Mr. Eminem Shady comes outTEHwith the best movie of all time. It has lusTEH and betrayal and action and exciTEHment and romance and rapping and zombie dinosaur ninjas!

Back in 1TEH973 a young boy by the name of Slimmithy (or as his friendsTEHcalled him 'Slimmy The Shade Man Shadester') invented rap in his basement for a science project. After rapping his wayTEHto the top he decided to make a movie of how he did it.

The movie opens TEHlling us about the hard times Slimmithy had as a child. All the kids made fun of him because of his acute abilities to yell and cuss at random people were far better than his schoolmatesTEH. His mother hates him because he doesn't have a father and his mother doesnt knowTEHhow he got there. 8 Mile: Eminem the Movie is the story of the struggle to find his forgotten past by rapping and making fun of people.

This movie is the best and has the bestTEHspecial effects I've ever seen in a movie about rapping. It takes place in Idaho, Mississippi where Slimmithy grew up on a small turkey farm. After the turkey farm's unTEHimly demise, Slimmithy leaves his home and his mother hires trained ninja guard dogs to find him! The movie really picks up when his little sister decides that rappingTEHis not good for Slimmithy and that he should persue a career in coloring pictures. Just then, a romantic relaTEHshionship developes between Slimmithy and a lady that burnt his trailer down.

With his new love, Slimmothy decidesTEHto rap a lot and run 8 miles to keep in shape. A lot of black people come over to his house to seeTEHhis new pool table where one of them finds his demo tapes and plays it. He likes it a lot and calls SlimmoTEHy "The Jackalope" because he jumps around a lot and has antlers.

Sliminem is the bestTEHactor ever because he can say stuff and you beleive him because he's popular. TEHthe best part of the movie for me was the part where he sings his new song that's on the radioTEHthat I like because it's on the radio. The soundtrack consists of that song played over and over and ovTEHer and over in the background during the whole movie. They do that so you can pay attention better!

If you everTEHsee a movie ever again see this movie because it is good and there is a twist at the end! It turns out that his new love is actually one of the cyborg ninja donkey's his momTEHhired and they take him home because he was late to dinner and she sued him. It's a good movie, TEHrust me, Mr. TEH!!


Category Comment Rating
Originality Never seen anyTEHthing like it!!!!1 5
Acting TALK! 5
Soundtrack I lovTEHe that songs!!11 5
Effects/Presentation ...TEH! 5
Storyline Best movie ever!!!145 5
Final Verdict: 5


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pstick93 yammers:

Smilie!it's a pretty funny movie i'll give it that.

Axemaster The Fierce (Guest) excretes:

Smilie!I love that movie! But a 5 out of 5? That's pushing it... Maybe a 4.9

Gawkman verbalizes:

Smilie!LMAO!!!! That's the funniest crap in TEH warld!!

Not Mr. TEH (Guest) splats:

Smilie!I am notTEHMr. TEH and I think that thisTEHis the best review on Pluh all the other one's suck and Murph'sTEHmom is dumb and Kayn has herpes.
TEHminem is the BEST!
It's TEHouching! It's romanTEHc!
Hey now!
You loveTEHit!
Suspense! TEH!