A tail of frustration. Not quite the review you expect.

Before you read far, I will tell you that we never got into the concert. But I did promise the Pluhpeepz a review, so here it is, and I'll elaborate on what happened.

I happened to get a weekend off from work; the same weekend System Of a Down was playing in Austin. So naturally, I went.

System Of a Down

While running errands the day of, we asked around about the concert, which not many people had heard about. When finally coming across an individual with information on the subject, we learned that this was a "make-up" concert for a previously cancelled show in Austin. Here was the funny part: The cancelled show sold around 5000 tickets. This make-up show was being held at a venue that only held about 2000 people. Smart, huh? From what I understand, SOAD was supposed to play 2 sets, so everyone could see them. Yeah right. Kayn and I pulled up to the venue, the pulled right back out and drove away. There was a croud of people outside that was bigger than the actual venue. We didn't even have tickets. I remember one guy saying, "Yeah, it's gonna be interesting, it wouldn't surprise me if a riot broke out there."

We didn't stay to find out; instead, we went to IHOP.

Name: System Of a Down
Style: Hardcorish-alt metal

Pros: We finally got to use our 0/5 rating.
Cons: We couldn't FUCKING GET IN!!!


So we went to go eat some food at IHOP and just talk about stuff. Kayn and I ordered some food. We were frustrated that we went through so much trouble to be screwed out of a concert due to incompetent planning on someone's part.

The waiter came. He had the typical "These are just kids, so let's treat them like shit." attitude. We didn't let it bother us; maybe he had a bad day or something. I ordered this mexican omelet thingie that had tomatoes and all this other yummy stuff on it. Kayn ordered this steak platter. We figured that since we saved so much money from this concert, then we had the right to splurge on a decent meal. Kayn and I talked about different stuff, one of those things being that I needed to get my ass out of that deathtrap called Odessa. I agreed.

During this whole ordeal, I think that the waiter came back a total of once to check on us, not that he was exactly polite during that time either. Then he brought the check; Kayn looked at it, and although I didn't remember what it was, something wasn't right on it. Kayn kindly told the waiter about the error. The waiter responded by audibly cussing to himself about it right in front of us, rather than appologizing. The guy didn't get much of a tip from us (unless you called a fat GOOSE EGG a tip). 0.

Name: IHOP
Style: Brunch food; like Denny's

Pros: Gawkman decided to get out of Odessa there.
Cons: The Asshole Waiter

Talk about a shitty day. By the end of it, Kayn and I were filled with rage. The only good thing that I can think of that become of that whole trip is that while surfing on his cable modem one night, I came across the incredible Colepitz.


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