Blondeaux, Kayn, and Gawkman go to a kickass metal festival consisting of bands on the bill that makeup about half of Gawkman's cd collection.

Finally. We had heard of this show about a couple of months before, and Blondeaux had made plans to fly down for the weekend so we could all go together. And we finally would get to see NOTHINGFACE!


We got in with very little trouble at all. I was expecting to have to wait in line to get in for about a good couple of epochs. There was NO line. We got in and I immediately began searching for a bathroom. None could be found. Kayn and Blondeaux were less than sypathetic, as they simply told me, "We'll find one near the main stage."

Ha. It didn't occur to me that they wanted to get over there and hear some tunes, because the first band was already playing. Luckily, the first band we saw was pretty weak, so they had no arguments about finding a bathroom.

I'm not even sure if it was Famous on stage, I just assumed that it was them because that's what was on their amps. It could have been someone else's amps though, because I had heard that these guys were supposed to be really good. The band that was on stage was not. The beats, riffs, vocals, and everything were totally cliche. Nothing original.

Name: Famous?
Style: Metal

Pros: We also came in during the last half of their set.
Cons: They'll never live up to their name.


We saw these guys once before, and we were not impressed then. We weren't impressed this time either; we spent the time during their set looking at shirts and booths, getting water, and TAKING A LEAK!

Name: Amen
Style: Metal

Pros: Had time to find a bathroom.
Cons: See our review of the Coal Chamber/Machine Head/Slipknot/Amen show. Not much has changed.


Here's a band I was looking forward to seeing; I had heard that their live show kicked ass. Their cd is also heavy. I wasn't disappointed.

When they started playing, they got the first real pits of the day going. Damn, they sounded good; even with those real annoying punk-beat sections (which comes with the package: after all, they are HARDCORE). Their heavy groove got us jumping up and down, something that we would be doing a LOT today. I really jammed when they played my favorite, "Conceived Through Act Of Violence". It sounded just as good as I had hoped; and a lot heavier. I think we'll have a few more Hatebreed fans in the area after this show, because not that many people there knew who they were. Shame on them.

Near the end of their set, they got one of the most brutal pits of the day going. There was no croud, it was pretty much just one big pit. What was bad about it was that the mainstage was right on an area with a lot of loose dirt and no grass. The moshpits (especially this one) would kick up a LOT of dirt. It became hard to breathe and see. This would continue throughout the day. Shame on who planned this; could have at least set up near the grass. Oh well, I'm not the first person to complain about how unorganized the tour was. It was a first though, so there are naturally gonna be some blunders. Like the first time I tried to use the intarnet and accidently h4x0r3d NASA. Good thing I never told anyone, then they could trace me down and... DOH!

Name: Hatebreed
Style: Hardcore

Pros: Rocked balls. Heavy-groovin' hardcore jammage.
Cons: Hard to jam when you can hardly breathe.


We were looking forward to taking a rest after watching Hatebreed's show, but unfortunately this was not to be. There must have been two bands not show up, because as walked to the second stage ready to see some band we had never heard of, we heard "blah blah blah, we're Nothingface. *distortion*" Kayn, Blondeaux, and I looked at eachother dumbly for a split second, then made a mad dash to their stage just in time to hear the beginning of "Breatheout". I literally made a flying leap to the front right as they hit their first note, and banged my head off. When they hit the heavy part, a good mosh pit broke out behind us. Kayn was really enjoying himself, because right then, he looked at us, yelled, "BLAAAAH!!!" and jumped into the pit... I could have sworn he said "WEE!!!" as he did that, but I wasn't sure. I was sure though, that he was the only guy in the moshpit with a big cheesy grin on his face. One of the funniest things I've ever seen.

They didn't at all look like what I had pictured them; Matt Holt (singer) was wearing a straw hat that was pretty cool. They also had a giant inflated penis on stage that was pretty cool.

They played a new one off their new cd that is yet to come out, then went into Blondeaux's favorite: Goldtooth. I could tell he was really enjoying this tune (and so was I). Somewhere in the middle of it, a guy got knocked down really hard, and security was trying to take away the guy who had done it to him. This pissed off Matt a LOT. He was in the middle of singing and just stopped to yell at them, "Don't you dare! Don't you DARE kick them out for moshing!!!"

After the song was over, he made sure that they hadn't, and that the guy who got knocked down didn't get hurt. Matt got a couple of respect points for that one in my book. They played another tune off their new cd, and I thought they were done. Nope. As soon as I reallized this, I yelled at the top of my lungs, "VILLAINS!!!"

