FROM ZERO! FROM ZERO! YAY AND STUFF! After wanting to see these guys for oh, let's see now... FOREVER, my buddy Kenneth and I waited in the other room at a club in Lubbock, TX called "Einstein's" as they did sound check. Where the hell were all the people? I figured since Unloco was a big band from Texas, there would be a good turnout. There were about 20 people there. Shame on Lubbock!

From Zero lays down the Smack.

From Zero finished doing a sound check playing "Jeer" (while I finished having multiple orgasms), and then I saw a guy walk by with big, tall, spikey hair. Of course I didn't hesitate to say "hi", and although Jett was confused at first as to how I knew who he was, he understood completely after I said "Gawkman from Pluhextreme". We talked for a bit and he said he had to go so they could play for all three people that had shown up. He left the room, and Kenneth and I went up to the stage and were joined by one other guy. They had an intro, and then the band came out and took their positions.

Jett said, "What's up, Lubbock?"
Then he looked at me; "What's up, PHOENIX?"
I gave him a metalsign and a Pluh-worthy, "BLAH!"
Then Jett added, "I'd like to dedicate this set to Gawkman!"
I blushed.
Then they busted out with good old "Smack".
I jammed.

I was definitely not disappointed by the sound. They sounded like I had hoped they would. Even good old hardcore Kenneth was bobbing his head during parts. Jett's vocals were a little hard to hear, mainly because his voice was weak from being sick, and also because the PA speakers were firing past us, which means we mainly were hearing nothing but the stage sound (which was good). Once "Smack" was over, they proceeded into their new revision of "Check Ya". It sounded quite good, and the harmonies were great (though a little hard to hear as well). That's when a few more bodies joined us at the front in reallization that From Zero was actually GOOD.

Following songs were "Mind Justice", "The Other Side", "WHORES" (even though they now have to call it "Horrors"), "Erase", "Suffering" (which sounded really awesome), and ending with "Jeer" (which made me go 5W^E*&SDFSDF!!FKSAHDF!!). I was jamming and drumming on the rail to Kid's beats like a stupid guy. A lot.

I was hoping they would play Tomorrow's Light and Exit (which I yelled out, but they didn't play because they were still following a setlist). Overall, the guys sounded excellent, though I really found their stage presence lacking (minus Jett, he got really into it), but that's understandable after I found out how their schedule went. They had no roadies or help other than Andre their sound dude (who kicks ass), so one can forgive them for not being in tip-top shape for 20 people. Plus, they are From Zero.

Unloco Goes Loco

After From Zero's set and getting the chance to chat with the guys and buy Jett a beer, Unloco got on the stage. I had heard they totally kicked ass, then had gotten the cd and found it "alright", and then saw them live. OMG.

The cd and their live performance don't even compare. They got up there and went nuts... especially their guitarist. At points I thought that he must have been faking playing because I didn't see how it was humanly possible to do what he was doing and still play at the same time. He totally spazzed out like a guy-that was uh, spazzing out a lot. Yeah. Anyway, it was cool. *metal sign*

I tell you, that was definitely a memorable set (as if the whole night wasn't). I mean, how many chances do you get to jam out with the members of one of your favorite bands? The guys started doing their best to start small mosh pits amongst themselves (which came to a halt once they started to spill their beers. Mmmm... precious beer). At one point in the show, Joey (the singer) asked, "Who was the guy that drove here from Phoenix?"

*whoosh, everybody stares at me*

I slowly raised my hand as I got that feeling you get when the teacher calls on you in the middle of class and everyone stares at you.

"Man, that's f***ing awesome, and isn't there a guy here from New Mexico? (which there was) Ya'll rule!"

*blush again*

They busted out with some more tunes, and more jamming ensued. Somewhere through the show, the guitarist decided to loose his pants, and justified it as a "going away present for From Zero" since it was the last night the guys were touring together, lol. Apparently the two bands had had a lot of fun touring together, Jett kept telling me what an awesome group of guys Unloco were, and how they had really been cool to FZ throughout the tour. Unloco played and jammed out some more until they said they had to go, then some of the guys started yelling for one more, so they did. It ruled much.

The Show Overall

Despite the fact that there were only 20 people that showed up, this had to be one of the most memorable concerts I have ever been to, and definitely the most fun. Since there were so few people, it seemed more like a party than a concert, and everyone has having a hell of a lot of fun. Jett hooked me up with a box of about 50 samplers from the soon-to-come "One Nation Under" album to hand out in Phoenix (which I have been). I got to meet two of the guys from Unloco, and they were both cool as hell. Got to finally meet all the guys in From Zero, and have all those little questions I've wondered answered... what "Jett's Plea" was all about, why they call B.O.D. "Bag Of Donuts", and the irony that he doesn't really even like donuts, why they signed to Arista and not the other labels, why "Pressure" isn't on the new album, etc. Props to From Zero and Unloco for still giving a great show despite no one showing up.


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Good sound. 3.5
Presentation Just a show at a club. 3.5
Deathy/Heavyness Both bands were full, energetic, and intense. 4
Final Verdict: 3.67


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