Kayn goes nuts an thangs after watching American Pie II. Here is the release! Er...result!

I want to share with you a slight thingy of disappointment - Jason Biggs does not engage in 'funky pie thangs' with a pie. Sure, not only are pies tasty and yummy, they are also made for...

Blah, I won't go into detail this time (PIE F*CKER!)

90% of us all have seen the original American Pie. That was a good movie for the following reasons, give or take a thingy:

  • Perversion at its finest.
  • SEEEX!
  • A PLETHORA of hotties. Many of them are Pluhbabes, no less.
  • Lots of 'cover your eyes from disgust' scenes
  • Boobs.

So, what does the sequal have that you think it should have but doesn't? Well, without spoiling anything, it's bascially the same movie, only a year later after they grajumacate - the summer after their first year of happy college. Wow, isn't that something?

Of course, who wouldn't wanna see Tara Reid and Shannon Elizabeth again? In the SAME MOVIE? With dozens of clad females? Too much...hottie-ness...

Give me pie or give me...MORE PIE!

The sequel, like most sequels, take the original characters and milk their 'role' to the worst (sometimes best) most possible extreme. Jason Biggs' character is still that clumsy idiot we all remember, Stiffler is still the cursing, overly perverted jackass just like before, and so forth. How on earth can you get more out of these characters from the previous movies? What other baffling, gut wrenching events can you possible squeeze out of these horny minds?

Simple. Put them in overly exaggerated, unrealistic situations. Hey, this is showbiz - if movies were realistic, they wouldn't be movies, right? They'd be more like...documentaries. Eww.

That explains those melodramatic, EXTREMELY unrealistic chick flicks, at least. :)

Pie is good...really, really good.

American Pie 2 is great, but ONLY if you've seen the original. It's also a great movie to take a date to *cough*, plus you can tell all your friends you saw boobage on the big screen. Again. With a big, purple...eehh, this is a family site, if I remember correctly.


Category Comment Rating
Originality Nothing new from it's prequel. 3
Acting Believable acting! WOW! 4.5
Soundtrack Has some decent punk shit, but the rest is boogers. 2.5
Effects/Presentation I really thought he glued himself to himself. 3
Storyline Like I said, pretty much the same as the prequel. 3
Final Verdict: 3.2


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mao (Guest) vocalizes:

Smilie!ddddddddd sexx

elisa-elisa@sbcglobal.net (Guest) says in non-morse code:

Smilie!verry good

Terry Bear (Guest) splats:

Smilie!whats the goddam point?

Shafty unleashes:

Smilie!In fact, I happen to know of several parents who visit/participate in pluh. And you can damn sure bet that my kid is gonna' show up here as soon as he's old enough to type:
Shafty, Jr.'s first post: "BOOBAYS! GUUUHHH!"
Shafty: *wipes tear* That's my BOY!

Shafty un-shut-ups:

Smilie!Perhaps someone is unfamiliar with the proper use of "family site." It doesn't mean that the entire family sits around with a bowl of popcorn for some Pluh.com entertainment, anymore than my entire family might be inclined to watch ridiculous "family entertainment." In this context, "family site" means merely that it is intended to be acceptable for people of all ages.

Rawrb excretes:

Smilie!I know for a fact that all of them do. HAR! YOU GET AWESOME COMEBACK! *perch*

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Smilie!"This is a family site" right right.. How many dads and moms get there kids to crowd around the computer and say "OK LETS GO TO PLUH.COM KIDS" i mean, come on.

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Smilie!i think it was WICKED

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Smilie!i think its crap

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Smilie!Thank you! The detailed comments are appreciated.

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