Matt said, "I heard someone yell 'Villains'... that's the last one we're gonna do. And everyone needs to get up close on this one, because there WILL be moshing."


They started playing the that weird sound effect that starts off the track until Matt waved his arms and stopped the rest of the band from playing. Tom (drummer) has busted his bass drum head. Cool. Matt tried to kill the time while they worked on the problem by talking about his penis. Literally. He brought showed off the big inflated thing and asked what we should name it. Someone mentioned "Purple-headed yogurt slinger" (quote from Varsity Blues), and Blondeaux suggested "Pedro". I can't remember exactly what they decided on, because right after that he announced that they had solved the drum problem by just turning it around.

They went into Villains right after that, and it jammed. When it got to the cool middle section, they got everyone jumping up and down. And when it got to it, all three of us belted out as loudly as we could, "SICK OF ALL THE SHIT!"

When they were done, Tom threw one of his sticks, and it landed near Blondeaux and some other guy. They wrestled on the ground for it (quite aggressivtly, I might add), and when it was over, Blondeaux held the stick up triumphantly. Bastard.

All in all, I was very impressed with their sound. I was expecting to see more energy out of them while playing, but it was HOT, and we didn't see much energy out of hardly any of the bands that day, so you can't really blame them. NOTHINGFACE!!!

Name: Nothingface
Style: Heavy groove-laden metal

Pros: Sounded incredible, good attitude, good recoveries despite numerous distractions and problems on stage.
Cons: Didn't move around enough on stage.


Apparently Nothingfaces set had run long, because they had already been playing for quite some time. We arrived right at their second to last song, which was the one that had Spanish lyrics. We were listening from a distance, because we HAD to have water to avoid passing out (which we nearly did anyway).

Me: DUDES!!! HURRY UP!!! That's friggin' DOWNSET up there!!!
Them: (very weakly) Fargla-hab nah-nah...

We got up to the front (right in front of the subwoofers, which was ironically less painful on the ears because the 'tweeters' were hung high and fired right over us) right in time to hear their last song: Anger.

"Anger: hostility towards the opposition. Anger: hostility towards the opposition."

The croud started shouting it too, then when they hit the hard part, everybody started going nuts. Damn, I was amazed at how much HEAVIER they sounded live than they did on their cd. That made me even more pissed that we missed most of their set. Bah. But of what we saw, they totally kicked ass.

Name: Downset.
Style: Hardcore/rapcore

Pros: Sounded EXTREMELY heavy live.
Cons: They had to start playing sometime during Nothingface's set...

Relative Ash

This band got on stage, and they started playing. It was okay until the singer started singing in a whiny, hi-pitched, annoying voice that could even give Billy Corgan's singing voice competition. We lasted about halfway through the song, then went to go get some more water.

Name: Relative Ash
Style: Didn't stay long enough to analyze

Pros: There's that old saying, "If you can't say something nice..."
Cons: Damnit, I'm trying to be nice here!


On the way over to wait for them to set up, they brought in a truck that I suppose was for an irrigation system and started hosing people down. We got in on that and caught some of the spray. It felt quite good, althought I could have sworn it all evaporated 7 seconds later. Did I mention that it was hot?

Well, Mudvayne got up there, and started playing some badass shit. They had there faces all painted, which looked kinda cool. They didn't move around too much like a lot of the bands that day because of the heat. Did I mention that it was hot?

I had heard a few mp3s of these guys before the show, one of them being "Internal Primates Forever". That song got everyone jumping and jamming. Or that song got me jumping and jamming. And some other people. And stuff. It was GOOD, okay? Another cool thing was at the end of the show, the singer hit him self over the head (HARD) with his microphone several times. CRAZY!! I think there full length album is about to or has already come out; I know I'll be getting it, and you should, too. Did I mention that it was hot? Wait, that time the repeating joke wasn't funny. Well, did I mention that their CD is hot? Okay, that was even more lame... I'll shut up now.

Name: Mudvayne
Style: Groove face-painted metal

Pros: Sounded good.
Cons: Set was TOO short. Only three songs? Somebody deserves an ass-whoopin' for that one.

One Minute Silence

I wasn't sure who this was when they got up there. All I know is that their first song was really cool. They REALLY got into it. This was the first band I had seen today that didn't give a shit if it was 110 degrees... they went NUTS. After the first song, they announced that they were One Minute Silence. Ahah! I just hadn't heard all of their songs yet, but I did recognize when the next tune they busted out was "South Central". Damn, pits galore! Where the hell was Blondeaux? He was missing one of the best shows of the whole day!

