Gawkman takes a flying beer-bottle in the forehead to bring you the latest concert review with one of our own Pluhbands on the bill.

I just wanted you to know right off the bat that this was written less than an hour after the concert finished; I am sitting here, ears still ringing, nursing fresh wounds, and smelling like various exotic tobacco products (even after taking a shower). Perhaps this will result in a better review with me remembering all the details. Then again, probably not; that means I don't get to fill in with unrelated bullshit to make it look longer because I couldn't remember everything. We'll have to see.

I had first heard of this concert only two week prior when I was checking Pollstar for any concerts in the area. I looked up Sevendust to see if Kayn would get to see them in Phoenix (they were), and noticed an Odessa date (here). I figured it must have been an older show, and I checked the date multiple times to make sure I was reading it right. Five minutes later I was at work making my request to be off.

It had been a really long 2 weeks, and the day had finally arrived. My good buddy Kenneth and his brother Tommy came by, and we went and picked up another bud before taking off to the Ector County Colleseum. The staff was abiding quite religiously to Concert Rule #1 (no concert shall start until at least 1 hour after scheduled time), for we got to stand outside freezing our asses off till an hour and fifteen minutes after the doors should have been open.
After finally getting to take a piss after waiting in line in the bathrooms (you know, it's so damn hard to get started with 10 people waiting to go after you), we a conservative spot in curiousity for the "Kittie Replacement Band".


I'm an open-minded person. When everyone was like, "Who's Ignite? I bet they suck," I was defending Ignite with the simple arguement that, "You can't make a call until you here them." This is true; I never thought I would like the bands Nothingface or Stuck Mojo just because of their names, and now they are like my favorite bands.

Then I heard they were punk. "Well, maybe they're hardcore-punk, like Vision Of Disorder or Strife or something." Wrong.

I used to have an old saying that a good concert PA can make any band sound great. Of course, there's an exception to every rule, and this band was one of them. It's not that Ignite was really bad, but you just shouldn't try to replace a hammer with a screwdriver; it just doesn't work. Ignite was a somewhat pop-punkish alternative band that reminded me a lot of The Offspring. I could never really get into that style of music, and this band sure wasn't going to make me change. There were people there that did like them; there were a few good pits with moshing and skanking going on, so they at least didn't get booed off the stage.

I can't figure out why 95x didn't just find a local favorite to fill in the gap? A good local favorite like Grinch or Rigg26 (or *cough* Asinine *cough, cough*) would have been much more appreciated opening for a band like Sevendust. Ignite would fit in much better opening for bands like Blink 182 or Pennywise. Bad 95x; bad 95x.

Name: Ignite
Style: Punk/Alternative

Pros: Uh, give me a minute here...
Cons: Don't get me started


After the announcement that local favorite Pumpjack was about to hit the stage, we waited eagerly. It had been a while since they played a show, so I was looking forward to hearing them again (as always). Fun fact: Pumpjack was the very first real band I ever got to hear live at a concert when they opened up for a Pantera/Machine Head/Coal Chamber concert around 3 years before. Ah, the memories. Memories are good.

Just as I started to wonder how they were going to make their entrance, I heard a bluegrass song with a banjo start to come out of the PA. After listening for a bit, I reallized that the song was "Good Old Boys", which was the Dukes Of Hazard them song. Not shortly after, Thurber walked out on stage and was greeted by a very enthusiastic audience. It was a beautiful intro, almost poetic or something.

"Let the jamming commence," I thought to myself as "Pa" invoked some good pits in a hurry (one around me, I might add). I still can't figure it out; Pumpjack is one of those bands that their cd just doesn't do them justice; it's not that they have a bad cd, it's actually quite good, but they're live performance is so much better.

Pumpjack fired through a fairly lengthy set of all the greats: tunes like Hangover, Harvest, Redneck Asshole, Sucker Punch, Booze is Thicker Than Blood, Caught Up In a Twister, and Trailer Park Trash to name a few. Damn, I wish I hadn't lost their first cd (they sold out of all of them). When it was just about over, Thurber mentioned Sevendust coming up by saying, and I quote: "[Sevendust] is about to come out and hammer your ass!"

Only Pumpjack could word it that great; if you're not from the area and/or have never heard of Pumpjack, go visit they're very entertaining website NOW!

Name: Pumpjack
Style: Redneck metal

Pros: Yet another great performance
Cons: They aren't signed yet


They didn't show up. From what I understand, one of the band members had to have their wisdom teeth pulled, so where do you think they would miss: Los Angelas, a few European tourdates with Slipknot, or little Odessa, TX? That's what I thought, too. That's okay, though, I'm sure they'll get much bigger at Ozzfest and never come here for sure. Wait, that's not reassuring... DOH!

