Also jokingly referred to as, "Cellda." Why? I have no idea. Something to do with a book that has recipies or something. Hey, just read the farkin' review!

Zelda, Zelda, Zelda! Yes, this means something. After the last Zelda release (which was Majora's Mask, and that game I did not like), the fans of the famous Nintendo series have been craving something new and fresh. Fresh like Fresh Prince that isn't from the early 90's, but from nowadays! Yes! Stupid Carlton! He acts like cheesy white guy... that's funny somehow!

Get you sword, smite you evil!

First, let's get my lame comments on the graphics out of the way.

Early on when this game was first shown at Nintendo's Space World thingy, people responded with negative feedback about the new cell-shaded style that Miyamoto (the series creator) unveiled upon our eyeballs. People were expecting a realistic looking Zelda game due to some GameCube graphical preview that contained enhanced Ocarina of Time looking graphics. So yeah. I'll admit, I was first skeptical. Not that you really care. Wait, yes you do. SHUT UP!

Snot boy kills you!

After seeing the game in action through some video footage, and experiencing it myself at the stupid Gamecrazy down the street, I was hooked. They graphics were so well done, that I kind of... prefer it now over the Ocarina style. I finally have seen a cell-shaded game that was done right. Of course, I haven't played EVERY cell-shaded game, but Zelda: Wind Waker has been far superior to what I have seen. Everything is so very fluid and well animated - Link himself just boasts with personality. Every miniscule little detail, every townsperson, every enemy - very, very well done. No detail has been overlooked.

Dee dooooo, duuuuuh dee duh dee duh deeeeee!

I've seen reviews where people say that this game isn't quite as good as Ocarina of Time. In some aspects, it's far superior to OoT.

Example? The music.

I personally didn't like the music that much from OoT, mostly because the MIDI instrumentation sounded a little to generic for my tastes. In Wind Waker, the music seems so much more polished and just... higher quality. Of course, there's a vast difference between the N64's audio hardware and the GameCube's hardware. But still... there's just no comparison.

Gameplay wise, one thing I didn't quite like about Wind Waker is the amount of searching and exploration that is actually required in the game. There are a lot fewer dungeons than OoT (that can be a welcome thing after the stupid Water Temple in OoT), which I kinda made me sad to see. The few dungeons that the game does have are very cool though.


So basically, there are a few dungeons, and a ton of exploration. Just depends on what you like, I s'pose. The control is tight and wet, errr... good. Heh... stupid sexual game comparision thingys.

Kayn's Brain, "I think that's called an innuendo."
Kayn, "Shut up! I gave up on you in high school! Now think of boobays and omlettes!!"


In any case, Zelda: The Wind Wakar knows. The plot has more stuff in it (bettar than OoT, in my humble potato opinion), and should be played by all. So don't be a ass-humping Lifetime network watching DDR playing dumbass, and get this game. WHEE! *punch*


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Fun times! Exploration can get old though... 4.5
Graphics Pure awesome. Pure... that. 5
Music/Sound Good times! Good times! 4.5
Replay Value Lots of stuff can keep you coming back! 4
Originality No one does Zelda like... Link. Heh heh. 5
Final Verdict: 4.6


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Snowbird yammers:

Smilie!I loves me some Zelda

iruleohyahh71 (Guest) bakes:

Smilie!omg i forgot i even posted up her i mean WT??!? O_O what see what?

ZELDA !!!! n (Guest) dispenses:

Smilie!can some1 tel me how to get that so u can lift really heawy stuff where can i find it??

iruleohyahh71 (Guest) conveys:

Smilie!OOT IS AN AWSOME GAME! shieks that best!!!


Shadow (Guest) forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!*sigh* I love Majora's Mask... *looks lovingly at game*

Brad (Guest) excretes:

Smilie!Loved the game, good review, though I disagree on the music, it's true that the sound quality on WW is better, but the actual compositions in OoT are simply amazing. The only one in wind waker that comes close to that is the sailing music... I love that tune...

AJ (Guest) absolves:

Smilie!I think zelda is a great game if you complete it once you get to go around the second time in your original clothes if you finish it twice you can go around in the blue tunic :D
Once again, the best name EVAR!
Best character ever!
Sidle all cool like!
Sail, sail, brocolli!
What to do... I know! Boobays!
Forest reminds me of... WOOD!
Rich = ME!
So much explore...
Carry the beast! HARHARHA ARHrh Ha rhaHRAR