Gawkman reviews a brutal tour consisting of the Roadrunner Record's Fear Factory, Machine Head, Chimaira, and Ill Nino. Death follows immediate exposure to a tour like this.

WOW! We found a parking spot at Boston's! For some reason, parking usually gets really difficult to come by when there are big shows at this club. Luckily, we found some. As we approached the door, we could hear... HEAVY SHIT! I like the sound of heavy shit from outside of a club; it sounds quite heavy.

A Hurricane of Heaviness.

My first impression of Ill Nino was that of approval. They had a very energetic stage presence, though I had to feel sorry for them being cramped up on stage due to all the other stuff that was up there (like Machine Head's gear). They had a very in-your-face sound, and people were really getting into them. They knew how to work the croud. The only problem with them that I had as that I watched the show, I saw a lot of repitition of them saying the same things:

"Okay, during this next part, I wanna see you jump!"

"Okay, now I wanna see you jump!"

"Okay, now I really want you to jump! Some more!"

After a while, the sincerity of the band started to seem really, how do I put it, fake. The thing that really started making me think this was one of their guitarists; something he would do and kept on doing (which bugged me with increasing intensity everytime) was kick in the air. Like a ninja kick. Except he did it over and over, the exact same way. It started to look very obviously planned and rather lame. I'm being nice about that, though, because talked to that guy after the show some and he seemed really cool.

They had two drummers, one of which was playing on bongos the majority of the time. They were bongo-esque. Didn't really take away from the sound, but I really thought they were somewhat unecessary. The bass was cutting out during the latter half of their set. That sucks. Then one of the guitars, too (I think). That sucks, too. My ears are ringing from standing close to the speaker for the majority of their set. That sucks, too. Stupid hearing damage! They ended the set by covering "Eye For an Eye" by Soulfly. It got pretty crazy, and the singer did a good job of Max's part; he had a really good screaming voice.

Ahhh, so THAT'S how you pronounce their name!

I have to say that I was really impressed with Chimaira. I heard of them a long time ago, before they signed to Roadrunner because they were touring the East Coast with the former Pluh-sponsored band Colepitz (who is no longer together, R.I.P.). How do I describe these guys? Um, DEATH. DEATH TO THE Nth DEGREE! LOTS OF DEATH! I liked them, I must say.

First thing that really caught my attention was the drummer, who sported some rather impressive double bass skills (which I don't hear very often anymore). There sound and feel in general is just plain MEAN. This music was nothing but moshable, and mosh the croud did. It got rather violent. They also had obvious musical ability. There were really creative bits thrown in that I thought kicked ass. They were just cool dillies. Stage presence was good, and they did some attention-grabbing things that I thought kicked ass. HURRAH to Chimaira! A cd I will soon buy.

Isn't that a song by Bush?

Joebob was really enjoying himself, because he was finally getting his dose of heavy shit that he had been needing for a while. I was enjoying myself because it was MACHINE HAY-UD! It was starting to get really windy, and stormy and stuff. I think we felt a few sprinkles of rain at one point in time. It set a dark, mysterious, occasional rain-droppy mood. Then the PA started playing this choral stuff, with the choir singing really "cue evil badguy of death in medieval movie" music. Then they walked out on stage, and started off with "Bulldozer". Good sounding song live, I must say. From there, they went through a set consisting of a little bit of older stuff, but mostly new. Old favorites they played were "Ten Ton Hammer", "Old Man", and "Davidian". Most of the new songs I really didn't get into, because I haven't really heard them much (need to get new album, and stuff).

One thing Machine Head does know how to do, and still does well- they know how to BUILD TENSION. Usually that tension results in some rather brutal pits.

Overall, I have to say that this was not the best Machine Head show I'd seen. The only guy that seemed really into it was the drummer. The PA cut out on one side for a bit (though it had been doing that all night). Plus it was windy, causing props to blow over. And, AND, AAAAAAAAAAAAAND, the biggest blow of all: They didn't play "Scars" or "Desire To Fire", two of my favorite Machine Head songs. Boo.

Double-bass of death.

To be honest, we really didn't get to see Fear Factory. We went outside to talk to some band members, and were denied re-entry. They tried to tell us to leave the parking lot, too, and we seeked refuge back by the tour buses. Irony: we met less resistance by the tour buses with the bands and the equipment just sitting there than we did out in the parking lot.

We did get to hear a couple Fear Factory songs from outside. Damn. Double bass of death! We left after two songs because it was getting late. Boo again.


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Sounded quite happy. 4
Presentation It's a show. 3.5
Deathy/Heavyness Very heavy show. YER! 4.5
Final Verdict: 4


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