Sevendust's lastest CD is released not too long after Animosity was. SLAR! Does it defy and destroy, or is it disappointing? Read on to find out! OOH! SUSPENSE! Of the seasons! Like Those Zelda games I need to finish!

I are RAWRB!

Sevendust used to be called something else before they got all insane and crazy with the name, "Sevendust." I think it was "Head-kill-destroy" or something. Gawkman knows what it was. But I bet YOU DON'T!

Help, it's the 7th time I'm Dusty!

Ahh, the 'dust. They've been one of my favorite bands for a LONG time. They're also one of the most underappreciated bands out there. It's a shame really, because they're always stealing the show at all their tours and writing great music. I think I've been to 5 or 6 of their shows, and during each one, I'm floored. Figuratively and literally. Just ask Gawkman and Blondeaux.

However their latest album, Seasons, has not proven that Sevendust has progressed musically since Animosity. It fails to really move in a positive direction since their last 3 CDs. This isn't something that's too suprising, unfortunately. From their first album (the old self-titled one) to this one, each CD has seemingly taken a step back agressively and creatively from it's predecessor.

Oh nos, not bayud news?!d

Yes, and I hate to be the bearer of it. I'm a HUGE Sevedust fan (since they first stared touring in '96), and hearing them regress from their original sound is verily disappointing.

Like I mentioned, their best work was with their first CD. According to the Retrospect DVD, that first CD was (ironically) thrown together. The second CD (Home), is great CD, but was slightly less memorable and RAWR-DESTROY than the first. Animosity came along a few years later and lacked the great Sevendust PUNCH that the first two CDs have.

And finally, we have Seasons. This album fails to really pull me in. The lyrics are seemingly thrown together, with many cliche lines such as, "This pain inside" and "the darkness in my mind." A few other shortcomings pop-out like a blister, such as in the first track when Morgan yells, "Here it comes, here it comes!"

While we're discussing songs, they layout seems to follow the template that Animosity used. The first track is the most aggressive song on the CD, and ends up being my favorite. The next song is their first single (I believe), and jumps into the chorus way too fast.

From there, the songs all seem to gel together a little too smoothly. The entire CD seems like one big song, rather than 12 separate tracks.

Give me something GOOD!

Whelp I'll dive down here - the production is fairly well done. It's full and pleasant sounding, but doesn't seem to be much of an improvement over the Animosity. The guitars are extremely weak and soft, lacking any bite and crunch. It's like they put a big pillow in front of their amps when they recorded.

The drum sounds are extremely medium. While you can hear everything, there's a severe lack of real punch and crack in the kickdrum and snare. Coupled with the very weak guitars, it fills the void, but doesn't flow into it.

Arghface! What to do?!

I hate to bash on my 'dust, but I know they can do so much better than this. These guys are ferocious musicians, loaded with talent and smarts. I really think if they tried to produce an album on their own (rather than having a producer), the result would be a REAL Sevendust CD.

So to conclude, stuff. If you like the dust, you'll enjoy this CD a little. If you like background music, this CD will do the job. However, if you're looking for something that floors you, I would get their first two CDs. Then you will explode with happy.



Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Guitars are weakey, as is the snare. Rest is good! 4
Presentation I liked the ARTWARK! 4.5
Originality Nope... sorry guys. All the other bands are doing this. 2.5
Songwriting Not bad, but not GREAT! 3.5
Deathy/Heavyness It's not there this time. :( 1.5
Sevendusty-ness! Argh! 3
Final Verdict: 3.17


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:..:bob (Guest) absolves:

Smilie!and lajon cut his hair

:..:bob (Guest) yammers:

Smilie!I agree wuth the review. i was very dissapointed with the new album. even though animosity was lighter then the previous cds, i think it still was really good. seasons wasnt. and what about the bands theyre touring with now? Staind? Fuel? damn. I saw sevendust play with COAL CHAMBER(r.i.p.) whats with staind. I had a chance to see em last week and i decided not to go. it was the first sevendust concert in chicago or milwalkee that ive missed in 3 years. Ive only listened to seasons one time. one time. its upsetting. tear :(

Murph absolves:

Smilie!I like this album better than Animosity, it's about the same level as Home to me.

Shan says in non-morse code:

Smilie!Well, maybe they wanted to focus on the voice rather than the guitars. They seem proud of this album, and maybe this is how they want their sound to turn. None of us know exactly what they intended, or what their opinion is.

For all we know, they might think, "Okay, we've already done the heavy shit, let's try a different sound...."

In other words......Yer Dumb. :)

Rawrb pizzas:

Smilie!You aren't supposed to ever disagree with me! :pThat's cool that they wanted to focus on the singing (LJ has always done a tremendous amount of singing), but they really didn't have to go and make their guitars weak and keyboard-ey. I bet I would have liked this album so much more if they turned up the crunch in their guitars.I just like it when bands get heavier instead of softer, like Hatebreed or the upcoming Machine Head. It's just that Seasons feels so generic and thrown together... it's good backgroundmusic though, but nothing really more. :(

Shan dispenses:

Smilie!I disagree with your review......

They even said themselves that they wanted to focus more on harmonies and actual singing in this album. It's hard to be as heavy as the first album, but still be able to have multiple harmonies.....

I enjoyed this album as much as the first two, but for different reasons. I liked the first two because they were heavier, like you stated, but I also love intricate harmonies, which Seasons provided.