Pluh's first GAMECUBE review! I bought it the first day and planned on selling it for a nice profit. But, alas, my nerdy game self caved in and started playing it.

A long time ago, on a website far, far away...

First off I guess I should say that I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I've watched the movies countless times, I've got posters and models in my room, and know the names of just about every creature and machine in the Star Wars movie universe. So why would it come to your surprise that I bought this game? HUH? ANSWER ME! Damn text box.

Star Wars and Frosties: A match made in heaven

Rogue Leader is one of the rare games that succeeds in making you feel like you are really a part of the movies. The in-game ship models when compared to the movie's are identical, and they all move smooth and fluently, gracefully flying toward you trying to rip you a new asshole. All the explosions look great, and the collision detection is top notch. While in a battle you may be clipped just barely by a enemy Tie Fighter and it still responds with a slight jolt in the controller and an altered flight path. On some levels you are faced with complete chaos, lasers everywhere, 8 Ties on your back, all while facing down a Star Destroyer that's getting closer and closer to your base. All this with not one bit of slowdown or loss of amazing light and water effects.

It smells like 7 layers... That beaver eats Taco Bell. C'mon!

Rogue Leader's sound is something only a very good speaker system can make you feel the full effects of. Lasers and Ties whizzing by left and right, huge, loud explosions, and the original score all done perfectly. Turn that baby up and you'll swear your watching the real movie in the theater with a really little screen and radar and ammo things at the bottom and a controller sticking out of it. Sound and music always was a big part of the Star Wars movies, and it's carried over quite nicely. Not to mention that the game also features the voice of Denis Lawson. Don't know who Denis Lawson is?? Feeble Star Trek fan! He's the original Wedge Antilles!

The Rancor kicks ass

So you're thinking, "I'm a really skeptic bastard, and yeah, it looks, sounds, and feels like the movie, but is the game really fun??!?" Well, shit change, it IS fun. A TON of fun. Take all the fun of a tape measure* and multiply that by 295830698223542! That's how fun this game is! The missions are all pretty different from each other, with many objectives. Finish the level quick and with good accuracy, and you get a medal! Enough medals and secret options open up to prolong the rolling of your good times! If you bought a Game Cube there is no reason you shouldn't buy this game right now! Especially since there are only like 10 games out right now anyway. So get buyin! And let the Shwartz be with youououuoooououoiuohhhhwhataworldwhataworld...

*Murph finds tape measures extremely fun


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Super fun mission based... fun. 5
Graphics Gluhhhh... 5
Music/Sound Star Wars music kicks your ass to Hoth and back. (damn that was lame) 5
Replay Value Extra levels when you become super jedi mastar! 5
Originality Mission based air combat has been around for a while, but the space battles are unlike anything you've seen. 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.9


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