The drummer had a kickass stage presence. Watching him was a show in itself. He did lots of cool visual stuff that was entertainment all on it's own. The bassist was insane. He would jump around like crazy. Near the end of the show, he jumped off the PA speakers into the croud WHILE PLAYING, not missing any notes that I heard. One song they played in there got me totally into it; they were the only band of the day that voluntarily got me into the pit in that heat. I was jumpin' around and moshing like crazy. I probably looked like a guy that was... jumping around... really crazy... and stuff. Yeah...

Too bad Blondeux arrived in the middle of the last song. His [serious] loss.

Name: One Minute Silence
Style: Rapcore

Pros: In your face. Badass, groovy tunes, AWESOME stage presence.
Cons: Blondeux missed the whole damn thing. Haha!

(hed) p.e.

After OMS's set, we were worn out once again, so we hung back during hed's show. Kayn and Blondeaux were concentrating more on not passing out, so I didn't think they really listened that much. They sounded good to me, a lot like their cd. Then Blondeaux, without warning, went and dove into a big mud puddle. No, I didn't just throw that in randomly, that really happened. Everybody was cracking up, then a couple of others consider doing the same thing to cool off, but wussed out. What's wrong, didn't want to be a FOLLOWER?!? Blondeaux's back was caked with dirt (it dried rather quickly) for the remainder of the day.

Oh yeah, the band. They played "Serpent Boy", their hit "Bartender", and that one that's the first track off their self titled cd. Sounded good, no complaints. Oh yeah, and "p.e." stands for Planet Earth, that's what it said on their big overhanging banner. I read on a website it stood for "Planetary Evolution". Shame on whoever released this false information! Now you've upset the balance of nature! DIE, EVIL PERSON AND/OR PERSONS!

Name: hed (p.e.)
Style: rapcore

Pros: Sounded good, no real complaints.
Cons: Could be more in your face, and the bands originality factor is lacking.

Workhorse Movement

In between hed's set and WHM's, we went over to the booths in search of stuff. We found TVT's tent, and signed up for some contest shit, and got a Nothingface cd samplers, and Nothingface and Sevendust stickers. We asked if Downset was signing autographs so that we could get it for Philipp, but apparently we had missed their signing (DOH). On the upside (From Zero quote?), we were informed that the drummer from Nothingface was sitting on a fence thing watching Workhorse Movement (who had just gotten on stage). We went and talked with him, and got autographs and stuff. He was a really cool guy, totally down to earth. We talked a little bit and listened to Workhorse Movement. To be honest, we didn't real pay close attention to Workhorse Movement, but what we did hear was not bad at all.

Name: Workhorse Movement
Style: Groove-rock/metal

Pros: Good sound, heard while chatting with Nothingfaces drummer.
Cons: We weren't right up there listening, so we didn't see/hear everything. Our fault.


Alright, bitches. Let me tell you something. Sepultura is doing damn fine without Max. Daryl is doing just fine. And he's one BIG MOTHERF***ER. There's no other way I can put it. He sounded MEAN. From the time they hit Roots (kicking up the most dirt we had seen all day), to when they ended with with one of their new ones, it seemed as if there never even was a Max Cavalera. They tore through a set consisting of all the favorites: Refuse/Resist, Territory, Propoganda (hell yeah!), and I already mentioned Roots. There were a bunch of others I know the whole songs, just not the names. I really don't know what else to say, they were amazing, and I can't believe I finally got to see this legendary band play. PLUH!

Name: Sepultura
Style: Tribal METAL.

Pros: SEPULTURA! Great new singer, HEAVY.
Cons: I have to try to think of something negative, and can't.

Full Devil Jacket

Our energy reserves were really lacking by now. If we were Link in old Legend Of Zelda, we would have been going on half a heart, with that annoying little beep that doesn't let you forget it. GRRR!!! As if there's not enough pressure, they have that stupid little alarm that WON'T SHUT UP until you get some more life! I mean, of course you're gonna notice when you're about to DIE, why doesn't the game have to remind you? That game just ASKED for the controller threw the TV. *sigh* But I digress.

