't, but at least the Sevendust posters are! If you don't have walls than it probably isn't, but at least you're alive! If you're dead than you probably aren't, but at least this review is over!


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Almost entire first album live, music videos, other live stuff.. 4.5
Presentation LOTS of stuff, and everything's easy to find. 5
Originality One of the first band I was ever into. 4.5
Songwriting Woo! 4.5
Deathy/Heavyness Sevendust!!! 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.6


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Andy says in non-morse code:

Smilie!i think that u guys gave them the review that they deserve there a kick ass band
Look! It's a SEVEN!
Look! It's DUST!