Newer game for Playstation and Dreamcast where you play as former president Jimmy Carter!! Er.. I mean, Spider-Man!

Last week while at Funcoland (land of funco) I had a great need to buy a new game. Dreamcast games were getting pretty cheap, so I opted to choose one. I've heard very good things about Spider-Man in the past, and I am a fan of the comic book/animated series/ride and Universal Studios, so I decided to pick it up.

Good things happen to thoughs who eat doughnuts

After a fairly good CGI opening sequence, Spider-Man finds himself framed by either Mystero or Chameleon for stealing one of Dr. Otto Octavious' (a since-gone-good Dr. Octopus) magic science machines. My guess is that it made really good gyros, other than that who knows. After a zoom around the first level with a commentary by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee, I was ready to start slinging around like it was none o yo mamma's business. Another super hero (or heroine) Black Cat acted as a training person to tell you what's up on the NY side... G. Swinging from building to building is fun as hell, but there are "random guys that hang out on rooftops with guns for no readily apparent reason" to stop your fun.

Dancin' Onion Man of DOOM!

After swinging, punching, and kicking through the first half of the level I find that terrorists have taken over the bank and Spidey had to move in and rescue the hostages. This level was kindof like a really messed up version of Metal Gear Solid, as you want to be stealthy and quick. Most puzzles are fairly easy, as with the bosses that you encounter.


While some of Spider-Man's old enemies make apperences, it seems that the game could have been a lot better with other enemies. Hob Goblin, King Pin, Electro, Doppleganger, The Spider Slayers, Vulture, and Fusion would have made the game a lot more interesting, but still the enemy list is quite good:

  • Random Terrorists
  • Scorpion
  • Venom
  • Rhino
  • Lizard's Henchmen
  • Mysterio
  • Dr. Octopus
  • Carnage


Some other super heros do join you (kinda) in your fight against bad mojo, but they do very little. It's still cool to see them in the game and if your a super hero geek like I am it's funz. Look out for these guys:

  • Black Cat
  • Dare Devil
  • Johnny Flame
  • Punisher
  • Captain America

Be free little pop tart!

With stuff like this, how can you lose? This is how. The game was way too short. I mean way way way way way way way way way way way way way waywyaw yaw ywayawyaw yaw yaw yaw ywyaya ywyawyw awy;laweri aelieinfge too short. There is a lot of stuff you can get, like new costumes that do different things, but it's still the same game. That and the fact that Carnage is WEAK! Carnage is one of my favorite villans in any movie/comic/show but in the game he was a little bitch! Maybe I'm just used to games that take me forever to beat, much like the Resident Evil games that are very long and fun. While Spider-Man is one of the most fun games I've ever played, it just doesn't last, and that is suck.


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Very fun, so very very fun. 5
Graphics Good, I would like a more variety to enemies though. 4
Music/Sound Pretty well done, I like the remade intro. 4
Replay Value You want to play it again and again, but it's so short! 3.5
Originality Not many games can you climb almost every wall and websling. 4
Final Verdict: 4.1


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Web slinging is fun... so fun
Sneaking up on a bad guy that likes roofs
Spidey gets a ride from his uncle
Evil Scorpion dude. He bad.
Venom = Cool