We got some more water and sat on this wall-like thing that was facing the second stage. I had read multiple reviews that Full Devil Jacket was pretty weak. I don't what kind of bad banana this people were eating, because FDJ was badass. Blondeaux deserves a cookie, because his sources had told him they were badass; otherwise, we probably would have skipped their set completely. We heard them from farther away and we were dead tired, and still they caught our attention (or at least mine). I do remember lots o' groove, and really cool melodic vocals. I recognized the very last song they played, called "Stained" I believe, which is an awesome song. They've been playing them on the radio here lately, but they play a really weak song by them (of course, don't they always? That's why we don't usually listen to radio. Radio = bad, but I'm sure you all know that). If I had known more about them, I might have been able to elaborate on the songs they played, but alas, I had not. I know that I will next time, though.

Name: Full Devil Jacket
Style: New metal

Pros: Awesome, catchy, head-bobbing sound
Cons: Those bastards that told me they sucked.


I had never seen Sevendust put on a bad show out the three times I've seen them, and this fourth time was no exception. In fact, this was the best I had ever seen them. Kayn could barely stand, but was doing his best to spew out some vocals of one of his all time favorite bands. There were several points of interest during this show other than the regular badass tunes.

After "dusting" out a set (hahaha I am witty) of the best off both of their albums, some skinheads started to throw stuff at the band. Lajon got quite pissed at this (and various rude racist remarks. He responded to this by various intelligent statements, such as, "We can never go back to the way it was". Then he mooned them. Those skinheads should have been glad Lajon didn't tell the croud to take 'em, because we would have, and they would have probably been killed, no exaggeration. After some more exchange of harsh words, Lajon dedicated the next song to them, which appropriately was, "Bitch". Right before it got to the heavy part, one of those assholes through a rock which nearly hit Morgan (drummer). This pissed him off quite a bit. He was quite inspired to continue the song after this part, so after calling the guy who threw it a "bitch-ass motherfucker", hit the 4 hi hats and the jamming commenced. I'm not sure what happened to the skinheads after that, but my guess is that they got their asses beat in the pit. As Kayn and I often say (and that makes no sense), "They BITCHED their SHIT!"

Name: Sevendust
Style: New metal

Pros: Didn't think they could, but they topped the other three times I had seen them.
Cons: Those damn skinheads.

Nashville Pussy

Good lord, what a terrible band. I'm not gonna even try to be nice about this one, these guys shouldn't even be signed, let alone be on the heaviest tour to come around yet. They were southern-rockish music, that was TERRIBLE. I don't want to go into detail, because this band did absolutely nothing for me. I think they have some gimick or something like that that they are known for, but I didn't catch it, and didn't care to.

Name: Nashville Pussy
Style: Hard southern-rock

Pros: I don't have to try to make any good points up if I don't want to.
Cons: *speechless*


It took a while to get them set up, and during this time, we got to be entertained by some mud-wrestling matches that some concert-goers decided to get into. That was cool, but it was hard to see; kinda like a junior high fight where everybody crouds around and you can't see anything. That ended, and then the legendary Slayer got up on stage. They started playing, and pits galore broke out. It was that really annoying on-the-upbeat drumbeat style, but not all their songs were like that. Just not the this one. Or the next one. Or the next one. Then they played a song I really liked by them, and it sounded okay. Then they played another annoying hit-snare-on-upbeat song. Then another.

I know there are gonna be a lot of metal purists that will want to cut off my testicles for what I'm about to say, and call me a mall-metaler, poser, whatever, but I don't care:

Slayer was boring.

*optimizes email account to receive tons of hatemail*

Someone had to say it. Their songs all started to sound alike. Other than the lights, they pretty much just stood there like statues, so you might as well have been listening to the cd. Just for the records (and possibly saving an appendage or two from those who will hunt me down), it wasn't a total loss. The double bass was fun to listen to, because their drummers is awesome (duh). Also, half way through the set, there was a lightening storm brewing on the horizon. These huge thunderclouds with lightening bolts made for quite a cool backdrop for the band; unfortunately, it did nothing for the songs.

There was also these one cool crazy dude in the pits that was always dancing around like crazy during the songs, daring anyone to come out and try to mosh with him. When no one did, he danced some more, and did backflips. Everyone watching the pit was cheering for him when he would do those (maybe they found him more entertaining than the band, too). Finally after 45 minutes of sound-a-like tunes, we backed off and went to lay down on the grass. I watched the clouds. They looked cool. Slayer finished off playing "South Of Heaven" and then "Angel Of Death". I knew the pits would have been amazing to see during that song, but we were too comfortable. Think of us what you will; we won't really care.

