New System of a Down will be your best friend! Do not turn your back on your friends! NOOOO! WE LOVE YOUS!!

Ah, System of a Down, one of Murph's top 5 bands, and here they are with their sophomore release (don't I sound just like a professional? I called is SOPHOMORE!) Toxicity. So join me through a fun filled adventure through time, space, and album reviews... er, just album reviews. Not that I have anything with time and/or space, it's just that I have control over neither. At least with album reviews I can call it coo or poo.

I make subtitles, just like KAYN!

A few months prior to it's release, I received a burned cd with the text "S.O.A.D. - Prison Song - Beno's Copy" written on it with a marker. I have no idea where it came from, but I was excited none the less to hear some new System. I popped (if cds are able to pop) it into my player and began... well, playing it. It was a very rough version, some timing clicks were still there and you can tell that the vocals have not been through any effects yet, but I could still tell that the song kicked ass. My excitement for the new album grew like a thing that grows and keeps growing. The previous sentence had nothing to do with The Flintstones.

Grandma, how bold and bulleted you are!

I purchased Toxicity the day it came out (in Phoenix non the less) and instantly fell in love with it. No, not that way sicko. The hole in the cd is NOT made for sexual intercourse. The sound was heavier, deeper, louder, and just all around more superior. The riffs are more complex and fun, the vocals show a lot more maturity since the self titled debut, and the production is top notch. Get this - even SPACEBOY bought this album, and it's not a Megadeth album! THE WORLD IS ENDING!

Wakka wakka doo doo yeah!

The lyrics are mostly really messed up. Some are against different government policies, while others make no sense, and others still about pogo sticks! Example: "I'm sitting in my room with a needle in my hand, just waiting for the tomb of some old dying man." And then: "I went out on a date, with a girl a bit late, she had so many friends. (la la la la) I brought my pogo stick just to show her a trick, she had so many friends. (la la la la)." Genius.

lSJEILNJgi524t %5yeienLEinhK!89459*!~

If you are a fan of System of a Down's first release, BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!! NOW!! LATER!! NOW!! If you hated the first one you might like Toxicity a little better, but I suggest you give it a listen first. Either way though, for me this album kicks all ass and kicks your ass and kicks my ass and kicks the ass of all opposed to kicking of ass who's ass is being kicked by this album. It just kicks that much ass... and it's good too.


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Thumbs up to yous! 4.5
Presentation Some songs are too short, that's their only problem! 4.5
Originality Heavy, catchy, sometimes funny, all together a great album. 4.5
Songwriting I may not agree with all of it, but it works. 4
Deathy/Heavyness Significant RAAAWWWRRRage. 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.4


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asinine (Guest) jabbers:

Smilie!System is ok. but there starting to annoy the hell out of me because its like the only band people around here know.

Msggie (Guest) discharges:

Smilie!This is an awesome cd! I love SOAD. The lyrics and the instrumentation are excellent! Go System fans!-

Ricky Dansby (Guest) dispenses:

Smilie!This is a classic mETAL CD in the works. One of the best cds of 2001-2002!
Drums o funs
"Tada, I play bass!"
Guitar and stuff
Magic carpets!
Serj preps up his TIME MACHINE!