Woa, my first 'critic' session. Maybe someone will start paying me a gazillion-jillion DOLLARS for reviewing their stupid movies! BAHAH! Those fools!

Gawkman and I were actually planning to head out to the Linkin Park concert that night, but alas, all the tickets were sold out. So, driving from the Celebrity Theater here in Phoenix, we decided to go see a movie. We had trouble getting in on a decent time to see Vertical Limit (I think that's the name), we went ahead and saw The 6th Day.

So uh, this is about the 6th day. What is the 6th day? It's a movie with the 50-something year old buff Arnold Schwardzaneaaggeer, however you spell it. It also has...other actors in there somewhere, either trying to kill him or get in the way of killing him. Why? to protect their secret of...PLUH! (Not really, but wouldn't that have been pretty cool?)

Here's the jist of things: Arnold Swrarrttsaneager is a pilot guy who has the wonderful task of taking ski people to ski and stuff. However, he gets caught in the middle of an incident wanting to be covered up, which involves good old cloning, and becomes a target.

So what's great about this movie? Nothing much. I mean, the flick itself was good - action, drama, suspense, cool helicopter-jets, decent storyline, and the occasional funny moment. It was basically your standard futureistic Arnold Swchartzuhnaiggar flick, give or take a few newer effects and concepts. The movie really reminded me of his older one, Total Recall, in many ways.

Did I enjoy it? Yeah, it was cool. It's a guy movie - blood, action, gore, and some chicks here and there. I wouldn't recommend it for a date, unless your date is into this stuff, or you're just hangin' out with some buds. Or if you can't get into a Linkin Park concert because you're too IGNORANT to buy tickets ahead of time. If you like Arnold Schwaeertzuhnaeegor, you'll like this one.


Category Comment Rating
Originality Geeh...nothing special. 3
Acting Nothing Oscar quality. But I don't like many Oscar movies, soo... 3.5
Soundtrack Keeps you bumpin in teh theatre! 3.5
Effects/Presentation Cool effects, I want a car that drives itself! 4.5
Storyline Pretty cool script, though it's nothing that will be talked about in years to come. 3.5
Final Verdict: 3.6


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