The sequel to "Mask of Zorro" is finally here! That's right! Mask of Zorro 2: Spider-Man 2!


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Plutonium 239 has a very high spontaneous fission rate compared to the spontaneous fission rate of uranium 235 and that you must consider the spontaneous fission rate of each material when designing nuclear weapons, but... wait... yes it does.


Uhhh, well there goes my journalistic "starting general" form of writing reviews. I hope all you rocket scientists are happy, but then again I guess I don't have to ask. Rocket scientists are always happy. I guess the real question is, do rocket scientists like Spider-Man 2?

I saw Spider-Man 2 earlier today, and like most who go to see it, they have seen the first Spider-Man. I know what you're asking. How does it compare to the first one? Does the plot open things up for more of my favorite comic story-lines? What is your favorite choice of pizza toppings? And I can confidently say that the answer to all of these questions is sausage & mushroom.

Spider-Man!  Doing... STUFF!
This is Spider-Man... he's doin' stuff!

What's the plot ablot? RHYMES!

Spider-Man 2 starts out with the opening credits, which seems to be popular these days. Numerous paintings recap the events of the first movie, most of which are pretty cool. I personally would love to have the painting of William Dafoe turning into the Green Goblin hanging over my fire-place. We're introduced to Peter Parker again, making his rounds as a pizza delivery boy. We soon learn that in the last two years that have past, Peter's life has gotten exponentially crappier. His work, school, and social life all taking a back seat to his crime fighting, making it nearly impossible to live his own life. While this is touched on in the first film, director Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness) really seems to take joy in smashing Peter's character into the ground this time around.

In fact, much of this movie isn't about Spider-Man exactly. It's more about Peter Parker and how he deals with his alter ego. Raimi takes a lot of time trying to portray Peter as a real person, just like the rest of us, something other comic related movies, such as Van Helsing or The Punisher, could have benefited from. While this movie isn't nearly as talky as The Hulk, there is a lot of dialogue in this film, and as I sat in the theatre, I could really sense the little kid crowd pulling away from it.

Is it perday?

As far as the special effects and fight scenes go, Spider-Man 2 blows the first film out of the water. The special effects water! The Doc Ock vs Spider-Man fights are some of the coolest I've seen in a movie. Since Doc Ock can climb with his arms the fights take to the top of buildings and such, and I always thought crazy climbing and jumping was more fun than flying combat. The arms on Doc Ock also look pretty amazing, it just makes me wish there was more of them in the film.

The movie also opens things up for quite a few interesting twists for the movies to come. We see the beginnings of Green Goblin 2 take place in the last few minutes of the movie, as well as the first appearance of The Lizard's alter ego who was referenced in the first film. (I won't give away who it is in the film, just know that he's in there though)

Special Effects!
Spider-Man 2's special effects in action!

The end result

In whole, I enjoyed this movie much more than I did the first. It left me wanting more, but maybe too much more. While the fight scenes with Doc Ock and Spidey are amazing, not enough tension takes place between the two of them to become the enemies they were portrayed as in the comic book. Also, it seems that even with the great quality of the fights, I would have enjoyed just a tad more quantity. This movie also contains a lot more of Raimi's humor, which often is quite funny, even if it's nothing compared to such comic genius as say, Evil Dead 2.

Robert Ebert has said that this may be the best super-hero movie ever made, and I may agree with that on some terms. But, as far as the recent wave of comic movies we've seen, my vote still goes to X-Men 2.


Category Comment Rating
Originality A comic book movie that really sticks to the feel of the comics. 4.5
Acting Tobey Maguire does a great job, as well as Alfred Molina as a believable Doctor Octavious. 4.5
Soundtrack Score works well, as well as absense of music for more tension-filled moments. 4.5
Effects/Presentation Excellent. 5
Storyline Opens things up a lot bigger than the first, and really gets you feel bad for Peter. 4.5
Bruce Campbell appearence He should have been the Lizard, but Bruce Campbell is the best Snooty Usher ever. 5
Final Verdict: 4.67


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Murph evaporates:

Smilie!Pain in my anus said:Two mistakes in your review...

1) There is no such thing as Green Goblin 2... it's Hobgoblin.
2) Evil Dead 2 is nowhere as funny as the best movie of all time, Army Of Darkness!

Other than that I agree with most of everything you said. However, you should have said something about how homely broad Kirsten "lame white chick" Dunst can't act.
Hey, wow... you know, you're wrong. Hobgoblin is not Harry Osborne, it's Roderick Kingsley. There are 3 Green Goblins and the 3rd is some Dr. guy. In other words; har har, I'm a bigger nerd than you!!

Pain in my anus (Guest) bakes:

Smilie!Two mistakes in your review...

1) There is no such thing as Green Goblin 2... it's Hobgoblin.
2) Evil Dead 2 is nowhere as funny as the best movie of all time, Army Of Darkness!

Other than that I agree with most of everything you said. However, you should have said something about how homely broad Kirsten "lame white chick" Dunst can't act.

Marph (Guest) unleashes:

Smilie!I'm in Canada right now and Spider-Man 2 is rated PG here!

broken yard (Guest) unleashes:

Smilie!Parents walking out, eh? I didn't see any, but I'd bet there were quite a few. It was a brutal scene, and I thought they did a good job making it seem real without making it gory.

frenchluv (Guest) un-shut-ups:

Smilie!parents walking out doesn't mean much these days, but must be a good one to see, tx murph

BattleAxeMaxx (Guest) conveys:

Smilie!Heh, awesome

Murph excretes:

Smilie!It was definitely the most violent scene in the movie. A few parents with smaller children were seen walking out or covering their eyes during it.

BattleAxeMaxx (Guest) absolves:

Smilie!Heh, yeah, it was almost the exact same scene in a way. Raimi does the coolest camera angles I've pretty much ever seen.

Murph unleashes:

Smilie!I also wanted to add that the scene where Doc Ock wakes up in the hospital you can really feel Raimi's style coming out. That scene reminds me a lot of some Evil Dead scenes.

sesnek evaporates:

Smilie!it's true all of it! i was there, i witness the whole thing.
Poster! It's the poster... for the MOVIE!
Aunt May goes, "Whee!"
Doc Ock! They call him that!
Leggo my leggos!
The action-packed supermarket scene!
Crouch attack!
This isn't in the movie, but who cares?
Special effects in action!