I'm going to tattoo my grocery list to my knee.

It's been quite a while since I saw a good movie in the theaters that makes you think. Last movie that even comes close to this is Fight Club or The Matrix. But neither of this have nearly the incredibly thick plot as Memento. I saw yesterday, and I like, HAVE to go back and see it again! It was good. Much good. How much good do you ask?

Well, I don't really want to give anything away, so I'll you the same summary you may have already heard a thousand times. Except I'm going into add in something about llamas. So if you see something about llamas, it's not in the movie, okay?

There's a guy named Lenny. He got hit in the head while trying to save his now dead wife from getting raped and murdered. Unfortunately, the accident gave him a head injury that caused him to loose his short-term memory. He can't remember anything for more than a few minutes. To compensate, he writes himself notes and takes pictures of things to remind him where he is, who people are, and what he is doing. He also has a picture of a llama. Using habit to compensate for memory, he is determined to avenge his wife's death.

Oh yeah, and the whole story is told backwards, as if each next scene is a flashback of the previous. Intriguing concept. And damn, does it get intense. How could the writer possibly have written this? I don't see how any single person can possibly grasp all that's going on at one time. But someone had to write it. Give that man a sausage link.

I will now use a bunch of cliche'd sayings to describe the film:

"Two thumbs up!"
"Quite possibly the best film of the year!"
"I gave my friend a wedgie!"

If you haven't figured it out, I liked this movie quite a bit. So now that you have my opinion of the movie (which means I'm right and everyone that disagrees with me is wrong, because I'm ME), you will go watch it now.


Category Comment Rating
Originality Brilliant. 5
Acting Very good acting. VERY good. 5
Soundtrack Nothing special, but fits the mood. 3
Effects/Presentation Nothing fancy, aside from the beginning which shows a murder in reverse. 3
Storyline Extremely complex. 5
Final Verdict: 4.2


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Smilie!I always thought it was a snake

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Smilie!Why the hell hasn't anyone posted anything about this rad movie?!?

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