The Psychostick members go to see some jammage and get inpired for their upcoming future gigs. Then they go to Denny's. But you won't hear about that, because this is a concert review. Although the sausage was really good.

Some venues are hard to find. Others are REALLY hard to find. And then there are some that I think try to make it as totally impossible to find as they can, so that concert-goers can't find the venue and won't make any money. It's the only logical explanation.

We read the numbers of the address correctly. We drove up and down the street at least 3 times, passing where that number should have been, and nothing. Finally, we concluded that it must be BEHIND the main buildings or something. We turned down a street and started looking for parking. The thing that tipped us off was a big tour bus. After looking around, we finally figured out that the ENTRANCE was in the frickin' alley. Once we got inside though, we felt better, because it was a big warehouse-like room that was roomy and perfect for a concert. No seats; the way it should be. That way you can roam freely (and get thrown into a nearbye mosh pit). The place was fairly dark, and this one chick freaked me out because she had one of those glow-in-the-dark thingies in her mouth, and when she opened it glowed. Caught me off guard though, and I ended up staring at her for a few seconds like a jackass, which could have been interpretted as, "HI! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER SEEN A GIRL!"

Relative Ash

What were the guys at this venue thinking? They didn't follow concert rule#1! We got there less than an hour after scheduled concert time, and Relative Ash had already played. Oh well, I wasn't heart-broken, we saw them at Tattoo the Earth, and weren't too impressed. So I'll just have to give them a mediocre score to be nice, I'll assume they did about the same.

Name: Relative Ash
Style: Nu-metal?
Rating: 2 and a half Pluhs.

Pros: Didn't have to watch them.
Cons: It makes this review shorter.

Factory 81

I had heard good things about this band, so I was looking forward to hearing them. Boy, somebody told me wrong. I think they may be one of those bands that sounds good on cd, but sucks live. These guys were really lame. The riffs were okay, but nothing we haven't heard before, and the SINGER! UGH! Even KAYN'S GIRLFRIEND can stay on pitch better than this guy (Kayn: I hope she doesn't read this man, or OFF WITH YOUR BALLS!)! Does he just not CARE? Does he wake up in the morning and say, "Gee, I think I'm gonna sing off-key today!"

What makes it worse is the fact that he sings A LOT. He doesn't really even do any screaming, the guitarist does all that. The singer does nothing but sing. Poorly. His singing style totally clashed with the riffs and feel going on. At first I was like, "Oh, he's just off key RIGHT THERE. And there. And there. AND there." *finishing last song* "... and there. And there. And there. Oh, they're done."

Name: Factory 81
Style: Metal (I guess)
Rating: 2 out of 5 Pluhs.

Pros: They weren't THAT bad, ya know. Not THAT bad...
Cons: *cough, cough, singer off key, cough, sounds like shit...*


A little detail I forgot to mention when we first walked in? There was a big sign saying, "Mudvayne will reschedule for blah-blah date". Which means they weren't there. Not only were they not there, but they rescheduled on a day that WE are playing. BOO! BOOOOOO!

Name: Mudvayne
Style: Progressive NEW metal (I guess)
Rating: NADA out of 5 Pluhs.

Pros: They have a cd. I listen to it.
Cons: I wanted to SEE 'EM AGAIN, DAMNIT!


I guess I can live through not seeing Mudvayne again since we got to see Downset. And they put on a show. And show that was good. A show that was good and I liked it. And I liked it because it was good. And it was a show. A good show. Yer.

I said it before, and I'll say it again, this band sounds incredible live. You hear their cd and think, "Hey, this is pretty cool". You see them live and you say, ".....", because you are too busy ramming some guys face into your knee. We had seen them a few months ago opening for Soulfly, and they had kicked ass. They kicked even more ass tonight. Their bassist is probably the best character on stage, he goes nuts when he plays.

They started off the set with a song off the new cd that I haven't gotten yet, and it was badass. Then they played another song and it was badass. And then I a song I recognized, and it was badass. Then a new song I didn't recognize, and it was badass. Are you starting to see a pattern here? It continued through the show. And it was badass. The show I mean. The show that was good and I liked it. And I liked it because it was good. And it was a show. A good show. Yer.

The only bad thing was that they got cut off early. They were told they had one more song (so they busted out with "Anger", and I busted out da whoopass). I guess there was another show happening right after or something, because they had to get off the stage. We got outside, and it wasn't even 10:00! How short would everything have been if MUDVAYNE had been there? Gee, whiz.

Name: Downset
Style: Hardcore/rapcore
Rating: 5 out of 5 Pluhs.

Pros: Better energy, great sound, great band
Cons: Cut off early in their set.

The Good, the Bad, and the Irrelevant

Good: It was over in time to go eat at Denny's.
Bad: It was over so early that had time to go to Denny's.
Irrelevant: IHOP also serves brunch-like foods.

Good: Downset.
Bad: Downset getting cut off early
Irrelevant: Down with setting the table!

Good: This.
Bad: That.
Irrelevant: The.

Good: Restrooms.
Bad: Restrooms setup to wear anybody could walk by and see you peeing.
Irrelevant: WOW! A STAPLER!

Good: Pre-concert music.
Bad: Pre-concert music at this venue.
Irrelevant: Stupid calluce! I think I got it from the mousepad


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PsychoslutRoboT bakes:

Smilie!"Anger"!!! live! that's sic! i wish i could see Downset live. You lucky bastard, your dumb!
anyways, yeah i could so amagin them having some real kick ass energy live, and it was cool hearing about it from you and what not =]
I bet they played the song called empower. That would kick ass. Some of their other song's would kick major ass live and be heavy as fuk and stuff! fukkkkkkkk you lucky bastard, your dumb and stuff.

pstick93 plutoniums:

Smilie!yep that was a pretty weak argument considering you probably weren't even there

Spiral (Guest) excretes:

Smilie!Let's just blame it on the P.A. eh? AHRAHRHAR HAHRHARHRAH

Gawkman discharges:

Smilie!Chelsea..... that argument was very... weak.

Rawrb dispenses:

Smilie!I find cheese delicious.

Chelsea (Guest) bakes:

Smilie!What in the heck are you smokin'? I love factory 81! They fuckin' rock the house. Their shows are amazing and their lyrics are meaningful, opposed to the so caled "rock" you hear most of the time. AND I HAPPEN TO LOVE NATE'S SINGING! Infact, I even have a factory 81 site.

Chelsea (Guest) plutoniums:

Smilie!What in the heck are you smokin'? I love factory 81! They fuckin' rock the house. Their shows are amazing and their lyrics are meaningful, opposed to the so caled "rock" you hear most of the time. AND I HAPPEN TO LOVE NATE'S SINGING!