Well, they have returned with an excellent followup to their previous major label debut. STAIN-NUH-DUH! THEY ARE BACKS!

The first time I heard of Staind was back in 98/99 on the radio, back when I lived in Albuquerque. I didn't have a clue who they were, how they came about, or what, but it occured to me, "These guys are the shiznittlebiznapsnapsack."

So three years or so later after their Flip Records debut, Staind returns with a aggresive, yet soulful smash-in-the-face album that confirms the 'gloomy, angry, hurting' feeling that Staind portrays so well. Unlike the short Dysfunction CD, Break the Cycle comes forth with 13 excellent track, along with a special live version of "It's Been Awhile."

Oh, and FRED DURST is NOT in here anywhere. That is good. Well, except in print on the CD, but that's much better than, "Feelin' those lightahs." The CD would have lost a PLUH in score if an ounce of Fred Durst was made present.

Some of the major differences from the previous album is that this one has more of a softer side, and more melodic touches in their new songs. Lots of very creative harmonies (which Dysfunction did not have), plus an obvious mood change from 'must-kill-self' to 'must-just-consider-killing-self.' Aaron makes sure you know his pain, and feel his pain you will. No, feel his pain you must.

Production is, once again, top notch. Distorted guitars retain their 'porkrine cruch,' drums are apparant and very present, the bass holds the mix together with the much felt low-end, and the vocals are easy to understand and loaded with passion. The tracks that I favor the most are 1, 3, 9, 10, and 13. They are goods.

Staind has done it again with Break the Cycle. You will all feel the pain.


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Meaty geetars, excellent snare sounds, it's all there. 5
Presentation Nothing in there grabbed my attention. 3.5
Originality I dunno, after 'Outside' was played on the radio, this album didn't seem that original. 4
Songwriting Just gotta admit, these guys can write. 4.5
Deathy/Heavyness Aside from their radio songs, there is some rather heavy shit in there. 3.5
Final Verdict: 4.1


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asinine (Guest) says in non-morse code:

Smilie!album kicks ass. except outside is played way to much.

J-rock (Guest) bakes:

Smilie!This cd is fucking awsoeme, back when it was released i listened to it over and over again. Im not one for hard rock and personally i think most hard heavy rock is pure shit and gives rock a bad name but this cd is the shit, you LITERALLY feel this guys pain..WOW