There comes a time when games are fun. Golden Sun is a fun game. So that means the time has come. PERVERT!

Good ol' 2D RPGs. You can't go wrong with those. Well, unless it's one of those shitty 2D rpgs. You know what I'm talking about. Mystic Quest, remembar? OH NO ELEMETALS ARE OUT OF BALANCE QUICK LIGHTNING 3 EXPLODFE!!!


Golden Sun appeared a while back for the GBA, which explains why it's appearing NOW on This is where you go, "OHHH! WOW! YOU GUYS ARE SO LAZY! I AM IN AWE OF HOW LAZY YOU ARE! YOU ARE LAZY LIKE FLYING PIGDOG!"

They need to play Golden Sun, and quit being stupid protesting coding ASS AMBASSDORS!!

Golden Sun comes to us in a shortage of new, fresh 2D RPGs. And it's just that - New, fresh, and much more. The game borrows some concepts from the Shining Force series and incorprates them in a more fluid, detailed manner. Those of you who may be familiar with any Shining Force game may already know that Golden Sun contains some of the cutesey icons, the spikey-haired protagonists, and super-deformed characters graphics. I suppose some developers from those old Sega games made their way to Camelot or something. (I can't wait for the hardcore Shining purists to curse me in the comments!)

It contains good.

The game starts out with you waking up to yer mom freaking out about a giant boulder coming to crash your village. As you do stuff to save people and thangs, you'll notice a form of magic that the people seem to use called "Psyenergy." It's pretty nifty - you can move object, do stuff, and do more stuff. It's good. Don't wanna spoil anything more, because it gets good. Much good. KILL!

Graphics: Awesome. Just pure awesome, s'pecially for the GBA. The 2D battles seemingly appear in 3D once the action starts. Some spells really utilize that feature with oodles of eye candy and animation. There's a lot of polish and finesse with how the battles transistion from the overworld, how your attacks are executed, and how the Dijinni (little summoning creatues that let you build up power and summon BIG elemental creatures/attacks) system is utilized. Pure happy!


The music is also very well done - excellent orchestration from the title screen to the ending theme. The battle music is surprisingly catchy, but not to the point of annoyance. At times, though, the same midi intruments sometimes become weary on the ear. At times I turn the music down due to that ear fatigue or something.

Does it have CHALLARNGE!?

I'm going to warn you all - this game is not easy. It's a good challenge - there are some puzzles in there that'll crank your cogs until they explode from lack of vitamin e (or the like).

To save on time (as if it did me any good), I found myself looking at an FAQ so I could move on in the game. Meeh, call it a lack of patience or something. I did thoroughly enjoy the game though. WHEE!

All in all, get this game if you have a GBA. It will keep you busy hour beyond hour, with pretty visuals, nice music, and eggrolls!


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay FUN! So much of that. 4.5
Graphics Great, great, GREAT. 5
Music/Sound Very much perdy. 4
Replay Value Could be less fun again and again... 3.5
Originality Nothing that original, 'cept for Psyenergy. Yay! 4
Final Verdict: 4.2


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allhailblinky discharges:

Smilie!game was cool but much hard. i don't like puzzles...they confuse me.

Us3r_Err0r pizzas:

Smilie!Amazing Game. You must play the second one, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Absolutely awesome continuation of the story.

yargh forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!golden sun rules... *eats it* *imitating Paris hilton* THAT'S HAWT!!!!

rikuxsora4eva (Guest) dispenses:

Smilie!WHAT?!? You beat it in 4 daes, AnonFag??? I took forever to finish it. Unless you were playing it non-stop... Golden Sun rox!!!! But The Lost Age is even better!!!!!! ^.^

Rawrb dispenses:

Smilie!Yes, I think she lives next door to me.

chris (Guest) discharges:

Smilie!have u fond the lady with huge boobs in a green drees

Impressed Female (Guest) splats:

Smilie!AnonFag@ said:Beat it ian 4 days Wow, that constitutes lots of sex!

AnonFag@ (Guest) communicates:

Smilie!Beat it ian 4 days

Rawrb absolves:

Smilie!I need the sequal!

Gawkman discharges:


BOOBS forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!*in Kayn's face*
Never! I like being isolated!
Puzzles of... STATUE?
Hippity Hoppity!
Ow! Delusion!