Murph does something productive. He wanders aimlessly to a concert,reviews it, and still manages not to get chicks! What's wrong wit dat boy?

Gather 'round.

Our story starts in January:

Murph: "Hey! Staind and Godsmack are coming to town in April, wannago?"
Sean: "Uh, yeah sure, cool!"

*one month later*
Murph: "Hey! Staind and Godsmack tickets are on sale! We should goget em soon!"
Sean: "Yep, we should."

*another month later*
Sean: "What do you wanna do today?"
Murph: "Why don't we go get Staind and Godsmack tickets?"
Sean: "Yeah, ok... I'm hungry"
Murph: "Me too, let's go get food."

*April 4th*
Mike: "So how are we getting to Staind and Godsmack tonight?"
Sean and Murph: "SHIT!"

Yeah, so we didn't have tickets, we didn't have directions, but we knewit was at a collage and that Cold, Staind, and Godsmack would be there.That's enough info in my book. There was five of us going that day;Mike, Sean, Jeff, sEEEd, and I. They had tickets, we didn't. Aftergetting lost about 3 times we found our way to UIC Pavilion. We wentlooking for scalpers while everyone else went in.

Scalper: "You got a light?"
Sean: "Um, sure"
Scalper: "You guys looking for tickets?"
Murph: "Yep!"
Scalper: "I got two right here, $25 each, that's cheaper than cover."
Murph: "Where are the seats?"
Scalper: "Inside."
Murph: "Alright, I'm sold."
*rejoicing over new tickets, go inside*
Sean: "That bastard stole my lighter!"

So we got in, we found out our seats were nowhere near our friends or each other, so we decided to sit in the empty seats next to them anyway. Who's gonna know? The first band; Systematic took the stage.

I kinda paid attention kinda not, we had good seats, even though they weren't ours, and all the floor people were walking around like their shit didn't stink. They had a hard, fast sound, with melodic vocals. It wasn't bad, but it didn't catch too much of my interest. The bassist did go nuts on stage which is cool, but the guitarist and singer/guitarist just kinda turned away a lot and didn't get to into it. A few people near us booed and stuff, all thinking that it's "badass" to do such things. Thosepeople piss me off. One group of people did show up for the seats we were in, so we had to move down two seats. And this one guy behind us kept asking if this was Staind on stage when there was a huge sign that clearly said, "Systematic." All in all they were mildly entertaining.

3/5 Pluhs

Pros: Cool riffs, some energy from bassist
Cons: Not very original, no energy from guitarists

Cold Cold Cold!

After Systematic got off I was looking forward to Cold. Some people don't think they'd make a good live band *cough* Gawkman *cough* *hack**wheeze* But they did a very good job. The guitarists, while not playing anything completely fast or aggressive, really got into it. The people behind us were all pissing and moaning cause one of the guitarist were wearing a Michael Myers mask. "What, do you think your Slipknot?!?" they yelled. Dammit I hate stupid people. Im sure that Slipknot INVENTED masks right? Everyone on halloween is actually just trying to be Slipknot cause of damn masks. STUPID PEOPLE! Anyway, yes, Cold. After making my stupid comments about how they should find a bandcalled "Tired" and "Hungry" to tour with they really put on a good show. Aaron Lewis came out to perform 'Send in the Clowns' and both singers went nuts. The only thing is that the set was VERY short. I guess they know that their first album sucks.

4.5/5 Pluhs

Pros: Lots of energy, very good quality, played all new stuff
Cons: Short set, some annoying feedback, STUPID PEOPLE!


