Described as, "A Romantic Comedy... with ZOMBIES!" Can it get any better? No, I don't think it can.

A zombie movie NOT reviewed by MARPH?!

Murph, our zombie editor, is currently being Canadian and waiting for his Mac to come in. He's gonna probably make the next hundred zombie movies, but until then I must review Shaun of the Dead. Yes, I'm reviewing a zombie movie. This is odd, because Murph is infamous for his affection towards the massive hoard of flesh eating undead. I must steal the spotlight for a moment and make him feel SHAME!

Zombies... WHEE!

The best movie since sliced bread

Me and a group of nerdy friends decided to check out the flick that I've heard some much about (mostly from Murph).

I knew it'd be a comedy, and I knew it'd have zombies, but I didn't know it'd be this good.

Shaun is a bit of a loser, see. He's got a dead end job, lives with a couple roomates (one being kinda successful, and one being a loser who sells pot and plays games all day, yay!), and has a relationship with a hottie that seems to be going pretty much nowhere. Fast.

"Then you cosine the theta... get it?"

Well my friends, things continue to spiral downward for our friend Shaun. And just when things couldn't get worse... ZOMBIES! I've decided to be extremly considerate and NOT spoil the movie! Give me beer!

In England, they serve beer warm. GROSS!

This movie is a "love or hate" type of movie. If you walk into the theater thinking this will be the best movie ever, then you might walk out disappointed. Well, unless you're Murph.

Shaun of the Dead combines the wit that is British humor (or humour? HAR ARHR) with some seemingly realistic romantic stuff (that isn't the tradtional American idealistic romance), and gory zombified horror. Wow, what a mixture. This movie combines "things that are funny" and "things that are scary" that the terrible Scary Movie series could not seem to get right.

(I'll not go into a rant on how much I hated the Scary Movie trilogy, but just know that Shaun of the Dead has the wit and originality that those movies significantly lacked)

The balance between the three key genres found in Shaun of the Dead (comedy, romance/drama, and horror) is executed in such a way that you don't get an overdose of one specific genre. For instance, you've got the drama going on between Shaun and his girlfriend, but it's not shoved in your face like... food? Then you've got the zombie problem, and the comedic relief that is Shaun's roomate adds a great deal of balance to this unholy mixture of genres. Plus there's some other stuff.

Don't run... walk! Slowly! And groan a lot.

The movie was casted perfectly, with some guest appearances from some of the actors from The Office (which is, by far, the most stressful show I have ever seen, but it's funny). Ok, one of the main characters is from The Office. Yay.

Then you've got Kate Ashfield, who just might have Pluhbabe carved into her face. HAR! So yes.

Avoiding Zombies... Dragon Warrior style.

In any case, I highly recommend seeing Shaun of the Dead. If you like a tish of British humor, plus zombies, plus some funny stuff, plus a little drama, minus stupid not-funny, then you should violently buy a ticket for Shaun of the Dead.

It's a movie that is good. With ZOMBIES!


Category Comment Rating
Originality A romantic comedy with zombies. Can't get much more original, stupid! 5
Acting Superb job by the entire cast 5
Soundtrack Nothing really grabbed my attention, but it wasn't bad! 4
Effects/Presentation Very well done - believeable even! 4.5
Storyline Great script, lots of funny! 4.5
Zombies! ... EVERYWHERE! 5
Final Verdict: 4.67


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Raam (Guest) communicates:

Smilie!No, we don't need a showdown.

Frozenboogereatr (Guest) verbalizes:

Smilie!I've had excessive amounts of people tell me this movie was/will be awesome. Anyone care to compare Dawn of the Dead and Shaun of the Dead? We need a showdown >D!
You must think like a zombie.
The party sets out. They need armor!
Mighty Pub scene.
Beer and ladies. Err, lady. SHUT UP!
Kill the dead!
You've got red on you. HAHAHA
Funny part!
Shaun and his deadbeat roomie.
Rappin' Brits? Now I've seen it all.
Har har!
Scary zombie chick! Scary chick!
He plays GAMES!
The conflict ensues.
Shaun gets brave.
Zombies need shower too?!
Zombies, not much different than normal people.