A year later, with even more anticipation in the air. After numerous trailers, lots of hype, and watching Fellowship a gazillion jillion times, this sequel had a lot to live up to.

Ahh yes. Most of you may have already read my Fellowship of the Ring review, and now I return to you with a review on it's sequel. It's a SEQUAL REVIEW SEQUAL! AHRA RHR@#!#@$

Gandalf has a bit of Fighter in him.

Gawkman and I decided to be nerdy and check this out on the day of it's release. Tons of dorks and goobers were present to see this sequel, so it was rather tough to get a decent seat. Alas, we fought and killed, and eventually found a good area to plop down for a good 3 hours. Yes, 3 more hours of goodness. I was probably too psyched for my own good, but SHUT UP! GO OVER IN TEH CORNAR AND EATS POO!

Lazy! Get to killing!

Peter Jackson (the brains behind this massive project) did an impressive job fitting a 447 page book into a 3 hour script. Things flowed rather quickly during the movie, just to make sure all the key points from the Two Towers book was in there. However, some things were left out of the book that I heard will be in the third movie. Such as the encounter with "Her." If you've read the book, you know what I'm talking about. This outta be interesting.

The story basically starts off right where Fellowship ended. Frodo and Sam continue the overly-dangerous journey to Mordor - Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas continue tracking down Pippin and Merry, and tons of new characters come into play as well. The Ents, Wormtongue (I hate that guy, ROAWR!), and many others. To sum all that up into one word: "WHEE!"

Pleasing everyone is impossible

I'm not a REAL movie critic (unbelievable!), so you should realize that my judgement isn't biased by some lame ideals and stuff. I'm a guy who likes good movies. This movie is good. No, not good. Great. Very much great. With the genre of "Medieval Fantasy" being my favorite, the LOTR series is starting to become my favorite trilogy thus far, even over Star Wars (the originals, not the new shit). I'm even starting to like it over Excalibur and Willow, which are two of my all time favorite Medieval Fantasy movies EVAR!

I've got a sword to sheath, heh heh...

I've gone around and read some moviegoer reviews, and lot of them whine about some really lame stuff, like how Gimli's character is the comic relief. People actually whine about stuff. It sucks how negative most people are - they focus on only the bad, and not the good. Death to them. I won't go on and on here. Don't listen to anyone. Go see this movie, it's farging amazing. That should be enough reason to go, especially if you liked the first one. If you didn't, I would like to introduce you to DIE!!!


To sum this all up, yay! Oh yeah, I highly recommend reading the actual books. There's a lot more detail in there that I think is vital for anyone who enjoys the story of Frodo and his crazy adventure. Plus it'll do ya some good to read and become better versed in elvish. You can bang chicks that way. Heh heh...

Is that Mordor? No, I have to pottay!


Category Comment Rating
Originality Duuuuh. 5
Acting Gollum rules. 5
Soundtrack It are so perfect. 5
Effects/Presentation GRAWERA#RRRR!! 5
Storyline Cannot be touched. YAY! 5
Final Verdict: 5


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Smilie!I love Lord of the Rings!!!!

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Smilie!yah, everthing that has to do with blood, guts and dragons is good to me

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Smilie!Lord of the rings is the BEST film ever!!!! I love it!! Shame its over though :(

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Smilie!lord of the rings is best
then i was saw return of king i was imersion cinema with my tears

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Smilie!Ha woooo LOTR has just premiered in London...should be able to be out for the common peasants (non celebrities) quite soon...So is it good? (like i need to ask)

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Smilie!I agree! Amazing movie~!

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Smilie!The fall fight thing at the begining is the greatest! The rest of the movie was much yay as well!
We all kill stuff!
Wormtongue is dumb!
They see a TACO BELL!
Eomer looks like a rock star!
Eowyn wants to play with sword! HARHARHAR
Faramir is a weak hearted guy!
Gimli knows what to DO!
Shadowfax is bayud!
Smoochie smoochie...
All the honeys want the Aragon.
Looks like Gawkman.
He has the POWAR!
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