"It's time for some DOOOOOOM!" - Zim

I've played through the very first Doom all the way through. Granted, it was on PSOne, but I did (give me a break - I didn't have access to a computer 'till I was out on mah own). Luckily for me, your character didn't need to do silly things like look up or down, so it worked out well with the PS controller.

I eventually did get to play though most of Doom II, but I never got around to Final Doom. What does this make me? A hypocrite? NO! I love FPS games, and here I am telling you that I have not finished two of the games that really started it all! (Note: When I preordered Doom 3, I picked up a Doom compilation CD that contained the first 3 Doom games. I shall complete them all!)

Anyway, something like 10 years later id Software releases Doom 3 right after 3 Quake games. Well, not RIGHT after. It took 'em 4 years...

Take note: You will soil yourself.

Doom 3 is supposedly a remake of the original Doom. Yeah! Of course, instead of mindlessly searching for blue, yellow, and red keys that are somehow scattered throughout a level, there's an actual plot (!!!) and other characters besides you and random dead bodies laying around.

In any case, you're a Marine (get used to that - it's also your first name throughout the game) called to help out with security or whatever on this giant Mars research facility. It's on Mars! The research facility is owned by a giant corporation called UDN or something. They've got more money than God.

The steam is definately DOOM steam.

Once you arrive, people start telling you what to do. "Go over there and talk to that guy!" And, "Leave me alone!" Important stuff. Once you find your commanding officer, he barks an order at you to go find a missing scientist (don't worry, this is all in the preview). As you embark on your journey, you start overhearing disgruntled workers talking about scary things. Scary things? Yes! It's not "The next Mary Kate & Ashley movie" scary, but "strange noises and rumors" scary. They're practically on the same level.

Eventually you find the scientist, and then something happens... something... DOOMY!

"What could possibly be behind this doo--AAAAAAAAH!"

I don't know if the guys at id went to Scary School, or whatever, but they did a fantastic job in creating this insane horrific mood throughout the game. You literally feel like you're there, all alone, in the dark... hearing voices. What was that sound? Oh, just a spark of electricity from that busted console. Hey, the lights went out! Oh, there they go. Better break out the flashlight to be safe. Wow, that pitch-black corridor looks inviting! My guess is that something will charge at me once I walk in there...

Listen folks. This game will scare the shit out of you. I don't care how unscareable you think you are. Movies don't really scare me anymore, nor do *MOST* video games. Resident Evil scared me a bit. I actually stopped playing it because not only was I shaken up, but I couldn't get the controls down. HAr har!

The shadows, the noises, the sounds of the enemies - it's all perfectly packed together to deliver you from sanity. "Did I just hear a footstep? Yeah, it was my footstep. I think?" Geeeeeh! Then 4 Zombies walk out from the shadows and take a swing or two. You will feel tense. I think I've jumped 3 dozen times already, and that was just halfway throught the game.

Argh! Hell Knight! From Hell!

Doom 3 has some quirks, like all games do. For starters, aside from the rendering engine and scariness, Doom 3 doesn't boast a ton of originality. Matter of fact, there's a great deal of stuff that id borrows from Half-life. The heath consoles, the teleporting-in enemies, some of the scripted events, and so forth. That isn't really a BAD thing, just... it was already done. Y'know?

A very realistic simulation of most corporate office environments.

Later in the game you start becoming used to your environments and were enemies will probably be or spawn from. I found myself saying, "Ok, as soon as I reach a certain point in this room, 3 to 5 enemies will somehow spawn or jump out to attack me." And most of the time I was right.

That being said, the game sticks to the original's roots a little bit. You'll sometimes be facing a lot of enemies at once. Soon enough, you'll get so good at killing them that you might get a little bored with it. I can take down a Hell Knight with 5 point-blank shots of the shotgun. Imps are easy to kill too - 1 to 2 shotgun shots or about 6 rounds of Plasma bursts. Splooosh!

I didn't get into a whole lot of multiplayer. I jumped in on a few games, and for some reason I had some nasty choppy gameplay. Maybe it's the net code? Who knows. But I did get in on a fast server eventually, and the deathmatch is good old fashion FFA fast paced id style deathmatch from all their previous titles. :p

Of course, the only thing that really sucks about Doom 3 is that your PDA doesn't come with Solitaire. I mean, jeez - what was id thinking? "AAAHG! 3 imps have appeared all around me! Let me squeeze in a quick game of Solitaire before I defend myself."


I highly recommend Doom 3 to anyone who likes a thrilling game. It's definately far superior to 90% of any other FPS games that are out there, easy. Great, GREAT game. However, I've yet to play an FPS game that's surpassed Half-life's single player greatness.

WHOO! Now I must play on Nightmare...


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Great times. 3.5
Graphics Best looking engine to date! 5
Music/Sound Unbelievably awesome and scary... 5
Replay Value After you beat it on nightmare, then what? Deathmatch! 4
Originality Had some cool new thingys, but a lot of stuff was borrowed from other games. 3.5
Soiled Underwear Yes. 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.25


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Spunky dispenses:

Smilie!I mod for this game and have been for 2 years now. This game just purely OWNS!

mr.cool (Guest) conveys:

Smilie!ME(...bitch) said:No Boobays? I didn't get into a whole lot of multiplayer. I jumped in on a few games, and for some reason I had some nasty choppy gameplay. Maybe it's the net code? Who knows. But I did get in on a fast server eventually, and the deathmatch is good old fashion FFA fast paced id style deathmatch from all their previous titles. :p

ME(...bitch) (Guest) communicates:

Smilie!oh........not worth buying

Rawrb unleashes:

Smilie!No... the only really bad thing about Doom 3.

ME(...bitch) (Guest) splats:

Smilie!No Boobays?
Nothing works around here!
Game nerds on Mars!
I must play this.
"Hey buddy, you don't look so good..."
Scary STEAM!
Don't ya hate it when your walls are covered in fleshy, pulsated evil?
Spooky shadows of DOOM (3)!!
This part of the game scared my eyeballs out.
"Hey buddy, break a leg! Huh huh huh!" ... sorry.
Arrow goes up... that makes people happy!
Ahh yes, "Guns 'n Nachos."
Scary shadows. No, seriously.
Yes, virtual people even get spam.
"Musta been that package of powdered gravey I found in the parking lot..."
Yay! Fat zombies! It's funny because they're FAT!
Zombie food for Frank? Stupid Frank!
Yeah, the game is THIS awesome.
"Ahh yes, my armor and ammo is right where I left it. Next to the toilet."
"I just LOVE what you've done with the place!"
Apparantly, peeps on Mars need a bigger pen1s too.
Nabcom... Capcom... BAHAHAH!