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Note: This review was written while on an airplane headed home for Thanksgiving to eat some turkey.

Kayn, Joebob, Kayn's Woman, and I decided to go to a local show featuring The Deadlights and various local bands. If you read our Ozzfest review (which you haven't, because I haven't written it yet), you will recall that the Deadlights played there an hour before the tickets said the gates were supposed to even open. Kayn wasn't necessarily really into them (mainly because the singers voice), but he was defintately up for some of the awesome locals (like Tolerance).

X Cell Factor

The singer came up on stage wearing a nun outfit; that was great. When they started singing, I immediately sensed a Tool influence. The main difference between Tool and these guys though is that X Cell's singer could kick the living shit out of Maynard vocally. Damn, he could SING! He wailed on some higher notes without sounding like a wuss, and he totally got into the music. Wish I could say the same for the other band members; the guitarists just stood there, and the bassist would move a little on occasion, but that's it. It was like total contract, seeing the singer going nuts, and the rest of the band just standing there. This really was a nitpicky thing though, because they sounded so damn good. I believe someone said they were from California? If you hear of them playing, definately go check them out.

They hit the stage, and hit the jammage. Thing that surprised me the most was their whole attitude and look; when listening to them on cd, I always pictured a Coal-Chamberish looking band. Nope, these guys had a no-bullshit "We're METAL" attitude that I totally dug. No backwards red fitted caps, no gimpy outfits, no died hair, no makeup; just black outfits and testosterone; you could say that looked like the guys that you tend to avoid in the mosh pits for fear of DYING. And they sounded damn good, too. The vocals were much more tolerable live. The singer also looks so much different than I pictured; first of all, he played guitar and sang at the same time (WOWIE!), and he was a long haired dude that looks like he'd be singing much lower than he was. Falsetto? I don't know, but you could tell he sang that way because he wanted to sing that way, not because that's the only way he can sing.

Name: X Cell Factor
Style: Alternative
Score: 5 out of 5

Pros: Great songs, great sound, incredible singer, great band
Cons: Lacking total originallity, other band members needing more animation

The Deadlights

'Bout damn time I get to see these guys play; they opened up Ozzfest, and played an hour before the tickets even said the gates would be open. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALLED ORGANIZED PLANNING!!! I had really developed a taste for these guys music too, despite the singer's sometimes annoying voice; they have some really good songwriting going.

The first song that I played that I recognized was "Junk", which sounded way better live than on cd. Then they played "Pox Ecclipse" (sounded rather good), then "Distant Sun" (my favorite song by them, and it kicked ass), "Amplifier", and "Sweet Oblivion" (can't stand that song). It was pretty late by the time they finished, and there weren't that many people left by the time they played; there weren't even enough people for a mosh pit (bah). But hey, that's not the band's fault, it's the croud's fault for being full of Posers.

Name: The Deadlights
Style: New metal
Score: 4 out of 5

Pros: Sounded damn good, lots of energy, great 'metal' attitude.
Cons: Losers that left before they played, singer's sometimes annoying voice.


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John Thompsen (Guest) absolves:

Smilie!This band rocks about as hard as one could. With influences from Pink Floyd to Metallica, how could you ask for more? They're latest material brings they're sound to a new level. Intricate changes, rippin', chunky guitar riffs, outer-worldly breakdowns, and the ever present off-the-hoof percussion make this band my number 1 choice for live music.