What do Elvis, cavemen, astronaughts, bowlers, Death, gumballs, cannibals, windmills, spinach monsters, The German Army, samurai swords, ghetto midgets and ratchets all have in common? Star Wars! No... wait, I mean, Six-String Samurai!

Strangest Movie Ever

Six-String Samurai is set in a post-apocalyptic United States, where the last living king remembered was Elvis; The King of Rock. Elvis' heir died soon after the Russians take over and nuke the USA, so a new King of Rock must travel to Lost Vegas to claim the throne. A samurai 50's wandering rocker-warrior named Buddy is on a journey to become the next king. Unfortunately, Death himself is also after the throne in the name of heavy metal, and has killed every other pursuing king. On the way, Buddy is followed by an orphan child who clings to him after his mother is killed. Together they take on rival Elvis', cavemen, cannibals, windmill men, evil bowlers, the spinach monster and Death to make it to the kingdom of Lost Vegas. Sound strange? It is.

What Makes a Cult Classic

Six-String Samurai was never ment to be a theatrical release. Six-String Samurai was not made to fit a certain market. Six-String Samurai is a movie for the filmmakers. An idea that someone wanted to make, and that was made. Not for the money of making a blockbuster hit, but for entertaining the few who sat down and gave the film a chance. This is a movie that Hollywood should take notes from. An original concept and a breath of fresh air in a film world full of Fast & The Furious clones and cut rate adventure films. While I may be overstating exactly what Six-String Samurai actually set out to do, it's true that while many great ideas like these are fathomed, rarely are any studios willing to produce them. Anything creative is considered "high risk."

Funny Seriousness

While Six-String Samurai is filmed and presented in a very professional manner, many suddle and not-so-suddle jokes are made along the way. This can only be expected from a movie this strange, but the comedy is portrayed in a way that the events taking place are completely normal to Buddy and The Kid. No questions are asked when a car full of cavemen begin catapulting gumballs at our heroes, they just enjoy the gumballs.


While the movie is very odd and humorous, the action scenes are well placed and choreographed. Jeffery Falcon (Buddy) does a great job jumping, flipping, and kicking his way to Lost Vegas, as I believe he's been in many other martial arts films. While the effects at times leave something to be desired, most of the time props and good camera work are in place of special effects. Though there is little blood, this movie would look something like Kill Bill Vol: 1 if it were to display blood when cutting victims. The action looks more like a high quality Medieval Times fight. With lots of choreography but no blood.

The Bottom of the Line

Six-String Samurai is a highly original take on not only martial art flicks, but also road trip and comedy films as well. If you're tired of the same old Hollywood-pressed garbage then you should defiantly take a look at Six-String Samurai. If not for your sake, then for Lance Mungia. Who will hopefully write and direct more crazy films for the film fan. Films like Six-String Samurai.


Category Comment Rating
Originality Wow, completely original. 5
Acting Seemed overdubbed, but did the job. 3.5
Soundtrack Very unexpected, but very fitting as well. 4.5
Effects/Presentation Good where it needs to be, by no means great. 4
Storyline Not a whole lot of depth, just filmmakers trying to be as odd as possible. And it was certainly entertaining. 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.3


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GReg (Guest) absolves:

Smilie!awesome movie! but it is the russian army not the germans.

GReg (Guest) plutoniums:

Smilie!awesome movie! but it is the russian army not the germans.

Joebob pizzas:

Smilie!The Red Elvises own the stage! Yay! Good review, very...good!

sesnek vocalizes:

Smilie!best movie ever!

Gawkman jabbers:

Smilie!This movie RULES!!!
6SS now on DVD!
Buddy battles caveman!
AHHH! Kid who is afraid of the 'Spinich Monster.'
Trek of randomness begins!
Death wants to rock harder than Buddy.