Gawkman braves the screaming girls wanting to hear

I went to the Staind show all by myself.


I was the only guy that remembered to order tickets before they sold out of them, since all the little trendy girls wanted to see Aaron Lewis because he is, "so hot". But I digress. I will be doing that a lot.

The white horse fell in the Mudd. And the band was worse than that pun.

You know what's great about seeing a really crappy band? It means I get to make fun of them. And aren't reviews that much more fun to read when it's someone trashing the material?

I showed up just in time to see Puddle Of Mudd. What the hell was this band doing opening for Staind? What the hell were they doing even playing at all? To give you an idea, they reminded me of a really bad version of Bush. So totally done, overdone, and in this case, underdone. I don't think they could try any harder to look like wannabe rockstars than if they put on a sign that side, "Put us on MTV!"

It's as if they went down a checklist of all the cliche'd things to do to be rockstars. All the songs sounded the same. They were all that annoying fast-rock beat. The guitars had a really weak moderate-gain mid-rangy distortion. The bassist was pathetic. He kept putting on all these "tough guy" expressions, trying to make everyone aware of his badass-ness. He spit into the air a couple of times. I laughed. Hard. It was made funnier by the fact that all the chicks there were actually buying into it, only proving the point even more. I think I'm gonna go practice "In a Band To Get Chicks" now.

I have to hand it to the band, though, they had a really good snare drum sound. They also.. had.. amps.. that worked... a band... so bad... that I have to resort... to... gimpy-dot-itis... to get my point across... I also got a chance to go get some beer, which helped me get past their set.

I'm a Cold-hearted bastard.

After being forced to watch a band like Puddle Of Mudd, that is. Fortunately, Cold was not a disappointment. For such depressing and dark music, they had quite an energetic live show. One of their guitarists was nuts; he wore a Michael Myers mask, and was all crazy. The band as a whole really got into it, and they sounded pretty good. They started off with a song off their first album which I didn't like much, but played mainly their new songs from "13 Ways to Bleed On Stage" from there. I would have liked to hear "Go Away" off their first album, though, I actually kinda liked that song. I could tell there were a few people there that had their cd that were getting into it. Overall, a pleasing experience. Not to be confused with, a "squeezing" experience.

The music Staind with trendy girlies.

If you have the suspicion that the review of Staind is going to be more rant than review, you have made an accurate prediction. Staind took forever setting up. They came out and started the show with "Mudshuvel", and I was preparing for all hell to break loose. I couldn't wait for the pits to break out and all these little 15 year old girls to get an dose of reallity. However, I ended being the one in surprise, because when they hit the heavy part, everybody started jumping up and down. That's it. Guess the guys didn't feel like getting their Abercromie and Fitch shirts dirty.

Staind played some of their newer songs off their album, and I started to get bored. STILL no moshing. Finally, they played "Suffocate", and I went nuts and start pushing, and it triggered a violent pit of a whopping 4 guys (including myself). Now, I knew this was serious. I hardly ever get in pits, let alone START them... I'm a wuss! Where were all the real Staind fans? The whole damn floor should have been a giant pit during that song! Oh, now I remember; because the show was sold out, with all the tickets sold to a bunch of girlies wanting to hear that "hot Aaron Lewis" sing "Outside" and "It's Been Awhile". This was made even more clear to me when they played a song off of Tormented and I was the only guy around me that recognized the song. Then it got dark, and Aaron Lewis came out with an acoustic guitar. I was seriously dreading this.

The screams were piercing. He proceeded to play "Outside". He didn't even sing for a major part of it, the croud did it for him. He looked so sick of that song; I know I would be. After the song was over, he said, "Oh, you like that song? Well, then you'll probably like this one too..." and played "It's Been Awhile."

I spent the majority of this song recovering lost energy and trying the guys around me pumped to start moshing when they played their good stuff. Luckily, I wasn't disappointed, because not long after, "Raw" came blasting out of the PA, and the pits finally start happen. You better believe I was in it; Staind is Mah Bay-und, even if there are a bunch of posers that are into 'em! After the song finished, Aaron something to the effect of, "This is our last song of the night, and I want this place to go nuts!"

This was followed with "Spleen", and there was FINALLY an exceptable display of mayhem in the croud. There was one rather large pit in the middle of the floor, and a couple of smaller sporatic ones (like the one I was involved in). I got floored once during that song, but really didn't feel it or care. I FINALLY started to feel like I was at a Staind concert.

Then it was over. I do have to admit though, Staind's light show was REALLY cool. Very, very colorful, and almost a show in itself. At least they passed the time as I sat through crappy overplayed radio songs drowned out by screaming girls.


Category Comment Rating
Sound Lots of bass/muddy. 3.5
Lights/Presentation Lights were great. 4.5
Heavy factor Not a heavy show. 3
Final Verdict: 3.67


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robyn (Guest) vocalizes:

Smilie!that was crap and um so are you. staind rocks bitch!

Arsenic (Guest) forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!i totally agree with you on the fact that their earlier stuff was much better. it's a shame you didn't get to do more moshing. i also have to concur with you about Puddle of Poo because the name says it all. nice review

Rawrb yammers:

Smilie!Yes, exactly! You should start pits only at concerts with certain bands that are deemed "heavy." If you do this, you are certain to become a better person and everyone, like Matt, will like you!

Matt (Guest) un-shut-ups:

Smilie!You know, not everyone goes to metal or rock concerts to Mosh. Anyways, as you said, it's Staind a basic boy-rock band. I'm surprised anyone moshed there.

If you want to mosh, here's a clue, SLAYER!