Name: Slayer
Style: Old-school thrashmetal

Pros: Double bass, mother nature's lightshow
Cons: Tunes all sounded alike, boring on stage, and the fact that I had to say these things


After Slayer got off the stage, a dust storm started coming in, and of course, it was blowing right into our eyes. The stage back drop blew off, and the huge suspended main speakers were swinging back and forth. For a while I wondering whether Slipknot would even play at all. We debated whether we would go ahead and leave. Even though Kayn was being his usual concert-wuss out self (haha!), he agreed to go ahead and stay for Slipknot. It took a good forty-five minutes to get set up, but they finally hit the stage. Since Slipknot had gotten so big, I figured that they would pull a Coal Chamber and stop putting forth the effort. Not true. They went just as nuts as when they were nobodies opening for Coal Chamber. Good for them.

I did get annoyed by all the posers that all dressed up like Slipknot, however. I remember seeing someone wearing a black gasmask. That was real smart on a day that was as hot as it was. I'm surprised that he/she/it didn't pass out. Then again, how do I know he/she/it didn't? C'mon, I like Slipknot as much as anyone, but can't someone recognize the masks as a record-selling gimmick like every other (that's working)?

Anyway, Slipknot kicked it off with "Sic" (and the croud kicked up the beginnings of the final dirt clouds of the evening). They sounded even better than the last time I saw them, and their insane stage antics were in full force. They pretty much played the cd, covering all my favorites: "Eyeless" (of course), "Liberate", "Purity", "Spit It Out", and the infamous "Surfacing". They also played their hidden track (what's the name of it), and it sounded quite acceptable. I AM THE GREAT BIG MOOOOOOOUTH!!! They didn't do the cool exaggerated insane deathmetal beat right there, but rather a watered-down part. I found this disappointing. But the rest of the show, I did not. Definately a great way to end off the day, and although I wasn't sure before, now I know that Slipknot deserved to headline this one way more than Slayer. Slayer has gotten too old (hatemail? BRING IT ON, BITCHES!)

Name: Slipknot
Style: Brutal hardcore-hiphop deathmetal or something

Pros: *insert multiple approving remarks here*
Cons: The dirt didn't stop blowing!


Good GAWD! This was one sick tour. I hope they start having these every year, and give Ozzfest some competition. With finally getting to see favorite bands we've always wanted to see (Nothingface, Sepultura, Downset, Hatebreed), seeing favorite bands again (Sevendust, Slipknot), and seeing some cool bands underground bands on the rise that kicked ass (One Minute Silence, Mudvayne), was nothing other than Pluh-worthy. It makes me wanna go BLAGGY NODIE PORGELY NA-NA!!!

The Good, The Bad, and the Irrelevant

Good: All the bands.
Bad: Except for Nashville Pussy and Amen.

Irrelevant: I drank last night but don't have a hangover. Hooray for me!

Good: Mainstage setup.
Bad: Dirt lot in front of mainstage. Ingested more dirt than water the whole day.

Irrelevant: I'm listening to Linkin Park right now. They're pretty cool.

Good: Getting to meet the drummer of Nothingface.
Bad: Not getting to see them play the next night at a friggin' 21 and over club..

Irrelevant: I'm 21 now.

Good: Oodles and oodles of free shit!.
Bad: ... that we had to carry around all day long.

Irrelevant: The other day I got a coupon for a free 24 oz drink from some drive-through place. WOWIE!

Good: Ticket prices. 18 bands for like less than 40 bucks!
Bad: Over-priced food and water (that we had to buy every 15 minutes).

Irrelevant:. Water consists of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Hence the name, "H2O"

Good: Getting to chill back on the tour buses with Sevendust and Sepultura.
Bad: No not really, I just made that up. Blondeaux did get an autograph by one of the members of Slipknot, though.

Irrelevant: I get my car fixed today, so I don't have to take the bus anymore.

Good: Slipknot living up to their name.
Bad: Slayer not living up to their name (they must have gotten old).

Irrelevant: Kayn is a little BITCH. Just felt like saying that.

Good: Kayn, Gawkman, and Blondeaux getting together once again to go to this totally awesome concert.
Bad: This time, Snoebmeister wasn't here, and he missed one of his favorite bands, Downset.

Irrelevant: Kayn is still a little BITCH! Man, I still owe him a bunch more random name callings.


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Smilie!however linkin park kind of sucks.

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Smilie!hell yeah! Mudvayne fucking rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they should of played more then 3 songs though.