The new Game Boy! I remember when I got my first Game Boy - back in like 1989 or something like that. It's been around for a long ass time, and the next version has just been unveiled to the people. Including Kayn.

One fair day (yesterday), I stopped by old Fry's Electronics with the intentions to pick up the new Diablo II expansion (which I of course will eventually), however to my surprise I noticed they had some of those new sizzlin' Game Boy Advances. So I says to myself, "Hey idiot, get one and that new Castlevania Game!11!1" So I went to the guy that wore the stupid tie and says, "GUY! I NEED A GAEM BOY ADVCNANCE!!11" He looked at me and said, "Okay. But my name is Walter." He then walked over and unlocked the cage to hand me the electronic treasure, then started to blab a whole lot. He went into this schpeil about how weird the Game Boy games stick out of the GBA when you play them, and the screen is looking all different, and blah blah blah.

After I clubbed him over the head with a nearby Pokemon strategy guide, I made my way to the cashier to purchase the portable wonder toy. The cashier guy scanned it and looked at me, "Yeah, I want one of these too. But they don't have an individial light source like the original Game Boy, and that sucks." I didn't care what he though at all, because there was b00bage next to me, and I was trying to catch a glimpe of succulant, fleshy mounds. After he was screaming, "SIR! QUIT STARING AT B00BAGE!" he handed me the goods and I was outta there.

Roasted humans, anyone?

I then got home with my happy-fun stuff, and proceeded to turn on the AC. It was about 95 degrees in my apartment (which is the equivalent of sitting down on a hot skillet). Funny thing was, the AC wasn't blowing cold air. The air...was the same temperature as the room. STUPID AC! I had to get the stupid super-guy to get me a portable AC until their sorry asses fixed my AC. Bastards.

So I unwrapped everything and got it all working. Now, one thing I noticed that startled me - the games are TINY. Take your ordinary Game Boy game, and a GBA game is about 1/3 the size of that. That is very small. But it's kinda nifty how that works - they cram lots of happy times into a little piece of plastic and silicon. That's all that matters.

So I fired the game up, the cool little splash screen came up, then I barely saw what was up next. I turned up my bright lamp and had to move around a little bit to see the screen, then I had to fight the glare on the screen from the light source. I finally got into the perfect spot at my kitchen table (though it was still hard to see), and began to play.

This is something bad - I don't know why Nintendo decided to take out an individual light source. Marketing scheme? Ploy?

Nintendo Guy: "FWAAAHAHA! Now, they will have to pay twenty more dollars to buys the LIGHT SOURCE!!!11 WE ARE SCHMART!"

Bad, bad move Nintendo. Now I gotta go get me something so I can see the game better.

Ow! My thumb!

After about 15 minutes of slashing my way through bad guys, my right thumb (the one where the A and B buttons are) started to become cramped, and I had to take breaks from playing. That was of course, STUPID. The placement of the A and B buttons should be slightly more slanted towards the screen for comfort reasons.

Lots of good things though, for one, the screen is bigger. I like that, and the resolution isn't like 1x1 like the original Game Boy was. Tons of colors can be programmed into the game (I think like up to 50,000 +), and the sound was very clear. The sounds and music was similar to that of the SNES (which sounded damn good), so for a portable gaming system, hell yea-yuh. I like the L and R buttons added to the top, and I like how the whole system itself was kept nice and portable. This is going to be a great little toy for my road travels.

Also, another great feature: When the Gamecube is released, you will have the ability to hook up the GBA to the Gamecube for TV play. That's a great thing, seeing that they already screwed up without having a light source built into the GBA. Stupid marketing ploy!

Nintendo Guy: "BWAHAHAHAH!!"

All in all, I really like the GBA. I can't wait to see what types of games come out for it. I'm hoping there's a cool tetris game on the way - that keeps you busy for hours when you're bored or traveling. I wish Murph would elaborate on the, "Mega Mayunn Battle Netwerk."


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Smilie!screw the GBA and get a PSP. may be more expensive (alot more actually) but it rules if your always being social and stuff.

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Smilie! Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

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