Three drummers. Nine members. No sanity. Any questions? Hey, that was a rhetorical question, dumbass.

The Gawkman is back, and writing reviews when he should be paying attention to what the instructor is saying about passing tones and augmentations. Do you see what I do for you people? I'm sacrificing my grade in music theory so that you might smile for just one brief moment in your day. What do you mean I should pay attention in class instead? UNGRATEFUL SWINE!!!

Well, I wanna be honest. This band is on the rise and about to become quite big, so I wanted to get a review in before all the competent and professional reviewers do. I also had to review them before I see them live (this Friday, baby!) and rate them on stage presence when I should be on album content.

Nuts they are, among other things like say, BADASS. As soon as the first song kicks in, you know exactly what you are in for. This is also the first metal (not alternative, unlike the category Hastings puts them under) group that has 9 (that's right, like the number of lives a cat has before thrown into a mosh pit at a Slipknot concert) members. There's a vocalist, two guitarists (downtuned, of course), a bassist, three drummers (trap, and the other two on a bunch of different stuff), a turntable guy, and a sound sample guy.

So how does it sound? One word: brutal. Combining the best elements of deathmetal, hardcore, hiphop, grindcore, punk, tribal music, classical, Renaissance style, music from the Baroque period, music from the Romantic period, the introduction of nonharmonic tones within...

Crap, the instructors lecture on musical eras is starting to bleed into my review. Anyway, they have many different influences that all filter in to one crazy wall of wonderfully loud noise. If I could compare them to a band, I would say Coal Chamber- that is, Coal Chamber only faster, meaner, cleaner, ten times the balls, and lots of creative and cool stuff added in for colour (other than red). There is nothing soft about this band unlike local popular belief (the radio station here plays a really weak sound clip of them, so people think they are gonna suck. I'll be ready with a million different versions of "I told you so").

Note: They did kick ass. I told them so.

The Reason

This is a band that can literally leave you with your jam dropped. I love the totally sporatic hyper drum fills, dynamically creative intense vocals, heavy guitars, cool (I refuse to use the overused word "phat") grooves, and total display of raw chops. There are sections so crazy that it sounds like controlled chaos with an intricate mixture of cluster tones, odd times, and polyrhythms that comes back together totally tight. I also love the "Sic" laugh at the end of the opening tune.



Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Good production. 4
Presentation Very distinct and memorable image. 4.5
Originality 3 drummers. 4
Songwriting Well written, memorable songs. 4
Deathy/Heavyness Quite intense. 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.2


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Smilie!Joey is fuckin rad, he's all like dubadubdaudubaubudbuabdububdbabdbdbabbadadda!!

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Smilie!wicked i luv the knot