Gawkman, our lazy music guy (HAW HAW) gets his shiz together for some reviewin'. Now we have Nothingface, Endo, some other band and Blind Rage. Pretty kickass show (I was there). Fried fries!

So Rawrb and I woke up and said, "Gee, let's go see Nothingface tonight!"

Okay, so maybe it didn't happen exactly like that. But not far off. I had remembered hearing aboutNothingface coming back into town about a month before. Then Rawrb and I came home from work and weredebating on what to do: nothing, nothing, or nothing. Then I decided to check and see what bands were playing.Then I found out about another option. We could now either do nothing, nothing, or Nothingface (HAHA I AM FUNNY).After seeing an add for this concert, I turned to Rawrb and said,

"So dude, you wanna sit on our asses and do nothing, or go see one of our favorite bands play tonight?"

Now that was a tough one. Five minutes later we were out the door.

We got a twist on Concert Rule Number One: instead of not STARTING till an hour after scheduled time,they didn't even open the DOORS till about that time. The show started about half an hour after that.

The club pretty much sucked: it was called the "Big Fish Pub", it's usually a 21 and up club (thoughnot tonight, they had an area chained off for the underage losers... like Rawrb). Bah, and I justknow that sooner or later, we're gonna probably endup playing there. Well, at least there's more room on stage.


The first band up was a local band called Blind Rage. Overall, they were pretty good. Theywere nothing particularly original, but they had a lot of cool chug-chug riffs and some cooltime signature changes and stuff. It's nice to hear band band playing in something other than a plainold 4/4 time signature.

Blind Rage
Genre: Metal
Rating 3 out of 5

Pros: Cool chug riffs, good sound
Cons: Nothing original, blah stage presence


You know what, I couldn't remember the name of the second band that played. Don't take that thewrong way, I liked them, they were pretty good. I just can't remember their name! Maybe it's listed on theofficial Nothingface website. They were nothing reallytoo original either, but they definately had some good moments. The [small] croud really got into them,and they deserved it. BUT WHAT WAS THEIR NAME?!?

Name: something. I know it was one word! I think. Didn't it start witn an 'F'?
Genre: Heavy metal
rating: 3of5

Pros: Good performance overall. Worth seeing again.
Cons: But WHAT WAS THEIR F***in' NAME?!?


I had heard of this band before, on the Concrete Management website which promotes heavy ass bands (including Nothingface, fyi). The first impression I got of this band was good. They sounded good, and their stage presence was INTENSE. I haven't seen that much energy up on stage many times. I don't know how they would manage to even stay standing after their performance.

My complaint, however, is that their second song sounded like their first song. And their third song sounded like the first song. And the fourth sounded like the first song. Replace word "fourth" from that last song, and put the sentence down 3 or 4 more times with "fifth", "sixth", "seventh", etc in the place of it If you don't do something different, people will lose interest. And so did I. By about the fourth or fifth, I was daydreaming about pie and pretzels. Mmmm... pretzels. With beer. Good beer. And some cake. And... HEY!!! THEY FINALLY FINISHED THEIR SET!!!

NAME: Endo
Genre: Industrial/metalish?
rating: 3andhalfof5



Ah. The Band. Last time we had seen them was Tattoo the Earth, and they had rocked then. Unfortunately,they had to do a short set. But not here, they were HEADLINING. On top of that, we were gonnaget to hear some of their new tunes (which had located on Napster, since the cd hadn't come out at thetime). Rawrb and I were really tired at this point, with it being about 1 in the morning and all. Stupid work!But I tell you one thing, when NF hit the stage, we were wide awake. They opened up with "Breatheout", and the jamming commenced. Matt wasn't wearing his cowboy hat (they were also missing Pedro, the big oversized blow-up penis. Butthat's okay, there wasn't enough room on the stage).

Tommy was probably the most intense one of the stage; he moved around more sitting down at his drumsthan the rest of the band combined. The only Pacifier tune they played was "One Thing", which sounded really good except for the bass line during the verse; it couldn't be heard as well and took away from the coolness of it. But it's okay. It's okay.

They played "Grinning" from Audio, and that was quite acceptable. Probably the best song of the night was "Bleeder", which is off Violence. "YOU GOT IT ALL!!!" RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRR!!!!

They finished their set after another three or four songs. The last song of the night was "Villains". Up until then, there hadn'treally been any mosh pits- mainly because there weren't that many people there (it wasn't very well advertised). Didn't matter though, when that song started, it all broke out; Rawrb and I were going nuts. There was a chain fence seperating the underage from the 21's which I got thrown into a couple of times, but it gave some (so it didn't hurt much).

I said it once already, but I'm gonna say it again:



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Murph unleashes:

Smilie!My cousin owns a bicycle!

Mad (Guest) pizzas:

Smilie!My cousin is the lead singer of blind rage and he is a real cool guy

Emily (Guest) yammers:

Smilie!Yeah, nothingface rocks. was this in Arizona by any chance????

Jessie (Guest) yammers:

Smilie!I wanna know if there is any website for Blind Rage....I saw them over a year ago over here on the west coast (ft. myers, FL) and i'd like to see them again My E-mail is but the review is good.

N.O.Y.B. (Guest) evaporates:

Smilie!You are right, I confess. I must also confess that I enjoy drinking my own pee. Woe am I.

Murph forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!Silly GawrkMarn, will we ever see then end of you?

GawrkMarn (Guest) vocalizes:


Gawkman splats:

Smilie!Yes, that's right Murph. I should completely abandon my own opinion and try to agree with and please every person out there 100% of the time! That would get me far in life!

Murph jabbers:

Smilie!3.5 out of 5 ain't bad. Just cause Gawk doesn't think they are the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD he must suck.

Rawrb plutoniums:

Smilie!I was actually there with the Gawk when Endo played. I got a little bored about halfway through their set. Maybe it was a bad show for them? I dunno. However, Gawkman's opinion is a lot more valid that your opinion stating that, "Frankly you suck," since it isn't a blatant insult. I'm sure Endo has good tunes, however we weren't inspired to buy their CD after hearing their songs on stage.

N.O.Y.B. (Guest) communicates:

Smilie!since when did you become the foremost expert on music bud? if your picking on Endo, it shows how little you know. You had the onstage energy correct, but this monotony shit is absurd. They are one of the most original bands out there, and frankly, if you think "Leave Us Alone","Malice",and "Suffer" (all Endo songs in case the genius doesnt know) all sound the same, you need to get a new set of ears and listen to the Backstreet Boys with them. Frankly you suck