Well, this concert was thought to be at a large place, but ended up at a kickass club out here in Tempe called, "Club Rio." Soulfly, Downset, Primmer 55 and other(s) were here, jamming and endorsing mosh pits. Or, as Max of Soulfly says it, "Da mosh peets."

Halloween night. We didn't feel like trick-or-treating; we felt like getting the living crap beat out of us. Thus, we went to see Soulfly.

I couldn't believe it; the venue was actually nice, and my first thought when walking into the venue was, "Gee, this is a nice venue."

I believe it was a huge dance club in essence, and the stage was set up on the far side of the huge dance floor. It was cool. No, literally, it was cool. They had some vents or something going that made us actually fairly cold. Kayn and I walked around for a while checking out the stuff, walked around scoping for chicks for myself (all of which were with boyfriends). Bah. At least we were inspired by the environment for some cool things to do on stage in future Psychostick performances.

Slaves On Dope

I remember hearing the last couple of songs of "Slaves On Dope" at Ozzfest. They weren't bad. And tonight, that's exactly what they were. Not bad. You could also replace 'bad' with a bunch of words, such as "great", "incredible", "awful". The band lacked originallity, as well as a get-your-attention sound. This band was nothing I hadn't heard before. I could think of a few other bands that deserve to be on Ozzfest way more, COLEPITZ or FROM ZERO. Of course, nobody listens to me anyway. People did get into them, however. They had some good pits (or boredom pits, perhaps?).

There was this one red-headed chick that was jammin' out in front of me, and when her head would backlash during her head banging, her hair would whip me in the face. I was about to take advantage of the situation and use that as a means to start a conversation, till this mean looking Slayer dude came along and made it clear they were together. Then later I noticed the girl had a pentagram tattooed on her arm as well. Hey, you never know though, someday we might be able to work something out! *sarcasm* Damn, where are all the cool, decent, confident metal chicks in this town? I know there's GOT to be some. Oh, the band. They was alright. That's it.

Slaves on dopestyle: hardcore/metal
Rating: 2 and a half

Pros: They were alright...
Cons: Didn't exactly grab me. Neither did any hot chicks; a double whammy.

Primer 55

I was expecting a good show from these guys. They started off really well, with a really good song, and a pretty decent pit errupted. After the first song though, the next was, pretty weak. And the next. And the next. There were like two others that got my head bobbing. I've heard these guys cd before. They sound nothing like it. In a bad way. Can you say.. over production? On their album, they sound like industrial metal. Live they sounded like just plain nu-metal. With shitty guitar sounds. DAMN, did I say anything about that? They had a really mid-rangy distortion that sounded like a guy blowing his nose. Ugh.

On a positive note, they did have good stage presence. At one point, they called for an "old school circle pit". There were a few guys in there that knew how to skank, but not many. Not that I can do it, I never wanted to learn because I'm not into punk that much, and I think it looks rather silly. Of course, so does headbanging; but this is my review, making all other opinions null and void. MUAHAHAH. Overall though, I was rather disappointed.

Style: Hardcore/industrial
rating: 3 out of 5

Pros: Good energy, enthusiasm
Cons: Horrible guitar sounds, sounded nothing like cd, blaze tunes.


That's right bitches. We had gotten to only the last two songs of these guys set at Tattoo the Earth because they started halfway through Nothingface's set. They sounded really good then, and they sounded REALLY good tonight. DAMN! How the HELL can a band sound that much incredibly more heavy than on their cd? If you even HALFWAY like any of Downset's songs, they will kick your ass live.

They started off with "Anger, hostility towards the opposition. Anger, hostility towards the opposition."

I promise, by the time they got to "ANGEEEEER" the croud was this big blob of moshing maniacs. SHIT! Their cd just does NOT do them justice.

They played some of their newer stuff, some of their older stuff, and some of their.. middle stuff. They played "Empower" (everyone went nuts, not excluding myself and Kayn), and that one song that's all in Spanish. I started the pit on that one, I was going pretty nuts :)

Style: hardcore/rapcore
Rating: 5 of 5

Pros: GREAT sound. In yer face.
Cons: Singer lacked much movement.


It took forever for Soulfly to get on stage. That was just fine, since we needed time to recover from Downset. And got me a really nice Downset hat (which Kayn likes as well. I think he's worn it more than I have).

Soulfly finally got up there, and the croud started going nuts. They started off with "Back To the Primitive". SHIT! WE'RE gonna DIE! NOOOOO!! *comes back to senses* Whew, I'm okay, I'm okay; I was just having a flashback. Of course, this is no thanks to Kayn who wanted to get close. You would have thought we would have learned from seeing them at Ozzfest. Nope. It took just about everything we had in us to keep from getting crushed between the pressure from the mosh pits and everyone trying to push towards the front. We were eventually pushed to the very back of the dance floor. Kinda strange how that happened now that I think about it.

Anyway, Soulfly sounded pretty good, and I witnessed some of the most violent pits I have ever seen. Total chaos. Then they decided to bust out with some Sepultura, and "Roots" belted out of the PA. I'm sure that if I had looked closer at the pits, I might have gotten a glimpse of a few bodies flying out of the mosh pit across the room. DAMN. Then they played "Bleed". And I want to murder the kid that "fills in" for Fred Durst. He sucks. He can't stay on the beat, and his voice is awful. I wanted to kick his ass when I heard him butchering the part on the live Soufly cd. My feelings didn't change any here. I got some interesting looks when I was yelling, "You SUCK!" at the top of my lungs when everyone was jamming. Somebody should make him Bleed.

They played "Fire" (my favorite Soulfly songie-poo), then went into "Umbabarauma". That turned into a big drum jammout with a bunch of members from the other bands. Kickass. They all had their bass drums, and were basically beating the living crap out of them.

They played some more tunes off the new cd (which I still need to get), and they sounded badass. Kayn asked me at one point asked me which cd a certain song was on, and I told him, which he relayed to a very fine single chick which I heard of her existence AFTER leaving the show. BAH! We decided to be smart and leave early when everyone was shouting for an encore. We left with ease.

Name: Soulfly
style: Tribal metal
rating: 5of5

Pros: Good sound, HEAVY, general anarchy
Cons: Didn't get that chick's number *sniff*

The Good, the Bad, and the Irrelevant

Good: Downset
Bad: Slaves On Dope
Irrelevant: "Dope" rhymes will "slope"

Good: People dressing up in original costumes
Bad: People being original and dressing up in Slipknot costumes
Irrelevant: Snow-plows.

Good: Hot chicks there.
Bad: There with their boyfriends.
Irrelevant: Kayn is playing Suikoden II right now. It looks pretty cool.

Good: Hats and cool apparrel.
Bad: That was way over-priced.
Irrelevant: The increase in price is caused by an increase in demand for the item, or a geographic monopoly. Or a little of both.

Good: Soulfly's "guest artists" on stage
Bad: All excluding that kid on Bleed. DIIIIIEEEE!!!
Irrelevant: You know what a funny word is? "Snorkle". No really, think about it; say it to yourself and think about how it's pronounced. Snorkle. Snoooooor-kle.


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