After Cold got off the stage, we saw Kevin, a friend of mine down on the floor. We ran down to talk to him and call him an asshole for getting floor. He came up and talked for a while until Staind got up and we ran to the rail at the bottom. Many people were jumping the 4 foot rail toget in, but huge guys would grab em and throw them out, so we figured it wasn't worth it. I was talking to one chick who got pulled out butsomehow got back in. "I talked my way back in." She said. "I'd try that, but I don't have boobies so I don't think it would work." I replied. We all agreed. Staind got on stage and tore shit up like they always do. Opening up with Mudshovel and going into some new, hardstuff. Then came 'Outside' this worried me. "Why?" you ask? Because Fred Durst was rumored to be there that night. I was waiting for him to bust out from backstage yelling something like, "Chicago y'all!" But he didn't, and I was happy. Aaron did make a special point in saying, "I feel those lighters." But it's better than it being "The real mother f*cking deal, yo." After 'Outside' came 'It's Been Awhile' and then he ditched the acoustic. He made an announcement that they had three more songs to do and that they were working on a new album. "These songs are not on it!" and they bust into 'Raw'. They closed with my favorite 'Spleen' and got off stage for Godsmack.

5/5 Pluhs

Pros: Staind kicks ass, and they did... again, noDurst
Cons: I wasn't on floor

Slappin' Immortals

So it was almost time, we talked to Kevin again and he showed us something. He got the wristband off his wrist and handed it to me with his ticket stub. It was a brilliant idea. Guards were watching so I went up and in the other side, met Kevin in the middle and he passedthem on through a cigarette box. (I don't smoke, I hate smoke) Until we were all on floor. We stayed away from our area and forced our way up front. Godsmack came on and kicked all ass. Opened with a little cartoon thing and then into 'Sick of Life' and a cool 'Vampires' with clips from stuff from vampire movies. Sully would stop and comment on how they weren't selling beer there cause it was at a college. He'd randomly throw out big cups of beer to people, no one could catch one."You got two baseball teams and you can't even catch a f*cking beer? You gotta be going to hell for that!" They played damn near every song from 'Awake' and 'Godsmack'. A long 'Voodoo' was a nice rest from some pits, along with 'The Spiral'. Towards the end of the set Sully had one more beer. He threw it toward our direction and Mike caught it while it was almost completely full. He chugged that thing inabout 3 seconds. A huge cheer was given to the underage drinker, and everyone patted him on the back and yelled. The highlight of the night for many people was the closing 'Whatever' when Sully pulled up about 40 people on stage, all rocking out with the band. I wanted to be picked but wasn't, I was looking forward to doing pelvic thrusts in front of hundreds of people. But hey, you win some, you loose some.

Then, from backstage came the non other than Lars Ulrich in a wheelchair. To my surprise, I heard very few boos and, "You sell out prick!" then I thought. He got out of his wheel chair and almost fell, then said a few words to everyone. A few guys with Metallica shirts up there went nuts. And damn did Sully pick the hotties to dance up there. Dear Lord there were some hot chicks. Must... start... band... hot...chicks! They closed out with Sully yelling at people to get off their asses. Actually pointing to people in the stands telling them to getup. "Your not at your f*cking house with your f*cking remote control. YOUR AT A MOTHER F*CKING ROCK SHOW!" They just kinda waved like dumbasses. "Maybe all these people sitting down are just too OLD to be with us tonight!" There was a cheer. Of course, at that point Sully could have been talking about his prostate and people would still cheer. They busted into the end of 'Whatever' and brought the house down. As they were winding down they let some kids Sully brought up play a few chords on their instruments and threw out about 18 drumsticks. I didn't get one cause I suck. Godsmack was one of the best bands I've seen live, and have upgraded hugely from 1998's Ozzfest. This was the tour to see.

5/5 Pluhs

Pros: Good tunes, good brew, good buddies
Cons: No pelvic thrusts for me


Category Comment Rating
Sound/Production Great sound for nearly all the bands. 4.5
Presentation Good seating and good lighting, was easy to see what was going on. 4.5
Originality It was cool to see Sully pull a lot of kids onstage, but other than that just a hard rock concert. 3.5
Deathy/Heavyness Not exactly the heaviest of heavy with Staind and Cold, but good fun nontheless. 3.5
Final Verdict: 4


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