Gawkman reviews a not so shy female chick that is attractive in nature and should be naked more often. NAKED! NEKKID!

Okay, I meant to review Amanda Peet a while back, but I never got a chance to do her. Haha, DO HER! The first time I saw her (and I mean SAW HER) was in a movie called "The Whole Nine Yards", which you need to go rent right now, because it is frickin' hilarious, and because it has Amanda Peet in it. ALL of her. Probably one of the best scenes I've seen, when she pretty much just walks out naked completely unexpectedly. Arrggghhlll... *drool*. I think she's been in a movie since then about a hot chick (her) that plays guys or something. Anybody know what I'm talking about? ANYBODY? Oh well, just go rent the Whole Nine Yards and see her naked. Yer.

On of that (or her), she plays the role of a really cool chick that any guy would be stupid not to go for. And obviously unreallistic, but hey... at least you can argue with girls and when they ask why there are no guys like "Freddie Prinze Jr. in 'She's All That' ", you can say, "How come there are no chicks like Amanda Peet in 'The Whole Nine Yards'? HUH? BECAUSE NEITHER EXIST, IT'S JUST HOLLYWOOD!"

Hehe, wood.

I shall waste no more time and get straight to the made-up dialogue:

Amanda Peet: Hi, Gawkman, I'm Amanda Peet.
Gawkman: WOW!
Amanda Peet: How are you today?
Gawkman: WOW!
Amanda Peet: Oh, I'm doing well, thanks for asking!
Gawkman: WOW!
Amanda Peet: I have one question for you...
Gawkman: WOW!
Amanda Peet: How many staples do staplers hold?
Gawkman: WOW!
Amanda Peet: That many? I always thought it was a hundred.
Gawkman: WOW!
Amanda Peet: Hey, I like your "WOW!" poster.
Gawkman: *looks at Amanda* Gee, thanks! It entertains me for hours on end. Oh, by the way, are you going to untie me now?
Amanda Peet: No, sorry I can't do that. I have a little confession to make...
Gawkman: What?
Amanda Peet: Well, I was hired as a hit-woman to kill you.
Gawkman: Egad!
Amanda Peet: ... by SCREWING YOU TO DEATH!
Amanda Peet: ALRIGHT! *in sexy voice* just let me get out of these clothes... *cue Orgasmo porn music*
Gawkman: OH, NO! OH, NO!
Amanda Peet: .....
Gawkman: WOW!


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! You have got to see that scene in "Whole Nine Yards". 4.5
Ass/GARF! =) 4
Smile/Face Yep, she's quite the nice-looking. 4.5
Personality Would have given her more if it wasn't for her character in "Saving Silverman" 3.5
Bang Factor That's right. 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.2


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Davethewave (Guest) blahs:

Smilie!she is the pretty.

rambo (Guest) discharges:

Smilie!it is sexyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott toll (Guest) jabbers:

Quit staring off in space! Like me!
Aaack! They cut off my hands!
Steamy! (rhymes with, "creamy")
"No, silly; once centripedal force is released, it skews in a TANGENT, not a parabola!"
There's probably just one thing on her mind: pizza.
Mmmm... skin. Llama skin.
NO!!! Not "The Eyes!"