The first Final Fantasy for the DS, which is a remake of the original Famicom game. Yes, that's right. FAMICRAP!? NO THAT IS MEAN WATCH MORE FAMILY SITCOM

My DS is on standby in a FF3 battle right now as we drive towards new New Jersey for a show. Gawkman and I decided that there is a tremendous amount of extra time to put into So here we are, going to do that. Well, we claim that anyway. Be wary of our... words. We claim a lot of things that never end up happening, like that one thing that we wanted to do for the site that we never did. Eat shit.


If you recall, I did a review on the NES Final Fantasy III. Wait, sorry. FAMICOM Final Fantasy III. I'm sure most of you are pretty fed up with my rants on how Square-Enix did not bring many of their amazing games to the United States, so in turn I will praise them on how well they've been doing lately.

Dragon Quest VII, VIII, Final Fantasy II, and now III have all made it over in the form of a remake or two, or (obviously) in it's original form. This means that every single Final Fantasy game (at least the direct sequels) have all made it over to the 'states! Rejoice nerds, for now you can quest yourself to finish all the Final Fantasy games EVAR.

Yes, it's over your world.

Differ my differences diffrencially?

Ok, so what's new with the remake? Weeeelll... most of you won't really care about this, but I'm gonna go on ahead and tell you what the differences are.

Obviously the graphics and music are all overhauled completely. Going from an 8-bit, 2 dimensional, very limited color-spectral game to an (almost) fully 3D game on a 64 bit (I think) console is quite a jump. The game looks great for the DS. No surprise there.

The other MAJOR difference is that your four characters all have personalities now. Yes, they all have a history and dialogue. They even talk to each other! The original FF3's 4 characters were practically 4 clones of each other with little to no personality what-so-ever.

So what's the big deal? Nothing really. They just added more story to the actual game this time 'round, which is fine. It doesn't taint the original in any way as far as I'm concerned.

I also think they toyed around with the balancing of the gameplay a bit. I could be completely wrong about that though, but it seems to me that some of the previously badass classes are much weaker. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's your stupid face? Yeah, that's it.

They also put in a "class adjustment phase." If you switch to a new class, your stats will go down until your character adjusts to the new class, then they'll return to normal. Kind of a cool concept to keep you from changing classes just to heal some characters then change back. Yar?!


I don't know if it's me... or perhaps I just enjoy creating controversy. It seems to me that Square-Enix games as of late have felt... empty. I haven't played FFXII yet or anything to really confirm this more than normal. The games themselves are well done; very well done. It's just that most of the newer releases have been to focused on being "artsy" than actually challenging and compelling. The last Final Fantasy game that I've played that truly sucked me in was Final Fantasy VII, which came out almost 10 years ago.

So what the hell? When Final Fantasy XII was released a couple weeks ago, I didn't exactly shit my pants and bend space and time to purchase my copy... like I usually did.

Don't misunderstand, the games are still fun and I'll play 'em. But I find myself just playing through them once and that being that. I played FFX only once, and never picked it up again. The same for VIII, IX, and I never even played XI since it was an MMMROROMRORMRORPRRPMRMGG. I just don't have the time or energy to play a game that won't end, yar?

The newest game that came out that I really enjoyed was Dragon Quest VIII. I just hope they keep the DQ games full of bad-assery.

(BTW, Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Advance were both amazing, so you get excpetion juice!)

Review it already, Captain Type-Too-Much!

So the silver-haired kid falls in a hole and stumbles upon a crystal, then eventually runs into the other 3 chosen warriors to save the world. Yes, the story is still the same and as cliche as most of the older RPGs. Do we care? Not really.

Your initial classes are Freelancer. Then after you do some stuff, you get more class changes. The class system is pretty fun, but unfortunately 10% of the classes available are actually useful. Can you see yourself flocking to be a bard or a geomancer? Fuck no. You're gonna go after the Knight, Black Belt, Dark Knight, Dragoon, and even the Ninja. Something that beats some ass, yes? The magic classes are pretty useful too. You MUST have at least 1 healer in your party at all times. MUST. Not a bad thing, we enjoy balance.

Most of us sheep will have 2 fighters and 2 mages. Yay.

The annoyance of this is that you might find yourself wanting to experiment with the classes to see if any of them do anything useful. Alas, your faces will be disappointed. With the adjustment phase I mentioned above and how most of the classes are weak, your desire to really try stuff out will drain out of you like urine after a night of beer chugging. Eeewww.

This isn't really anything new though; the original had this problem too. I really enjoyed the class change system in FFV and Tactics because, well, they had USES for the most part. Tactics especially; that game is the epitome of class changing fun. Master 2 or 3 classes, you get a new, badass class available. Hells yeah.

You got yourself into a HOLE, Admiral Gullable.


The music on the DS sounds absolutely fantastic. The blips are now replaced with strings, trumpets, and that great harp-arpeggio FF theme when you boot the game up sounds ear-gasmic. Since the game is older, there isn't a huge variety of music, so it does get a little repetitive.

The sounds effects from the game are nothing special really, but they don't sound BAD or anything. You've heard it all before; the sound of a cure spell, the cha-klink of a treasure chest opening, etc, etc.

Ad of course, the visuals are nothing less than expected from Square-Enix. Breathtaking. I believe the artist from Final Fantasy Tactics took the lead on this game and made a bunch of cutesy fighters and such. The characters don't really look like warriors, but closer to 10 year old kids who can save the world. Nothing wrong with it, of course. Just looks funny to me.


The game itself has plenty of challenges. Right now I'm passing through a part of the game where I need to do some level building to really proceed. That means they've maintained the majority of the challenge from the NE--err, Famicom version.

So hey - do you like Final Fantasy? Do you like long games? Do you like CHALLARNGE and have a DS?! Of course you do, so pick this game up and rock it hard. Very hard.

Did I just say that?


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Fun times. Repetitive! 4
Graphics Amazing for the DS! 5
Music/Sound Music is great, sound effects do the jarb. 4.5
Replay Value If the classes were more useful, replay would be highar! 3.5
Originality Not that original, but still fun. 3
Rawrb is Hungry Yes, I require food. 4
Final Verdict: 4


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Smilie!i like this game, but i like many things, like tacos, i require them.

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Smilie!I havn't played the DS much yet, but i'm sure nintendo is coming out with some kickass smooth graphics.. as of right now i'm lookin forward to buying the new Socom for my nephews PSP, we are gamars! we conore! harha=r! I can't wait to see Final Fantasy games on the new systems.. but you gotta love the classics! haha I are concore!
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