The latest in the legendary Castlevania series on Game Boy Advance is out there - but for a price! 40 bucks, your sanity, and loss of time. If you've got a girlfriend (or whatever), tell her/him you're gonna be busy for a while. This game rules.

I can't believe it's another Castlevania Game!

From day one of my videogame hobby, it became clear to me that the very first Castlevania game was just simply freaky. At that age (I think I was 7 or 8), I was frightened of Dracula, the Grim Reaper, and all those 8-bit pixellated creations of death. Needless to say, I was addicted - the game was extremely challenging, the music was memorable, baddies made me pee in my pants, and I got grounded a lot for playing the game too much.

Here I am, almost 21, and still playing games like I'm 7. I ARE STUPIDS!

The story behind Castlevania (for those who really don't know) is Dracula, the infamous vampire guy, is resurrected every 100 or so years. And when this revival occurs, a descendant of the Belmont family goes after Dracula, usually kicking his undead hiney all over Transylvania. In Castlevania I, Simon Belmost got after Drac. In part II, Simon went after him again, having to revive him to get rid of the curse (STUPID CURRSEE!!11). Part III - Simon's early ancestor Trevor Belmont teamed up with some spiritual doohicky guys to get Drac. In Part IV (Super Castlevania on the SNES), well, it was a remake of part I. The Vth part had Richter Belmont going after Drac (which was the weakest game in the series). I played some of the Genisis Castlevania, but I didn't get far (stupid rental!). I didn't get through Castlevania 64 either, so I have no clue what happened in there. But I did get through the Playstation Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which you got to star as Alucard (spell it backwards, you'll GET A SURRPORIZE!). Alucard was Drac's son (who was also in part III), and you had to rescue Richter from Drac and some wizard guy.

Did you get all that...STUPID?

POO on...YOU!

So what relevance does this new Castlevania game have with the previous games? Well...there's a guy with a whip, there's Dracula, and uhh...the gameplay is very similar to all the prequels. The game itself doesn't really link to the Belmont family or the previous storylines (BOO!) like before, but its good old Castlevania (YAY!).

The game starts out with some stupid bitch bringing Dracula back from the dead (or undead, or whatever). You, your best friend, and your best friend's Dad (which is also your master) bust in to beat the hell out of Drac and the stupid bitch. Well, old Dracula lays the smack down (which is also a much overused term) on you and your compadres, leaving you stuck in the giant castle.

The game structure is the same as Symphony of the Night - you find objects that help you progress in the castle, and along the way, you build levels and become stronger.

Some of the major differences are:

  • You're not Alucard this time. You have a whip instead of a sword.
  • You find magic cards that you can combine to create cool magic spells (the DSS system).
  • Duhh...
  • The screen is smaller - oh, you knew that.
  • As you beat the game, you can play again as a different class (Vampire Hunter, Magician, Fighter, etc)
  • The game is Fucking Hard

This game contains some hours of pure frustration as you try to find cards, fight tough ass bosses, and navigate your way through a confusing castle. I seriously think the challenge level is beyond the first Castlevania game (which was fucking hard as well) - and I know now that this game is a very worth Castlevania game.

The music contains well composed tunes of the Castlevania nature, including one remix of a classic tune. The MIDI sounds on the GBA sound surprisingly good, except for the actual sound effects. If you wear headphones, you'll notice a noisy 'hiss' when there's an actual sound effect playing. I guess they had to mix down the sound to low-low-low quality to save disk space. But the music more than makes up for it. That is good and stuff.

So if you have a GBA, you must own Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It's required or something. STUPID! (HAHAH! I STOLE IMAGES FROM IGN - HAHAHAH!)


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Awesome gameplay, long quest! 4.5
Graphics Animation is a little weak, but it looks really GOOD! 4
Music/Sound Cool remixes here and there, though sound effects are a little grainy. 3.5
Replay Value I would come back to this over and over again. 5
Originality Well, it's Castlevania, with more thingys! WEE! 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.3


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Rawrb communicates:

Smilie!I think it was the music that I liked more, I dunno. But the score is so very close! Aria of Sorrow review should be up soon!

GARUNGA THE MIGHTY (Guest) verbalizes:

Smilie!how could you give this game a higher rating than
harmony of dissonance!?!?! i agree with a lot of what
you say but 4.3!?!? when HoD got a 4.2?!?! this is
just plain old wrong! i demand a recount! im gonna
eat your soul blasphemer and then i shall send my
demonic bunnies of blunderbussness to eat your dog/cat/
You missed, stupid!
Whipped! (Oh, there is no match for my wit)
Who likes tossed salad? (eww)
Speshial Weapons.
Take that, evil thingy of death!
The door to blinding light!