The sequel to The Silence of the Lambs. Pretty damn crazy, and uh, *BARF*

I would like to start off this review with a confession - I like brains. Not only are brains full of rich goodness and vitamins, but they taste like chicken. Mmm...nervecellolishous.

A couple of nights ago, there was a concert going on with a lot of local favorites. There I was at HUNTAR's house (HUNTER is our bassist), helping him and his parents out with his computer. I brought my girlfriend along with me, and oddly enough (ha!) HUNTAR's girlfriend ended up appearing at HUNTAR's household as well.

Now let me tell you something. Never get two crazy, aggresive females into the same room. You will have no control.

So instead of going to that kickass local show, HUNTAR and myself were pursuasively forced at gunpoint to go to the movies with the ladies. It kinda went like this:

Me: Well, there's this cool show downtown that we might want to go s--
HUNTAR:, the 8:15 show or the 9:20 show?
Me: Dude, she's bluffing. We're going to that damn concert.
HUNTAR's Girlfriend: *brandishing butcher knife* OH YEAH MOTHER F*CKER?!

So, after waiting in a long ass line at the theater, we got in and took our seats.

Now before you actually consider seeing this movie, keep a few things in mind:

  1. Take a date. They'll cower on your shoulder
  2. Bring a damn barf bag.
  3. Don't eat a large meal before you watch this movie.

The movie itself was very well done. Anthony Hopkins continues to be one of my favorite actors, from the nice Zorro guy to the evil, cannibalistic creature known as Hannibal. I can't tell you enough how phoenomenal the screenplay, the acting, and the realism this movie was done. You almost believe that this man exists, and he is really out there munching on the brains of the rude pedestrian. Almost makes you wanna start being extra polite to everyone.

But what made this movie very unique was the gore factor. I'm not really saying the brains, guts, blood, and other entrails made the movie, but it was the right touch into the gruesome world of this deranged genious. However, sometime you have no choice but to turn away on certain scenes. One in particular near the end where you just want the camera to pan away from the... ugh, I'm getting nautious thinking about it.

I loved the flick, almost made up for that damn concert. ALMOST. so go see this movie with you loved one(s), they'll be grossed out and entertained, and never look at Ray Liota the same.


Category Comment Rating
Originality Wheeel, how many movies do you know of that talk about a super genious cannibal? 4.5
Acting Superb. Just superb. Hannibal scares the pee out of me. 4.5
Soundtrack It feel warm all of a sudde--aww man! 4
Effects/Presentation This gets a '5' because of brains! 5
Storyline Not quite up to par with Silence of teh Lambs, but it was good. 3.5
Final Verdict: 4.3


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Smilie!that sucks

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Smilie!Awesome movie! Anthony Hopkins will always be Hannibal Lector to me! He was a great actor in a great movie! lol