Kayn tackles (heh) one of his favorite celeb crushes. Just don't tell his girlfriend. She'll probably chop off his--err, wait. This is a family website. Then why do we have revealing photos of Daisy? WTF? Kids need to sleep! They need to play violent videogames because they influence them with violence! And cookies taste like chopped insulation!

Well, here I am. With yet another, delayed like hell Pluhbabe.

There are two reasons why this is a special Pluhbabe.

  1. All Pluhbabes are special.
  2. Daisy needs a SKLBI (Specialized Kayn Lethal Beef Injection)
  3. Didn't I say there were only 2 reasons?

Now, I think that Daisy was once a famous volleyball player. That would mean that she would (get ready for this untouchable wit) JUMP UP AND DOWN WHILE PLAYING WITH BALLS! Haw-haw-haw! None of you bitches can approach my insaciable ability to use words! Send me money for no reason!

Back in the day (1994 - 1995), I would watch her on MTV hosting some shows or something. Yes, I know, I'm a moron for giving MTV the time of day. But see, this was back when they actually played something with a distortion pedal and the network wasn't overrun with 'cute-faced little girl targeted' shows. Seriously, it wasn't always gimpy.

I see her in commercials here and there nowadays. Through a few years back, she posed for a calendar that would have her wear virtually nothing. Blah blah blah, she has nice boobies, blah blah blah, she is f*cking hot, etc etc etc.

We'll, here's the traditional 'stupid shit we think of' made-up quotes.

Daisy: Kayn, I want to have sex with you.
Kayn: I have a girlfriend.
Daisy: She'll never know.
Kayn: I have a girlfriend.
Daisy: I'll bring in Jennifer Love Hewitt for some manage' action.
Kayn: *crying* I have...a...girlfriend...
Gawkman: Hey Daisy! What about ME?
Daisy: I'd do you, but you don't update the page enough! That shows weakness and lack of confidence.
Kayn: Plus, he's just the Guitarist.
Daisy: True.

Hah. I'm losing my touch...need...pluhjuice...I know this Pluhbabe review was kinda thrown together. But hey, think of it this way. You got to finally see a new Pluhbabe! YAY! Disclaimer: Due to the fact that Kayn's girlfriend* has a specialized TRS (Testicle Removal System), Pluh.com and Kayn would like to retract all sexual related statements in the content of this review. Thank you, and my genitals hurt.

*Update - She in now an ex. Hurray!


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! Oh yeah. Just look - you know they are goods. 5
Ass/GARF! You should see her in bikini! 5
Smile/Face Top O' da line! 5
Personality I saw'd her on TV, she looks cool to play naked video games with. 5
Bang Factor *drool* 5
Final Verdict: 5


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Mike The Love Pipe (Guest) jabbers:

Smilie!You sick SOB. Tie your hands down...

Mauricio Morejon (Guest) dispenses:

Smilie!Daisy fuentes she RULE! All she is fine hot LADIE . She can rule my world anytime.
You have HAIR!.
You. Me. The Chair. Spaghetti.
The water. It's fine.
I get it! Daisies for DAISY!
*runs to bathroom*
*thump thump thump*
Okay already, you look really good!
*humps monitor*