Gawkman reviews what might have be the heaviest band in existence- live.

Sometimes you don't feel like going out. Sometimes you feel like staying home and taking a nap. But then, by the end of the night, you're glad you didn't. GUESS WHAT? That statement is totally applicable to this review! Keep this foreshadowing in mind as this review develops, and the reason why will eventually reveal itself! Then when it happens, you'll think, "Ahhh!!! Now I know why he said that!"

Heavy! Heavy! HEAVY! HEAVY!!!!

Crowbar- a band that I was introduced to by a good friend of mine back in 1997 who I had been wanting to hear for quite a long time. It took them a long time to finish their massive set up, with 2 guitars each plugging into 2 seperate halfstacks for double volume death. Ever heard a Crowbar song? The production is somewhat muddy. Live is a different story. The guitar tone was VERY loud, and VERY present. The bass from the low-end chugs make your balls tickle. They are honestly the heaviest sounding live-band I have ever. It was just heavy. Heavy. Very, very, very heavy. Heavy. Heavy, heavy, heavy. Even the slower, "mellower" songs were very, very heavy. Heavy. Quite heavy. Undescribably heavy. They sounded really good, too.

We got to hear a couple of songs I love like "High Rate Of Extinction", which was simple BRUTAL. I only wish they would have played "Broken Glass" and "Self-Inflicted". They ended with "All I Had I Gave", and the end of that song was so heavy Joebob and I thought our head was going to explode. After hearing something like that, you might walk out of the show one condom size larger than you were. Heavy. Heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy. If you haven't guessed, I though Crowbar was rather heavy.

Oh yeah, stage presence was average; although the guitarist right in front of us totally got into the music. But that's okay, because it was HEAVY. HEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVY!!!


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Very thick sound. 4.5
Presentation Not much here. 2.5
Originality Slow, emotional heaviness. 3.5
Songwriting They know how to write. 4
Deathy/Heavyness The heaviest band I've ever heard. Period. 5
Final Verdict: 3.9


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pstick93 verbalizes:

Smilie!the heaviest band i've ever heard is Vehemence

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Smilie!there not that heavy