There's nothing like a spirited woman. Well, maybe a spirited woman in a bikini. With a sword. And gummy bears.

Eveyone, bow down and pay homage to Zeta Jones of the Catherine nature.

Let me fret at some honesty here; I've only seen her in ONE movie, and that was the mucho-hyped, "Mask of Zorro." Don't get me wrong; the movie was a good one. I remember watching the TV series with that one pimp dude kicking the shit out of the bad guys. The movie is pretty much the same, 'cept ya have Antonio, Hopkins, and the SpoogeSource herself, Zeta Jones. Catherine.

She is quite the actress too; knows how to make her eyes all teary, and she certainly can handle that sword. Heh, I said handle. Do you get it? HUH? Is there no better way to clarify a penis pun? Handle!? Bahaha! That's so funny! I said she certainly knows how to HANDLE a SWORD, but really meaning she certainly can grasp the male external genitalia! Get it? Oh, someone quickly stop me before I make synonyms of intercourse.

Ok, but there is a flaw. Oh yes my Pluhpeepz, Kayn has dug deep enough into Zeta Jones (damnit) to find something that is so horrifying to make mention. But I will anyway, because you must be aware of it. No no, I can't just embelish you with pics and dirty talk like I used to. There are two words that will forever affect you when you see a simple picture of her, or even if you come across another one of her movies. Oh yes. Pain is only temporary though, and you must fight! FIGHT!

Michael Douglass.

Arrrgh! Urrgh! Errgh! RAAAWWRRR!

Okay, sorry about that. It's just that Zeta 'TheGoddess' Jones is now married to Michael 'TheOldGuy' Douglass. Yes yes, the 298729387401 year old man somehow managed to lure her into his um, trap. But needless to say, we face these issues daily here at Pluh Extreme. We somehow manage to accept the fact that our beloved Pluhbabes have the right to date other people. Not that we APPROVE, of course. It's just that we don't have the funds to build and produce our, "Female Sex Gun." Once we achieve this goal, any feminine prospect will be attainable. There is no resisitance for our quest of the infinite source of Vah-gih-nyal J00-eye-keys.

Well, anyway, I saw these naked pictures of Cath--


Dear Fellow Pluhpeepz:
We, the multiple Attorneys of Catherine Zeta Jones, have h4x0r3d Kayn's computer and have proceeded to censor the rest of his accumulative review. Though his witty and charming comments are amusing, we have taken action to cease his right of freedom of speech due to legal reasons. We do understand that these are his rights, but our corrupt Judicial System interprets the freedom of speech as, "The Rule made of Rubber." Mrs. Zeta Jones has taken legal action and shut down his review. However, since the majority of her attorneys are male and hormone driven, we certainly would love violate her in oh so many ways. To conclude, we will complete his review with the PluhRating.


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! They are good. 4.5
Ass/GARF! This is good. 4
Smile/Face This is good. 4
Personality This is well. 4.5
Bang Factor Yes. 5
Final Verdict: 4.4


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Don't look at me like that.
Guess I should have to kiss her ass too.
Hurry up and pick up my damn pen.
Lack of pockets? Reach in those pants.
Can I watch? Please?
Lacking witty comment.
Hats off to them. Er, you.