Wario Ware Touched! Touch it or die from... I dunno... Sars.


Everybody likes touching stuff! Unless you don't have any hands... but if you don't have any hands than odds are that you probably didn't type in "www.pluh.com" to get to this review, so therefore this sentence probably doesn't apply to anyone reading it. Sometimes a game comes along that makes you touch stuff, and Wario Ware: Touched! is one such game. And since the title has "Touched!" in it, you would have to assume that you would be physically touching stuff in the game, and maybe this game will touch you... emotionally.


Wario Ware: Touched! is the sequel to Game Boy Advanced's Wario Ware. The game is actually tons of mini games that are very simple, but you only have five seconds and one word to tell you how to play it. And since the games are so ridiculous, a lot of time is spent laughing and you can't seem to press the buttons needed. Games included involve petting a dog, poking a cat, eating a donut, scrubbing a guy's hair, and peeing on fire. And this is only a small amount of the stuff in the game. All the games are played with either the stylus on the screen or blowing on the microphone. This may sound like the games can't be that different, and while some are similar, there is a lot of variety.

Gives a whole new meaning to "cut the log." Wait... no it doesn't.


The games are broken up into characters on the title screen. You choose a character and play their games, usually one character have all blowing games, or all spinning games, so it's not too hard to figure out what exactly you're supposed to be doing. Completing a character usually opens up another character or something they call "toys." Toys are little things to just mess with, they can be anything from a weird flute thing to an egg timer. Most of them are completely pointless and there more for comedic value, but some are fun to play with for a while.


Once you beat all the characters with new games, other characters are unlocked with mixes of everything. These are more difficult as well, but the only incentive to beating them are more toys. Once I beat everything I wasn't really inclined to keep playing. And the lack of wireless multiplayer is pretty dumb, because that would be insanely fun. Also, the games is about half as long as the original Wario Ware, which is pretty disappointing because the mini-games don't seem that hard to come up with. But since DS stuff is pretty hard to find, and you want some really original, but limited fun, Wario Ware: Touched! is pretty great.


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Super fun, while it lasts. 4.5
Graphics Some are really great and have some 3D. Other than that, the graphics work great for what it's for. 4
Music/Sound Fine and good. Except for that one scary girl's level; that one's kindof annoying. 4
Replay Value I guess if you have a friend and you're obssesed with getting the high scores. Otherwise, after you get all of the flower things there isn't much. 3
Originality Awesomely original, nothing out there like it. 5
Final Verdict: 4.1


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Smilie!oooh, sounds fun..... poking a pussy!!!! (haha, get my sexual refrence?? I kid.....)

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Smilie!played the demo on silli demo machine in store thing. got some funny looks cause was there fore ages.. heh. addictive must get.

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Smilie!This game is sexy and a half!

Great review man :)
Cut da LOG!
Draw the skiing line!
It's the box for that game I'm reviewing!
Playing the demo.