"But if they cancelled," you ask, "Why do you even have this page in here?"

Very simple, I promised the Pluhpeepz a Kittie review, so here it is. I hope you aren't disappointed, and if you are, I can guarantee I am 30 times more. I was considering, however, having Snoebmeister try and catch a European gig since he lives in Austria in order to get a Kittie review. This would be good.


If you actually keep up with these reviews (*pauses to get all laughter out*), then you will notice that I had just reviewed Sevendust a few months ago. My opinion: you can't get too much of a good thing.

After making a few rounds and not finding all the people that were "definately going to be there," I claimed a position in the center of floor with my good buddy Marvin (ex-Asinine bassist and all around Pluhbud) in preparation for one of our favorite bands. After the sound check guys did their thing (and getting hit in the head with a projectile, someone claimed), a soundbyte came on the PA from what I was told to be Natural Born Killers. Not long after, Morgan came out onto the stage followed by Lajon and the rest of the gang, and once again they started off with "Home", which is track number 1 off the new cd titled, you guessed it, Pillow. Wait, I mean Home.

Maybe it was just the room, but for some reason the guitars didn't really seem quite as ballsy as they did last time I heard them play in Austin at the Backroom. It almost sounded like the miked amps coming out the PA speakers were being picked from the drum mics or vocal mics rather than the mic aimed dead center into the cone of the speaker. I didn't get that good chest-pounding thumb when they hit, "*chug-chug, chug-chug* I'M HOME *chug-chug* LEAVE IT TO ME! *chug-chug, chug-chug... chug-chug* *snare-kick-kick-snare-snare*" that I did last time. Then again, I was standing right in front of the speakers last time. Then again, I ended up in front of the speakers several times. Then again, that was after most of my hearing was already gone for the night. Then again, it was pretty much gone last time. Then again, you probably don't care anyway, so I'll shut up.

I hate when the floor is slick from spilt water, or milk, or whatever. I also hate getting pegged in the forhead with a flying bear-bottle.

My first thought was, "OW! @%#$!".
My second thought was, "What the hell was that?"
My third thought was, "Oh shit, it's bleeding!"
My fourth thought was, "Oh wait, it's not that bad."
My last thought was, "COOL! BATTLE SCAR!"

Sevendust once again alternated between tunes from the first album and the second. One thing that was different was that they played "Prayer" this time, and that was the first time I had heard them play that one live (besides on the "Live and Loud" video). They covered part of Pantera's "Walk" once again in the middle of "Too Close To Hate", but before they covered that, they threw in "Sweet Home Alabama" for flavor. That was great.

After playing what I remember to be "Black", Lajon said goodnight and they left the stage fairly quickly. People actually fell for it and started to leave, but I knew that there was no way that Sevendust would leave a show without playing their hits "Denial" and "Bitch". As usual, I was right. Everyone that also knew this began chanting Sevendust, and soon they were back on the stage playing the favorites. I jammed. Then they exited the stage.

Name: Sevendust
Style: Groovin' Alt-metal

Pros: It's Sevendust, need I say more
Cons: Need more crunch on those guitars! (drop the mids and boost the level, you sound dudes!)


If I remember correctly, we were told there was no smoking as we entered the building, and that anyone caught smoking would be kicked out. When the lights came back on at the end of the show, it looked like there had been about 20 strategically placed fog-machines going the whole time. By the time we got outdoors again, the cold felt really good.

The Good, the Bad, and the Irrelevant

Good:Kittie was on the bill.
Bad:Kittie did not play.
Irrelevant:Kitties' eyes don't open until 4 weeks after birth.

Good: We actually had a concert here.
Bad: We probably won't have another for quite a while.
Irrelevant: Concerts cost between 5 and 50 dollars on average.
Good: Had cool shirts and apparel for sell.
Bad: Forgot to buy some.
Irrelevant: Most shirts are a poly-cotton blend.
Good: The PA system.
Bad: Lazy sound guys.
Irrelevant: PA systems cost around $40,000 dollars.
Good: Crowd-surfing was allowed.
Bad: Getting surfed-upon.
Irrelevant: Surf is an good brand of detergent.
Good: Ignite opening for Offspring.
Bad: Ignite opening for Sevendust.
Irrelevant: The opening to Final Fantasy 8 is cool.
Good: Pumpjack's stage presence.
Bad: Pumpjack's sobriety level.
Irrelevant: Pumpjacks pump oil out of the ground.


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