Gawkman reviews what most will probably refer to as the stupidest movie of all time. I liked it, too.

If you enjoy the content here at, you should be seeing this movie. No, you should have already seen it! What are you doing sitting here reading this review? GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

What, you're not going to take my word for it? Well, okay then. I shall elaborate a little bit.

First of all, many people (including the editors) agree that this movie could have easily been written by the staff and fans. Silly, stupid, retarded, dumb, and oh yeah, ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. The slapstick movie genre has really needed this for quite some time. I was hoping to get that dose from "Scary Movie" a year or so ago, but that movie was rather weak, replacing wit and cleverness with toilet humor. Didn't even bother seeing the sequel. But then along came this gem. Why do I refer to it as a gem? How about, a precious stone. Or a fine jewel. Or a chunk of graphite. Wait, scratch that last one.

Who, Oh Who... Will Review?

We kinda argued over who would get to review this movie since we all went and saw it the night it came out; but I managed to win by pointing out the fact that I nearly went into convulsions from laughing so hard at several points in the movie. Watching this movie was the hardest I have EVER laughed at ANYTHING (including the time Kayn said that might eventually start making him money).

Luckily I didn't wet myself.

About the movie. Pure genius. Why? Okay, here's what they did: they made a movie from old kung-fu movie footage which they chopped up and rearranged, then put their own voices over, occassionally adding in their own cg dillies and scenes. The dialogue usually ends up making fun of the footage. Very original idea; I finally came up with a good comparison: it's like the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew got bored and made their own movie out of their cheesy stock kung-fu movie footage and doing voice-overs.

So, now you got an idea what it's like. And it is funny. Not "laugh-cuz-everyone-says-it's-funny-so-therefore-it's-funny-even-though-it's-not" funny (*cough, cough, Martin Lawrence*, cough), but "slapstick-movie-taken-to-new-levels-so-that you-leave-exhausted-from-laughing-so-damn-hard" funny.

Probably the best thing at all about the movie: the director didn't wimp out and say, "Well, we could do that, but some people might not get it. So let's use a joke about sex and/or pot smoking instead!" Of course, I must admit that there were several scenes in the movie where they did cross the line, and get a little too dumb. But every rose has it's thorn, and a little prick is definitely worth it in order to eat the rose pedal. I hear rose pedals taste good, but you get sick and throw up if you eat too many of them. I can totally picture this movie becoming a cult classic (just without the eating roses and vomiting them up part).

Let me warn you about two things, though. They crammed a LOT of funny shit into this movie. You will not catch all of it the first time through. There are jokes layered on top of jokes on top of jokes. You will probably miss most of them because you are busy laughing at another. This movie is slapstick standard-setting. I've seen all the good ones: History Of the World Pt. 1, the Naked Guns, Robin Hood: Men In Tights (and ALL Mel Brookes movies when I think about it), Top Secret, High School High, the Monty Pythons, Mallrats, Clerks, etc. None of these even come close to the joke quantity and quality of Kung Pow.

So what did we learn from Kung Pow?

  • They should have left the movie with the original title, "Dubbed Action Movie: Enter the Fist".
  • I'm going to name my future pet hamster "Hamster".
  • There needs to be a stronger word for stupid. Like, a cross between stupid and dumb, like "stpdumb".
  • I'm going to name my guitar amp, "Ampy".
  • Swallowing butterflies makes you deathly ill.
  • Just because somebody's relaxes their whole body doesn't mean they die.
  • Make sure that if you want your companions to beat fiercely you until you give them a signal to stop, make sure they know what the signal is.
  • Now we know where that three-boobed mutant chick in Total Recall stole her third one from.
  • It's wiser to dodge the claw than to take it in the face.
  • No one can ever possibly escape from a net.

Looks like there's gonna be a sequel.

Yep, there are rumors of a sequel (may have something to do with the trailer at the end of the damn movie). I have a feeling this will kickass as well. KUNG POW RULES YOUR MOTHAR!


Category Comment Rating
Originality Slapstick meets Mystery Sciece Theater 3000. Pure genius. 4
Acting Well, umm, not reallly relevant. 3
Soundtrack Sound track? 2.5
Effects/Presentation Very believable importing his image into the old kung fu movie. 4.5
Storyline Storyline? Who cares! 3
Final Verdict: 3.4


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yargh forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!this movie fuckin rocked!!!! but the "sequel" was gay and had nothing to do with the first one.. that goddamn kung fu hustle.. FUCK IT TO HELL!!!!!

Jing_05 (Guest) declares:

Smilie!I think this movie is sweet. I myself can watch it over and over and over. And i'll never get tired.
P.S. A boom-boom chikie-chikie boom-boom, boom-chikie chaka-chaka-choo-choo.

Jing_05 (Guest) un-shut-ups:

Smilie!Hey i heard on the commentary on the DVD close to the end of the movie they said that sadly to say that there wasn't going to be a sequal...oh well maybe since its been a while since they have made the movie they might make a new one. Hey what about the movies about the thumbs???

Sadie vocalizes:

Smilie!I need to see this!!!!

Rawrb conveys:


Murph unleashes:

Smilie!Your real question should be, "why ISN'T there a Megaman head at the bottom of every other screen?"

Bob splats:

Smilie!Funniest movie I've ever seen, and I've seen a LOT of movies. Watched it with other friends who think the same about 5 times.

P.S. Why is there a megaman head at the bottom of the screen?

Bart (Guest) blahs:

Smilie!Tell you the truth, I HATE OLD CHINESE DUBBED FIGHT FILMS. They are so damn corny anyway - but after seeing this, I was laughing - it was so stupid it was funny. I thought how they extracted the characters from the old films and used them in this one was really cool - the end credits showed that, and they were good for more laughs as well. Will see the sequel.

Corey (Guest) excretes:

Smilie!will there be a sequel poeple are saying its just a gag

Dirty Old Man (Guest) pizzas:

Smilie!weeoooweeoowee!!! I LOVE kungpow! it makes me happy.

weeooweeooweepeeoowee wah!

chicken go cluck cluck cow go moo pig go oink oink how bout you? lemur go k-k ostrich go wah! koala go..

Marilyn (Guest) vocalizes:

Smilie!My boyfriend made me see this movie with him saying that I would roll on the floor dieing of laughter. I had seen the previews and wasn't impressed, but when we started watching the movie, I couldn't stop laughing.


See it with a group of friends and the entire room will fill with laughter. Believe me! I will be in line for the sequel...for sure!

Kevin (Guest) conveys:

Smilie!Kung Pow was the funniest movie ever. I can't wait for the sequel