The newest (or oldest?) Metroid game comes to the GBA. And it's fun. Lots of fun. Like you'd expect anything else from the Metroid series? Well, maybe pizza. I expected pizza, and I am sad.

Samus Samus Samus Samus

The Metroid series is excellent. Excellent in a way that when baked at the correct temperature, can be the recipe for awesome. Time and time again, Nintendo has baked Metroid at the exact correct temperature, giving us gamers a delicious feast of blowing stuff up and making that "wish-wish-wish" sound when we jump and that "click" sound when we land. Yes, it has been a good time for Samus. A good time indeed. But, with any rising stars, fame can cause negative effects.

After 2002's release of Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion. Samus found herself an over-night millionaire. The change from intergalactic bounty hunter to becoming more and more involved with the stock market led Samus into a depressive pit of depressing pitifulness. Nights of binge drinking and late-night carousing became the norm, often getting into barfights and attacking innocent bar-goers with her wave beam. Then, things turned towards the worst. Samus began randomly freeze-beaming pedestrians from her Hollywood estate in a drug-induced rage. She was apprehended after a 14-hour standoff with the California Police Department, ending only after former nemesis Ridley talked to Samus and showed her just how much she had changed.

After a year of rehab and counseling, Samus made it her ambition to get her life back together. And part of her 12-step process is looking back to all the things that led her to the life she nearly ended. Thus, brings us Metroid: Zero Mission.

That Was the Stupidest & Longest Intro Ever

Yeah, anyway... Nintendo gives us a remixed version of the original Metroid for NES. For some, the original is considered one of the best videogames ever made. I am one of those people, simply because I love exploration in videogames. When Metroid came out back in 1986, there was nothing else like it. Even though personally I didn't play it until about 1990, there was STILL nothing like it. And with this new release, I was "all up ons" that, as the kids like to say.


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay FUN FUN FUN! But let me find my own way! 4.5
Graphics Awesome sprites and cut scenes make it super rad. 4.5
Music/Sound The remixed old themes are excellent. 5
Replay Value Super fun must get 100% and beat in less than 3 hours. 4
Originality Obviously, there were ones before it similar. But this is the original! 4
Final Verdict: 4.4


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Tital Screen!
New cinematics helps the flow of the game.
Space Pirates make Samus sad.
Freeze beam makes Samus happy!