New spooky game for Gamecube by Nintendo and Silicon Knights! Is is super fun happy kill time?!? Or just a Resident Evil clone?

Zombies, zombies, zombies. It seems that ever since Resident Evil made it big that games are using them more and more often. While zombies are kinda spooky, games should really start to stray away from them and start using things like mummies, death machines, and evil mutant cats that hide inside real cats.

While it may seem that Eternal Darkness is nothing but a cheap Resident Evil clone, after playing through the first hour or so, you see it's much more. I must admit the first time I played I didn't really care for it, in fact I never planned on playing it again until I started reading other reviews saying how great it was. I decided to give it another chance, like so many little pumpkin pies, and now I see what they're all talking about.

While Eternal Darkness does boast it's fair share of lumbering zombies (called Terrors) that act like drunks trying to strech their arms while walking, it also contains other, more interesting, creatures. Trappers, (little crab guys) Horrors, (huge three headed mosters things that shoot lightening) Bone Thieves, (little blue-transperent gremlin things that climb inside people and control them) Gatekeepers, Gatekeepers I FINISH LATAR! SCHOOL OVER! Ok... anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, creatures. There are Gatekeeper bat things and vampires and a few other guys later on in the game. Most of them come in different sizes and strengths as well.

One huge difference between Eternal Darkness and Resident Evil is magic. Once you get through the 2nd or 3rd character in the game you will be able to cast spells that can DESTROY! They can also be used to gain access to different areas that you couldn't before, and there is a nifty way that you can mix different elements of the magics to come up with new spells that you just have to experiment with. You can also target a creature's certain body parts. A creature with no head will walk around aimlessly swinging while a creature with no arms will just kindof nudge you a lot. This is funny.

I mentioned playing through 2nd and 3rd characters, this may have confused you! You are full of rage and questions and you wish only for this need for explaination to be quelled, but I prolong it! HA! Now you are treated to empty!

WOW! I am king of suspense! In the game you play as almost 20 characters, or more, I lost count. But anyway, each character is a bit different and has different weapons and skills in different time periods. You start and end the game as Alex Roivas in present time. When traveling to her grandfather's house she finds him dead and without a head. That rhymed. She then decides to look for clues in his mansion to find out what happend to him. In a short while she finds the Tombe of Eternal Darkness; an evil book that contains the story of the progress of the evil plot (that I will not reveal cause spoilers are bad) and the few humans who have set a chain of events in motion that could someday foil it. You play as each character Alex reads about to fill their place in destiny. Some of these characters may seem pointless as you play through them, but in the end it all comes together quite nicely.

Lastly, one of the best parts of Eternal Darkness is the "insanity effect." In addition to your health and mana bar you also have a "sanity meter", witch, depending on how low it is, can alter the way you see things. As it falls the changes become more and more evident. It starts with a tilting camera, then starts with bleeding walls, faces in the floor, and other strange things. Once you're near zero, you hear screams everywhere, your head will randomly fall off, you'll start shrinking, the entire room will be upside-down, the game looks like it resets, turns off your tv, changes the video, volume, and color options, all kinds of crazy stuff. Staying up late these things can sometimes fool me. Like the bar that said my controller was unplugged as a legion of monsters attacked my player. I fumbled around with the controller (wireless - Wavebird - very nice) just as the screen flashed, indicating it was just a sanity effect, and resumed normal play with my health in tact.

On top of this, great graphics and sound really push the mood of the game. If you own a Gamecube I would suggest renting it to see how you like it. But just make sure you play through until you at least witness the first Horror creature.


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Good, but not great. Could use more variaty in enemies. 3.5
Graphics Very cool, especially in the close up views. 4.5
Music/Sound Awsome spooky sounds that fit just perfect. 5
Replay Value Every time you beat it you get something new and fun. 4
Originality The sanity effects and many players add a lot. 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.3


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mikie (Guest) forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!anyone need help.i havent played for a while but im good!

mikie (Guest) unleashes:

Smilie!yeah, love the game, but how many times can you beat it. im on my fourth. anyone know??

Melissa bakes:

Smilie!do help me fine

Melissa bakes:

Smilie!help help help

Melissa excretes:

Smilie!Skitz0 said:I thought there were bugs on me days after playin this. BRILLIANT can u help

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Smilie!is there a codes

Melissa absolves:

Smilie!is there codes for it

Melissa blahs:

Smilie!help me plese

Melissa discharges:

Smilie!i am trying to find some codesfor ETERNAL DARKNESS

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Smilie!GRAWN! Kraid is in the game Metroid!

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Rawrb pizzas:

Smilie!WHOO! Happy nothingland!

Rawrb pizzas:

Smilie!I sometimes wish that 'splode.

Skitz0 (Guest) excretes:

Smilie!I thought there were bugs on me days after playin this. BRILLIANT

Murph bakes:

Smilie!I also completed this game on a rental.

Pornofairy (Guest) evaporates:

Smilie!Got it, played it, completed it, returned it

nadia (Guest) vocalizes:

Smilie!Ummm... game rocks but i've seen betta reviews. but can anyone give me adivise on how to beat that monster thing with karim? the one with a rune inside him? thanks.

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Smilie!you losers

Tysonne (Guest) unleashes:

Smilie!I also think this game is good,too,aswell,also,
the same.

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Smilie!I want to play this game! After I finish pooping, of course. I love to poop. *poop poop*

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Smilie!I wish to test the HTML functions of this crap. BPOOOP!!

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Smilie!Murph is so funny! If I were a grrl, I'd vagina him!

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Smilie!Test, test, vagina.
Arrgghh! The fire!! It burns somehow!
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